How to Send Somebody a DoorDash

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How to Send Somebody a DoorDash

There is no higher present than the gift of delectable takeaway. If you can’t be there in person with a huge pizza, you can always send a DoorDash, however not every DoorDash user is aware of this.

Can you send a DoorDash to someone else? Absolutely. Here’s how you can accomplish it.

How to Send a DoorDash to Someone Else

Is it necessary to share a DoorDash account in order to deliver a meal to someone else? Contrary to common assumption, you may send a DoorDash meal to any location, even if you will not be answering the door.

In 2020, DoorDash introduced a new giving feature that allowed platform users to easily send someone a DoorDash. It’s extremely simple, and you can do it all from the web app or your smartphone.

How to Send a DoorDash Through the Web

Sending a DoorDash to someone else is much the same as sending one to yourself, with a handful of additional steps:

  1. Change your default DoorDash address to the address of your intended recipient at the top of the DoorDash webapp.
  2. Choose any restaurant in its vicinity and a meal to deliver.
  3. Hit Add to Cart
  4. Use the Send as a gift option at checkout.
  5. Place your order and prepare to have a fantastic time.

This final aspect is adorable. You may customise your DoorDash delivery with your friend’s name and even include a personalized remark and a digital card.

You may also offer the receiver the option of arranging the DoorDash delivery themselves, if applicable, and choose whether the courier calls you or a buddy if they need assistance completing the task.

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When you give a DoorDash as a gift, you will also get a unique gift-tracking link that will let you to ensure that your present was delivered on time. This code may be used surreptitiously for your own sanity, or shared with the receiver if the DoorDash isn’t a surprise.

How to Send a DoorDash on DoorDash Mobile

This procedure is quite similar for someone who sends a DoorDash gift using the DoorDash app:

  1. Replace your default address with the address or location of a buddy.
  2. Tap the Add to Cart button
  3. Make use of the Send as a gift option.
  4. Complete the process by clicking the Place Order button.

And your DoorDash present for your buddy will be on its way. That’s what I call convenience.

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Why Send a DoorDash?

A thoughtful DoorDash gift may take various shapes and is the ideal reward for any of the following scenarios:

  • Long-distance partners.
  • A sick friend.
  • Congratulations and celebrations.
  • An urgent delivery for a friend in need.
  • A well-deserved pick-me-up.

Another option for sending a DoorDash is to just purchase a DoorDash gift card so that your friend or lover may order anything they want on their own.

This is a perfectly fine choice, but we believe it lacks a certain feeling of romanticism and spontaneity, which may be what you’re searching for.

It doesn’t have to be a cake or a box of chocolates every time. The quickest road to anyone’s heart is via their stomach—give your beloved person something exciting to look forward to, even if you’re both far away from home.

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Gifting on DoorDash Is a Perfect Act of Kindness

It is always appreciated to show some love and thanks whenever feasible. A difficult day at the office? A long night of research in the library? A DoorDashed Starbucks could be precisely what your buddy needs to get through the day.

Make the effort to be a hero. An unexpected DoorDash present is just two taps away from being their new reality, and they’ll be grateful to you.

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