How To Set Up A Google Voicemail Feature On WordPress Blog

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How To Set Up A Google Voicemail Feature On WordPress Blog

When you maintain a blog, you can communicate with your readers in a variety of ways. It could be enough to give a comment system like Disqus, or you could include contact forms into your site to gain direct, one-way input from your users. You may need a bit more engagement with guests at times. Maybe you have a website that you want to utilize to create leads, and you want your prospective consumers to contact you right away. Perhaps you prefer hearing someone’s voice than reading information from an impersonal web form.

For years, there were several options for free voicemail systems, such as Voicememe, which I previously discussed, or even K7. Over time, it seems that each “free” service has either fallen by the wayside or has been changed to a for-pay system online. Only one service stays triumphant and free above the others – Google Voice.

How to Set Up Voicemail On Google Voice

Most individuals just use Google Voice as a personal voicemail system. It’s a simple method to get a phone number without having to pay for it – a huge money-saver for college students who move around a lot and don’t appreciate having to regularly swap phone numbers. You may configure Google Voice to either ring your own phone or send calls to voicemail.

That voicemail option is really far more versatile than you may expect, allowing website and blog owners to incorporate voicemail right into any website. The quickest approach to accomplish this is to go to Google Voice’s “Call Widgets” tab and click the link to build a new widget.

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The benefit of this is that you can make many widgets with different call behaviour. Like the settings above, maybe one blog widget will automatically redirect calls to voicemail. You could add another widget to your email footer if you wish, and those calls would be directed straight to your mobile phone. When you’re done setting the widget, Google Voice will provide you an Embed code that you can copy and paste into any web page.

The widget is seen in the picture below. Here, I’ve incorporated the Google Voicemail system into one of my blogs’ Contact page. When a user hits the link, they must provide their phone number so that Google Voice may contact them offline, and then click “connect” to make the connection.

If users are worried about their privacy, they may hide the number by selecting a text box. When they click “Connect,” Google Voice will call the number they entered immediately. When they answer, Google Voice will either phone you or connect to your voicemail system, depending on how you set up the widget.

Integrating Google Voice Into WordPress

You could be happy with the Google Voice embedded widget method, which you can install on any page or sidebar of your choosing. However, bear in mind that there is a fantastic WordPress Plugin called Google Voice CallMe that enhances the widget’s capabilities. You must still create a Google Voice widget as explained above in order to receive the embed code to put into the plug-in setup.

In WordPress, the setup section is accessible through the “CallMe” link under Settings. Copy and paste the embed code, then save the settings. You may even change the appearance of the “Do Not Disturb” graphic if you like (add formatted text anywhere around the image).

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You may customize “Do Not Disturb” timings for each day of the week when you add the new widget to your sidebar. The widget turns the Google Voice symbol from green to a “Do Not Disturb” red icon when you know you’ll be offline or away from your phone and unable to answer calls during the periods you choose.

If you provide a service such as computer repair or customer service and your visitors want live assistance, this is a fantastic method to integrate Google Voice into your website or blog. If you leave the integrated Google Voice widget set to go straight to voicemail, this plug-in allows you to effectively “switch off” voicemail during specific hours.

This might be beneficial if you get Google Voicemail notifications and don’t want to deal with them during “non-business” hours.

It’s bad that most other free voicemail systems have died out, but it’s lucky that Google Voice not only survived, but also gives enough flexibility to insert your own voicemail link pretty much anyplace online that you can put the embed code.

Do you make use of Google Voicemail? Are there any unique ways you’ve used your embed code? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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