How to Set Up and Use Game Launcher on Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

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How to Set Up and Use Game Launcher on Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

People have grown to expect their phones to double as mobile game consoles. Buyers now search for a dedicated gaming mode where they can adjust important parameters to enhance their gameplay and increase their gaming experience, in addition to powerful CPUs and high refresh rate screens.

You can accomplish all of this with Game Launcher if you have a Samsung phone. Let’s look at what Game Launcher is, how to activate and configure it, and what you can do with it.

What Is Samsung Game Launcher?

Game Launcher is one of the Samsung applications that comes pre-installed on practically every Galaxy handset. It allows you to keep all of your phone’s games in one location. Gaming Launcher is described by Samsung as “the all-in-one portal to locate things you already enjoy, discover new games to play, explore what’s trending, and share your game statistics.”

When you download a new game, it will appear in Game Launcher with your existing installed games. Game Launcher is essentially a Google Play Games alternative with a distinct user experience and functionality. Let’s see how you can make it work.

How to Set Up Game Launcher on Samsung

Go to Settings > Advanced features and turn on Game Launcher to activate Game Launcher on your Samsung smartphone. Return to your home screen and open the app drawer to find a new Game Launcher app. When asked, open it, touch Continue to agree to the terms and conditions, and then press Allow to provide the appropriate rights.

After you’ve activated Game Launcher, you’ll need to create your gamer profile. Each gamer profile must have a distinct name that is not the same as anybody else’s gamer name on Game Launcher.

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To make a Game Launcher gamer profile, go to the User Settings menu (the circle at the top of the main screen) and choose Edit to pick your avatar and type your gamer name. Don’t worry, if you don’t like your image or gamer name, you can change it later.

5 Things You Can Do With Game Launcher

Game Launcher is arguably one of the most helpful tools on your Samsung phone, thanks to its many functions and superb library management. It may enhance your game experience by enhancing performance, decreasing distractions, and providing you with additional controls. Here are some examples of what you can accomplish using Game Launcher:

1. Show Games in Game Launcher Only

If you have a lot of games on your phone and don’t want them cluttering up your home and applications screens, you could intuitively place them all in a different folder. Gamer Launcher provides a better solution: just display your games in the launcher.

This way, you’re creating a dedicated location on your phone for all of your games. As a consequence, your phone seems cleaner and less cluttered. To do so, launch the Game Launcher app, go to More > Settings > Show game applications, and then choose Only in Game Launcher.

2. Play Game Demos Without Downloading Them

Game Launcher, like the Google Play Store, lets you test out short game demos to determine whether you enjoy a new game enough to download it without actually installing it. This function is known as Instant Plays by Samsung, and it is accessible through one of the tabs at the bottom menu bar.

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In Instant Plays, you’ll see recommended games divided into different categories. You can browse games from a particular category by selecting it from the Popular categories option. Choose from categories such as Puzzle, Arcade, Sports, Timing, Card, and more.

3. Add Bookmarks for Quick Access

You can bookmark apps, webpages, or photos to quickly access them when in Game Launcher. This is useful for when you’re, say, stuck at a certain level and need to find a YouTube tutorial or guide on the web. You can bookmark that webpage and refer to it whenever needed.

4. Improve the Performance of Games With Game Booster

Game Launcher and Game Booster are two different apps, but they work together. While Game Launcher is more of an app management tool, Game Booster does most of the heavy lifting to increase device performance when you’re in a game.

You can tweak your Game Booster settings directly from Game Launcher, so the next time you’re getting ready to fire up your favorite game, you can focus more on the game and less on fumbling around with the settings. To do so, go to More > Game Booster.

Here are some of the settings you’ll find here:

  • During games, you may choose to disable alerts, navigation gestures, auto-brightness, Bixby, or edge panels.
  • Change the touch protection timeout for when you want to keep the game running but avoid screen touches. Until you manually unlock your phone, it will lock the screen and lower the brightness.
    • Touch protection power saving is an extension of this, which slows the frame rate of your game to conserve battery when Touch protection is enabled.
  • Shortcut bar: Include a floating shortcut bar that you may access while playing. Take screenshots, start screen recording, lock the screen, and launch other programs in a pop-up panel using the shortcut bar.
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5. Access Your Game Notification History

You might know that One UI allows you to view your notification history. Game Launcher takes this a step further by showing you all the notifications received from games under one section. Simply open the app and go to the Game Notifications section. Here, you can see all notifications by date or by game.

If you’d like, you can also set game notifications to show up only in Game Launcher and remove them from showing up in the regular notification panel. To do so, go to the Game Notifications section, tap the three dots menu, tap Manage game notifications, and select In Game Launcher.

Set New Records With Game Launcher

The Samsung Game Launcher is a really convenient place to organize your games and enjoy a more focused gaming experience. Discover new games, track your play time, access your notification history, and more—all in one app.

However, if you’re a more sociable gamer who enjoys playing with others, comparing scores, unlocking achievements, and competing to get your name on the scoreboard, Google Play Games may be a better fit.

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