How to Set a Dynamic Theme on Your Xbox Series X|S

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How to Set a Dynamic Theme on Your Xbox Series X|S

You may change the backdrop picture on your Xbox to one that is not the default. You may configure it to show a solid color, accomplishment art, or a custom picture. Though they allow for a variety of various Xbox backdrops, they all have one flaw: they’re all static.

Dynamic themes are backdrop graphics with moving components, and even little motions might be preferable to the monotony of a static image. Fortunately, you can change the theme of your Xbox. This is how.

Which Xbox Devices Support Dynamic Themes?

You’re out of luck if you don’t own any of the current-generation Xbox devices. Dynamic themes are available exclusively on the Xbox Series X/S.

So, despite the software similarities to the Xbox Series X/S, you can’t utilize dynamic backdrops if you have an Xbox One. This clearly implies that you can’t utilize dynamic backdrops on the Xbox 360 or the original Xbox.

While this may seem to be a little benefit for the Xbox Series X/S, keep in mind that these current-gen consoles are also jam-packed with intriguing features like Xbox Quick Resume.

It’s worth remembering that you can still change the wallpaper of your Xbox One. You’ll have to make do with plain colors, accomplishment artwork, and static pictures.

How to Set Dynamic Themes on Your Xbox Series X|S

Dynamic backgrounds are available in the Personalization options for Xbox Series X/S owners.

  1. Navigate to Settings on your Xbox.
  2. Select Personalization from the General menu.
  3. Choose My backdrop. This will lead you to a new page that displays all of the backdrop types.
  4. Select Dynamic backgrounds.
  5. Finally, decide on a dynamic backdrop.
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The dynamic backdrop will appear immediately. You can see it in action by going to your Xbox home page.

What Dynamic Themes Are Available on Xbox?

The Xbox dynamic background library is always expanding. So far, the Xbox Series X/S has three primary types of dynamic backgrounds: Abstract, Xbox, and Games.

These categories contain abstract arts dynamic backgrounds like the motes dynamic backdrop, Xbox-related dynamic backgrounds like the Xbox 360 theme, and dynamic backgrounds from various video games like the Halo: Infinite dynamic backgrounds.

The Xbox fandom website has a complete list of Xbox Series X/S dynamic backdrops.

Some more dynamic backdrops are also accessible, but not to everyone. The Xbox 20th Anniversary dynamic backdrop is one example. This wallpaper is only available to those who buy the Xbox 20th Anniversary controller.

After connecting this controller to your Xbox, go to the settings and choose the unique dynamic backdrop.

Less Static, More Dynamic

Dynamic backdrops are a feature exclusive to the Xbox Series X/S. In contrast to the other backdrop pictures that you may install on your Xbox, dynamic themes allow you to enjoy some little movements in the background of your console.

Of course, these animations aren’t all that impressive and mainly consist of little bits of the picture moving, but with fresh dynamic backdrops being introduced to Xbox Series X/S, they may improve in the future.

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