How to Set a Custom Gamerpic for Your Xbox Profile

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How to Set a Custom Gamerpic for Your Xbox Profile

With the ability to customize your Xbox’s home and theme, why not go a step further and personalize your gamerpic as well?

We can assist you if you have ever pondered how to establish your very own personalized gamerpic, or even how to modify your gamerpic in general.

Changing Your Xbox Live Gamerpic

To create a custom gamerpic, you must first understand how to update your gamerpic in general.

To change your gamerpic, follow these steps:

  • To access the guide, hit the Xbox button on the home screen of your Xbox.
  • Swipe to the right bumper to access the Profile & System choices and pick your Xbox profile.
  • Select My profile from the presented choices to get an overview of your Xbox profile.
  • Select Customize profile, followed by Change gamerpic.

Following the procedures above should result in you seeing every pre-existing choice for a replacement gamerpic for your Xbox profile.

But what if you want a custom gamerpic?

Setting Up a Custom Gamerpic for Your Profile

Now that you understand how to edit your gamerpic in general, you can begin creating a personalized gamerpic.

You may even go one step further and discover how to construct your own gamerpic to create your own, entirely unique profile image for your Xbox account.

On Xbox, you can set up a custom gamerpic in two ways: via the console directly or through the Xbox app.

Choosing Your Custom Gamerpic on Your Xbox

To utilize your console to choose a custom gamerpic, make sure the picture you wish to use is linked to your console via USB and is at least 1080×1080 pixels in size.

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Then, on the console itself:

  • Navigate to the Change gamerpic choices and follow the procedures outlined above to change your gamerpic.
  • Choose Upload a custom picture.
  • The external USB drive will then be read by your Xbox and its PNG and JPG files displayed.
  • Choose the picture you wish to use and press the Upload button.

It is worth noting that Xbox consoles formerly utilised OneDrive to allow users to pick PNG or JPG photographs from their OneDrive storage, but this capability has since been deleted.

Choosing a Custom Gamerpic on the Xbox App

You may utilize the Xbox software and your picture collection to create a personalized gamerpic without the requirement for an additional USB drive.

To choose a custom gamerpic through the Xbox app, simply:

  • To enter the Profile page, launch the app and pick your gamerpic icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  • To access your gamerpic choices, click the edit button above your profile photo.
  • Select the picture library icon and the image you wish to use as your gamerpic.
  • Crop the picture by pinching and dragging the circle, then choose Upload.

Your new gamerpic should display, but don’t be concerned if it doesn’t. Also, keep in mind that you may utilize the Xbox app to ban and report people, among other things.

Why Your Custom Gamerpic Might Not Appear Straight Away

Regardless of how you choose to pick and submit your unique gamerpic, Microsoft will validate any picture you use.

Microsoft wants to protect every user’s online safety and that no hazardous or obscene photos are published to the Xbox platform for everybody to view.

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Unfortunately, this may result in a brief delay in the appearance of your personalized picture on your Xbox profile as Microsoft confirms your submitted image.

Enjoy Your Personalized Xbox Experience

Now that you know how to create your own personalized gamerpic for your Xbox account, you can go further into the customisation options available from Xbox.

Xbox offers several customization possibilities, such as arranging your home screen, changing the color of your display and cursor, and even creating a dynamic theme.

So enjoy personalizing your Xbox experience!

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