How to Set Up and Use Your Amazon Echo Buds

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How to Set Up and Use Your Amazon Echo Buds

You may believe that Amazon’s Alexa is only available on Echo smart speakers. However, with the Echo Buds, you can carry the virtual assistant’s power with you everywhere you go as a pair of small wireless headphones.

To get the most out of the earbuds, we’ll teach you how to set them up and utilize them.

Initial Echo Buds Set Up

Unwrap the Echo Buds and case from the packaging to begin the process of configuring your wireless headphones.

You’ll need to download the Alexa app for iOS or Android if you don’t already have it.

Open the lid of the Echo Buds case and push the button on the rear for three seconds, or until the case displays a pulsating blue light. Then, with the Alexa app open on your smartphone, set the earphones near it.

The earphones should be found, according to the dialog window. To finish the procedure, follow the remaining on-screen prompts.

After that, you may choose to go through an optional ear tip fit test. Amazon has a large selection of ear tips and wing tips to assist you get the ideal fit for your ear. So it’s a wise decision to go through the brief testing method to ensure the optimum sound quality.

Choose the wing tip and ear tip combo that feels the most natural to you. During the test, you will then hear a brief noise in both ears. When finished, you’ll receive a screen that indicates if the chosen size succeeded or failed. If you fail, try again with a different size combination.

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One of the reasons the second-generation Amazon Echo Buds outperform the first version is the ear fit test.

Before you complete, you may select the Find My with Alexa option, which allows you to ask “Alexa, where are my buds?” to find them. When utilizing the Echo Buds, you may also build a workout profile to monitor your run or stroll. For exact distance and calorie burn, enter your height and weight.

Using the Echo Buds With Your Smartphone

You can make the most of Alexa in a little package now that the Echo Buds are set up.

There’s no need to bother about pushing any buttons on the Echo Buds to summon Alexa. Simply say “Alexa” followed by your query. You may utilize the vast library of Alexa Skills in addition to asking the virtual assistant to manage media and much more. Here are some of the top Alexa skills of all time to get you started.

You can operate various features by touching one of the buds, in addition to hands-free Alexa. A short tap on an earphone will play or stop music or other sounds.

A double-tap on an earbud will change the music or answer/end a phone conversation. Triple touch either earbud to play the preceding song.

Long pressing any bud will toggle between active noise cancellation and passthrough mode. Passthrough allows you to hear more of your surroundings while listening to music. It’s ideal for jogging and other forms of workout outdoors.

Pairing the Echo Buds With Other Devices

You may also use the Echo Buds with devices other than smartphones. Because these are standard Bluetooth headphones, they may be used with any compatible device, with one major exception.

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Alexa commands will not operate unless they are linked to an iOS or Android device through the Alexa app. To link with another device, press the button on the back of the Echo Buds cover for three seconds or until the blue light starts pulsating. Place them in your ears and go to the second device, where you will follow the standard Bluetooth connection steps.

Rock Out With Amazon’s Echo Buds

If you’re already a fan of Amazon, the Echo Buds are a terrific way to take Alexa with you everywhere you go.

Alexa is only a single voice command away, and you can enjoy music and more with noise reduction technology.

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