How To Set Up Mozilla Thunderbird 3 For Multiple Email Accounts

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How To Set Up Mozilla Thunderbird 3 For Multiple Email Accounts” />

There are several benefits to using a desktop email client such as Thunderbird. To begin with, you may access your email at any time, even when the internet is unavailable. It’s thus incredibly simple to setup and manage several email accounts. Last but not least, a variety of extensions are available to make working with Thunderbird more pleasant.

In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to install Mozilla Thunderbird 3, work with different SMTP servers and identities, and get GMail’s SMTP server to cooperate.

How to set up Mozilla Thunderbird for Multiple Accounts

First, we’ll look at possibilities for configuring multiple accounts in Thunderbird 3.

Initial Setup

Setting up a single account is simple. Navigate to > Tools > Account Settings and, in the lower left corner of the Account Settings box, choose > Add Mail Account… This will open the Mail Account Setup window, which will walk you through the whole setup procedure.

Simply enter your information, wait for Thunderbird to identify your incoming and outgoing servers, and then click > Create Account when finished. If Thunderbird cannot discover your incoming and outgoing mailservers, you may have to choose > Manual Setup.

You can go ahead and set up more accounts the same way.

Multiple Outgoing Servers (SMTP)

You may add and utilize several SMTP servers. This is useful when you need to send email but one of your SMTP servers is unavailable. Navigate to > Tools > Account Settings and choose Outgoing Server (SMTP) towards the bottom of the list of all your accounts. The next stages are self-explanatory. Make a default server selection by clicking the > Set Default button when your favorite SMTP server is selected.

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Here’s a list of free SMTP servers in case you ever need more.

You may now switch between SMTP servers now that you have a list of them. Click on one of your accounts in the list under Account Settings. You’ll find a drop-down choice for > Outgoing Server at the very bottom of the first page, which also shows the > Account Name (SMTP).You may choose to use the default server or any of your SMTP servers from the drop-down menu.

Quickly Switch Between SMTP Servers

If you regularly need to switch SMTP servers on the fly and don’t want to update your account settings every time, consider the SmtpSelect extension. The toolbar button must be manually inserted from the > Customize menu.

It should be noted that this extension will only function if you have chosen > Use Default Server in the SMTP settings for your accounts.

GMail Workaround

When utilizing GMail’s SMTP server, be cautious! It will replace the > From: address with the info from your GMail account. Although you picked another account, the email will seem to have been sent from your GMail account.

Add these email addresses to your GMail account as a workaround. Within GMail, go to > Settings > Accounts and Imports and then select the Send mail from another address box.

GMail will now identify the > From: email address and will not replace it.

When you connect several GMail accounts to Thunderbird, you may also utilize a separate SMTP server with each of your GMail accounts’ user name.

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Multiple Identities

Switch Between Accounts & Identities

After you’ve configured Thunderbird with numerous email accounts, you may effortlessly move between them while composing emails. When you > Write an email, a drop-down menu will appear under > From:. You may choose any of your email accounts here.

Manage Identities

You may have also seen the > Manage Identities… option in your > Account Settings and wondered what it was. Some email services allow you to link numerous email addresses to the same account. These eMail addresses may be used for multiple reasons while still arriving in the same mailbox. These are known as identities.

You may create several identities and select their own sender name and address, reply-to address, signature, and many other parameters by clicking the > Manage Identities… button. The second identity is considered similarly to a different email account.

When you add an identity to your account, it will be accessible through the previously mentioned > From: drop-down menu. However, if you use GMail, you must either set up and utilize a different SMTP server using that identity’s email address or add this new email address to your GMail account.

I hope you learned something new from this post on how to configure Mozilla Thunderbird for multiple email accounts. Please let us know in the comments if you found it beneficial.

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