How to Set an Inactive Account Manager on Google

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How to Set an Inactive Account Manager on Google

If you have not signed into your Google Account for more than 24 months, Google will assume you are no longer using your email address.

When Google believes you are inactive, it will reach you using your alternate contact information, such as your cell phone number and related email accounts. Google will then destroy stuff such as emails, files, photographs, and so on.

However, Google will first alert your Inactive Account Manager before deleting your contact. However, what exactly is an Inactive Account Manager on Google, and how do you choose one?

What Is an Inactive Account Manager on Google?

Depending on how much access you’ve granted, the Inactive Account Manager acts as a separate account with access to portions of your Google data. This information includes photos, documents, and publicly available content such as YouTube videos.

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Setting an Inactive Account Manager is ideal for persons who have terminal diseases, work in dangerous occupations, or wish to be prepared in case they become disabled. It reduces the chance of losing vital data due to account inactivity.

It will be time to retrieve your data from Google’s Inactive Account Manager before it is erased. Alternatively, if you’ve chosen this option, before your whole Google Account is destroyed. But what type of information may Inactive Account Managers access?

What Data Can Inactive Account Managers Access on Your Google Account?

If you’re wondering what data an Inactive Account Manager can see, they have access to anything associated with your Google account. Business Profile, Chat, Cloud Search, Pay, Photos, Shopping, Calendar, and more features are included.

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They will also have access to your Google Play services such as Books, Games Services, Movies & TV, and Store.

If you keep your Google Account signed in across devices, the Inactive Account Manager will have access to your access log activity, Chrome, contacts, Drive, Mail, and location history.

YouTube and YouTube Music are also listed in the list of applications that include data that may be given over to your manager.

Google Inactive Account Managers get access to additional information—basically, everything—at the top of the list above. So, who should you choose as your Google Account’s Inactive Account Manager?

Who Should You Choose to Be an Inactive Account Manager on Google?

When looking for an Inactive Account Manager on Google, choose someone you would trust with the same information in person.

You may give Google up to ten trustees varied levels of access to your account. You may control which contacts have access to specific portions of your Google Account by using the Inactive Account Manager tool.

You may, for example, provide a close family member access to your Google Photos account so that they can preserve all of your personal photos together. Alternatively, you may ask friends to assist you in removing potentially embarrassing items, such as Google Chat threads, before granting access to your family.

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If you have a business email, you may delegate problems, forward correspondence, or notify customers that you have politely passed. If you have an estate planner, you may grant them access to papers that will aid in the execution of your last will and testament.

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If you are a prominent person, on the other hand, you may let your management access to your YouTube account so that they can find a means to ensure that the monetization revenues get to the proper people.

Once you’ve decided on your Inactive Account Manager, it’s advisable to get their approval before making it official. Sort your Gmail account as well for easy reading. After you have obtained their permission, you may continue to submit it with Google.

Steps to File an Inactive Account Manager on Google

Follow these steps to designate an Inactive Account Manager:

  1. Navigate to the Google Account Settings page.
  2. Click Data & Privacy.
  3. Select Make a strategy for your digital legacy under More possibilities.
  4. You may customize your legacy settings for your Google account on the Inactive Account Manager page.
  5. Plan what happens to your data under If you are unable to access your Google Account, click Start.
  6. Choose from three, six, twelve, or eighteen months.
  7. Enter your alternate contact information, such as your phone number and email address.
  8. Press Next.
  9. Click Add Person and enter the email address of the person you want to be an Inactive Account Manager. It is not necessary for them to have a Gmail account.
  10. Choose how much of your Google account the Inactive Account Manager may access.
  11. Select All before hitting Next if you trust this contact with your whole life.
  12. If you just want them to have access to particular parts of your Google account, you may manually check the boxes before clicking Next.
  13. Check the box next to Add a personal note (optional) before clicking Save to let them know your circumstances and what you’d prefer them to do with your Google Account.
  14. Select Next.
  15. Should you want to delete your Google Account for good, you can toggle on the button next to Yes, delete my inactive Google Account. Once you select this, Google will delete your account automatically after three months of inactivity.
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Choose How Much to Leave on Google Forever

While no one likes to think about their own death or incapacity to make their own choices, doing so may benefit those left behind. An Inactive Account Manager may help you handle items like companies, investments, and other documents that are buried in your Google Account.

Alternatively, appointing an Alternative Account Manager might assist you in managing an account that you don’t use as often. For example, if you have simply ceased commercial operations or changed email addresses.

By selecting an inactive account manager, you may allow individuals to retain what you want them to keep while losing what you’d prefer keep hidden.

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