How to Set Up Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection

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How to Set Up Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) from Microsoft enables you to connect to a suitable work or home computer remotely. You can operate a remote workstation or share your screen with others, regardless of their device.

If you’re new to RDC or have just recently found it, here’s how to set it up and access it from Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.

What Is Remote Desktop Connection?

Remote Desktop Connection, as the name implies, is a remote access client that is accessible on both mobile and PC platforms. It enables you to control Windows computers that support Remote Desktop.

You may access files and folders, solve system problems, run or install apps, or just make things happen on your work computer remotely while linked to a remote workstation.

How to Set Up Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 10

Unfortunately, Remote Desktop is only accessible on Windows 10 Professional and above. While Windows 10 devices may continue to utilize the Remote Desktop Connection client, they cannot serve as hosts.

To begin using the Remote Desktop Connection, you must first activate Remote Desktop on the host computer. To do so, go to Settings > System > Remote Desktop.

Under the Remote Desktop area, toggle the Enable Remote Desktop option. Then, to activate Remote Desktop, click Confirm.

The following Distant Desktop options are enabled by default: “keep my PC awake for connections when plugged in,” and “make my PC discoverable on private networks to allow automatic Connections from a remote device.”

Click on Show options to make more changes. After that, choose Advanced settings.

Under Configure Network Level Authentication, make sure the Require computers to use Network Level Authentication to connect box is checked. This ensures a higher level of security when connecting to a remote desktop, as the user must authenticate before gaining access.

You can configure Remote Desktop to work with external connections. However, in doing so, you can expose your work machine to potential threats. Unless you use a trusted VPN or know your way around port forwarding, limiting the use of a remote desktop to a computer on your internal home network is the safest option.

The Remote Desktop port section shows the default port to listen and accept remote connections. You can change the default listening port by modifying a registry key.

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Under the How to connect to this PCsection, your PC name is presented. Make a note of the PC’s name since you’ll need it to connect remotely. Alternatively, you may use your PC’s IP address to log in remotely.

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Click the link that says Choose which users have remote access to this PC. By default, your existing Microsoft account will have remote desktop access to this machine. To add another user, click the Add button, search for the user account, and then click OK.

How To Remotely Access a PC From Windows

You may now use the Remote Desktop Connection software to connect to your freshly configured Remote Desktop PC from another Windows PC at home or wherever.

To connect to a remote PC from Windows:

  1. To open the software, type Remote Desktop Connection into the Windows search box and press Enter.
  2. Enter the PC Name you recorded while setting up the PC in the Computer section. Click the Connect button.
  3. Then, enter the username and password for the Microsoft account that is linked to your remote PC. Your Microsoft account credentials are the username and password.
  4. If you wish to store the credentials, check the box Remember Me. Select OK.
  5. If the Identify of the distant machine cannot be confirmed – do you want to connect anyhow question appears, click Yes.
  6. You should be able to connect to your remote computer immediately.

On the upper center, a toolbar with the name of your remote PC will show. There are additional shrink and maximum choices on the right, as well as connection information and pin options on the left. Closing this window will result in the remote session being terminated with a warning.

How to Configure the Remote Desktop Connection Settings

From the Remote Desktop Connection home screen, you may change a few settings. Here are the available customization choices.

  • Display: Use a slider to adjust the size of your remote desktop. You may modify the color depth and show the connection bar in full-screen mode.
  • Local Resources: This option includes options for remote audio, keyboard, printers, and clipboard access.
  • You may choose your connection speed, activate bitmap caching, and reconnect if the connection is lost.
  • Advanced: It includes server authentication and Remote Desktop Gateway configuration.
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Howto Use the Remote Desktop App in Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows Store has a standalone remotedesktop app. You may use this software to arrange all of your remote connections in one place, adjust the settings of all remote connections, and do other things.

To use the Remote Desktop app:

  1. Install the program from the Microsoft Remote Desktop website.
  2. Launch the app and choose the Add option to add your remote PC.
  3. Enter your computer’s name and click Save.
  4. Click on the stored device to connect to your distant PC.
  5. It will prompt you for a username and password. Enter the remote PC’s Microsoft credentials here.
  6. Click the Connect button. Then, to connect, click Connect Anyway to accept the certificate verification.

Once connected, you’ll notice a magnifying glass button that allows you to zoom in and out. The side panel is accessed by clicking on the three dots. You may terminate the session or switch between full screen and resized windows from this panel.

HowtoUse the Remote Desktop Connection Froman Android Device

While traveling, you may access your Windows Remote Desktop Connection-enabled PC from an Android handset. Here’s how to put it to use.

  1. On your Android smartphone, install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.
  2. Launch the app, then hit the + button and choose Add PCs.
  3. Enter your PC’s name.
  4. Tap on Ask when prompted and then Add user account.
  5. To get access to your remote PC, enter your login and password.
  6. You may also change the settings under the General, Gateway, Device& Audio Redirection, and Display sections. If you’re not sure what they do, leave them at their default settings.
  7. To save the remote PC, click Save.
  8. Tap on the stored PC and allow the certificate verification to connect.

Tap the Remote Desktop icon on the toolbar and choose the Touch option from the side panel to enable touch capabilities. By pressing on your screen, you may now access the remote desktop. Double-tap your screen to activate the left-click feature.

If you see an error notice that states, “We couldn’t connect to the remote PC because the PC couldn’t be discovered,” provide the IP address of your remote PC as the PC name.

To find the IP address of your remote PC:

  1. Open Command Prompt by typing cmd into the Windows search box.
  2. In the Command Prompt window, type ipconfig and hit enter.
  3. Note down the IPv4 address. Use thisto connect to your remote PC.
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How to Use the Remote Desktop Connection FrommacOS

To remotely access a Windows PC from your Mac, use the Remote Desktop program, which is available in the Mac App Store. Here’s how to put it to use.

  1. Download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Mac App Store.
  2. Start the app and press the Add button.
  3. Next, type your computer’s name, followed by.local at the end. For instance, DESKTOP-U47KS53T.local
  4. Click Add after entering your login and password.
  5. Double-click on the stored device to connect to a distant PC.
  6. To accept the certificate verification, click Continue.

Once connected, a menu bar with options to terminate and configure the current connection will display.

How to Use the Remote Desktop Connection From an iOS Device

Microsoft, like Android, makes it simple to connect to a remote PC using an iPhone or iPad using the Remote Desktop software.

To set up the Remote Desktop app from iOS devices.

  1. Install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App Store.
  2. Start the app and hit the Plus symbol in the upper right corner. Then click Add PC.
  3. Enter your computer’s name or IP address. Individual PCs should have.local appended to the end of their names.
  4. Enter your user account information and click Save.
  5. Tap on your stored PC and accept the certificate verification warning to connect to a distant PC.
  6. Once connected, click the Remote Desktop icon in the toolbar to access further options.

Remotely Access Your Windows PC With a Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection is a useful feature included with Windows 10. It lets you to connect to your distant PC using clients for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

If Remote Desktop Connection does not fulfill your needs, there are other options that provide more efficiency and security.

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