How to Set Up Mozilla Thunderbird to Send Mass Emails

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How to Set Up Mozilla Thunderbird to Send Mass Emails

“Is it possible to send customised mass emails using Mozilla Thunderbird?” That instance, sending emails to a group of individuals without knowing each other’s email addresses (without using BCC).Also, each individual has just his or her own email address in the “To” section. 

This query came as a result of my earlier article, How to Send Personalized Mass Emails in Outlook. So, let me pick up where I left off and look for Mozilla Thunderbird add-ons. After all, Mozilla’s vast add-on universe has solutions to every imaginable “issue,” except global hunger.

Yes, I discovered the solution on It’s the Mozilla developer community committed to open and free, high-quality programs and extensions – an excellent resource for learning how to set up Mozilla Thunderbird for anything.

Mail Tweak is a Thunderbird addon that works with Thunderbird 2.0 and later. It’s a collection of email client upgrades and workarounds. Personalize messages is one of the modifications, which totals roughly 36 (113KB).

This ‘productivity’ adjustment sends a distinct message to each recipient using information from the address book or a CSV (comma separated values) file.

  1. Navigate to the Mail Tweak installation page at Save the file mailtweak-0.16.xpi to your PC.
  2. Launch Thunderbird. Select Tools – Add-ons – Extensions. Navigate to the location of the downloaded file and install it. To finish, restart the Thunderbird client.
  3. Select the Mail Tweak extension in the Add-ons box (Tools – Add-on). Select Options.
  4. Scroll down to the Tweaks section and choose Personalize messages. Select OK.
  5. You may now create a message by going to the menu toolbar and choosing Message – Personalize message. As usual, add your recipients (or a recipients list). Of course, you may add the connections in numerous methods.
    • From the menu, choose Address Book. Right-click the group of names and choose Personalize from the context menu.
    • Message – Personalize will open a new message window. Choose the Personalize option from the menu and import the email addresses from a CSV file.
  6. Click File – Personalize to send the messages (or click the Personalize button on the toolbar).An notice appears with the options “Send immediately” or “Leave unsent.” Mail Tweak keeps the communications (as individual emails) in the Unsent folder when you choose the later option. You may send them after evaluating them by going to File – Send Unsent Messages.

Further personalize your email using Mail Tweak”¦

To incorporate extra data from the address book, such as address, city, work phone, and so on, specify field attributes in the emails. For example, to add the first name of each unique recipient, use a%%firstName%% where applicable.

(All address book field names are the properties listed in the nsIAbCard file.) This is where all of a contact’s address fields are saved as attributes. Check out all of the features here.)

To demonstrate, use %%homeAddress%% and %%homeCity%% in the proper places to provide the contacts’ home address and city. It may be done in the same way for the other fields.

Without getting into a muddle of geeky codes and grammar, I’ll point you to the Mail Tweaks Personal Messages section for further information.

Although Mail Tweak is designed for the most recent version, it may also be installed with restricted functionality in Thunderbird 1.5 and Shredder (pre-release versions of Thunderbird 3). does provide this warning: “Performance may be bad if you utilize this functionality for huge messages or numerous recipients, and you may encounter Thunderbird warning messages.” It is preferable to utilize a dedicated bulk mailing application for mass mailing.

That is sound advice, yet Mail Tweaks is a sufficient productivity solution for a home user’s routine bulk mailing requirements utilizing the Thunderbird client.

So, how often do you utilize mass mailing? Do you believe this option is feasible for you? Please let us know if you have any other freebies to help with the load.

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