How to Send Email to Any Cell Phone for Free

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How to Send Email to Any Cell Phone for Free
How to Send Email to Any Cell Phone for Free

You’re working on your computer, while your pal is on the phone. You want to text them but your phone is dead.

You may send them an email, a Facebook message, or a Twitter message. Do they use iMessage? On a PC, all of these ways are accessible. However, if you’re chatting to someone who doesn’t have a smartphone, these alternatives won’t function. So, what now?

It’s as simple as sending an email to their phone number. Thanks to SMS gateways, this works with practically any SMS-capable phone, whether it runs applications or not.

What Is an SMS Gateway?

An SMS gateway translates emails to SMS, allowing you to send emails to phones from a computer.

Emailing a phone number is the same as sending any other email. All you need to know is the gateway address of the receiver. Finding out their address should be simple if you know which cell network they use.

SMS gateways are normally available for free. However, although you may send an email for free, the person receiving it may have to pay. In terms of cellular plans, an SMS originating from email is no different from any other.

Uses for an SMS Gateway

Free email to SMS gateways are helpful for more than just delivering text messages from your computer to your phone. Sure, theoretically, that’s all a gateway does, but that’s not creative enough. Before we go into how to email a phone number, here are several alternative applications.

1. Notify Yourself When an Email Arrives

When a new email arrives in your inbox, a notice displays on your smartphone. On a phone that lacks this capability, forwarding an email to your phone is one method to keep track of who is contacting you. The complete message will not fit in a single SMS, but you will at least be aware that the requested product has delivered or that a colleague has contacted you on the current project.

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You may use filters to forward just certain emails. Here’s how to set up a Gmail filter if you use Gmail as your email provider. This is useful even if you have a smartphone. Receiving text messages for just the most essential mail is a wonderful compromise between constantly being connected and completely disappearing from the internet.

Nothing specific is required on your side to forward email to SMS for free. Forward to a gateway address just as you would a regular email address.

2. Transfer Files

Text messages are a simple method to transfer data from your phone to your PC. This approach is useful for sharing photographs that you have taken yourself or for transferring images obtained from others so that you may see them on a bigger screen. This saves you the trouble of connecting your phone to a computer and finding out how to transfer data that way—if you can do it at all.

Simply provide an email address instead of a phone number when sending a photo message to make the magic happen.

3. Make a Feature Phone Smart Using IFTTT

Many smart devices now presume you have a smartphone. Some won’t even work until you can install a companion app on your smartphone. Fortunately, in certain circumstances, a solution exists.

IFTTT is a web service that may carry out certain operations in response to specific actions. You may use IFTTT to make your feature phone smart or compatible with smart devices.

IFTTT recipes enable you to execute a variety of tasks, such as changing lighting or playing music, by just sending a text message. If your handset has limited capacity, you may use IFTTT to backup SMS messages to a spreadsheet. Alternatively, you may be notified through SMS when a shipment arrives.

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4. Send Bulk Messages

SMS gateways aren’t simply there to make our lives easier. Companies use them to message thousands of phones at once. However, this service is not always free.

An SMS gateway is most often used when you get an impersonal message from a carrier, a firm, or a political group. This is also a method for huge corporations to connect with all of their staff, no matter where they are in the globe.

How to Send an Email to a Phone Number

To email a phone number, you’ll need the recipient’s gateway address. Assume they use AT&T. Simply enter their ten-digit phone number followed by Dashes should not be used.

The end output should be something like this: This is true regardless of whether you use a carrier or a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). If you want to learn more about MVNOs, check out this post on what APN settings you require.

US Carriers and MVNOs

The following is a list of gateway addresses for major US carriers and MVNOs. Send SMS to the first address and MMS to the second. It should be noted that certain carriers do not utilize distinct addresses.

  • Alltel’s websites are and
  • AT&T’s websites are and
  • Boost Mobile’s websites are and
  • Cricket Wireless’s domain names are and
  • MetroPCS’s website is
  • Project Fi’s URL is
  • Republic Wireless’ website is
  • Sprint’s domains are and
  • Ting:
  • T-Mobile:
  • Email: | mms:
  • Verizon Wireless’ websites are,, and
  • Virgin Mobile’s websites are and
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International Carriers

The majority of individuals do not reside in the United States. We could go to the work of compiling a list carrier by carrier, nation by country, but others have already done the hard labor. If you reside outside of the United States, use these sites to find out what your carrier’s SMS gateway is.

  • Email2sms
  • Notepage
  • Tech-FAQ

When All Else Fails, Use SMS Gateways

Before you had your own cellular phone, one method to send SMS messages was to email friends’ mobile phones. Because of such discussions, there were times when your inbox included more phone numbers than email addresses. All of this happened over a decade ago.

Since then, SMS gateways have been used to transfer a photo message or site URL from a feature phone to a PC on occasion. Despite the fact that most people today have smartphones, it’s still a useful technique to have. Keep this in mind in case you ever find yourself in a scenario where you need to call someone in an emergency.

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