How to Send Anonymous Emails: 5 Stealthy Methods

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How to Send Anonymous Emails: 5 Stealthy Methods
How to Send Anonymous Emails: 5 Stealthy Methods

Have you ever needed to send an email that was fully anonymous? Perhaps you wish to profess your affection for someone quietly. Perhaps you’re a journalist or an informant who has to enlighten someone without raising suspicions.

There are several valid reasons to send an anonymous email. You may send an anonymous email using free internet services. To safeguard your identity, you may also utilize a burner email account and a VPN.

It is simple to send an email without disclosing your identify. Here’s how to send an email anonymously.

1. Use a Burner Email Account and a VPN

To send an anonymous email, using a webmail account like Gmail is an excellent alternative. You may create a Gmail account without giving any personal information. You may then use that email address as a burner account.

Furthermore, when you send an anonymous email using Gmail, the email header’s originating IP address (where the email originated) is a Google server address rather than your IP address. The change in IP address provides you with an additional degree of anonymity.

If the IP address in the email header was traced, it would only indicate the location of a Google server. The server is not required near to your location, but it is worthwhile to mask your traces.

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Having said that, your real IP address is retained on Google’s servers. As a result, if the government or another authority ever came knocking and demanded your whereabouts, Google could supply it.

Increase Your Email Anonymity Using a VPN

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A virtual private network may help you improve your privacy (VPN).Uncertain what a VPN is? Learn about what a VPN connection is and how it works.

We highly advise paying for a trustworthy VPN provider rather than using a free VPN. You may use this link to get a MakeUseOf discount on an ExpressVPN plan, or this link to get a CyberGhost discount.

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Your IP address is protected once you connect to the VPN. There are two distinctions when sending an email from your Gmail account:

  1. If you track the IP address, you will see that the Google server does not appear near your location, and
  2. If the government seeks your IP address, Google will only reveal the IP address of the VPN service.

Concerning the latter, it is essential to select a commercial VPN provider that does not track your connection information. They can flip over a log if there is one. A free VPN is more likely to record your activities.

It should be noted, however, that an anonymous burner email account is not the same as a throwaway email account!

2. Use Your Email Client and a VPN

The second way to send an anonymous email is to use an email client that is already installed on your machine. There are three things you may do to ensure your anonymity:

  • Sign up for a disposable email address (like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, GMX, or similar)
  • Install Thunderbird or a similar free email client.
  • Install and sign up for a VPN service (follow the instructions from the first section)

All you need to do is activate your VPN and ensure that your computer is utilizing a distant IP address. Then, using the throwaway account, send an email using your email client. In the email header, your VPN IP address will be shown instead of your original IP address.

3. AnonEmail

anonemail anonymous email service

AnonyMouse’s AnonEmail is an anonymous email service. AnonEmail is a service that enables you to send anonymous emails across a network of nodes. When you use the service, your email bounces across numerous random nodes, making it hard to track back to your IP address.

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AnonEmail is simple to use. You provide your recipient’s name, the topic, and a brief plain-text message, then click “Send Anonymously.” AnonEmail, unlike many other services, does not (appears to) record your IP address. During testing, it did not display or track my IP address. I would highly encourage you, though, not to email anything sensitive or unlawful.

AnonEmail will wait for an unknown amount of time before sending your email as an added security step. The rationale for this is that it separates you from the email by removing you from the send time, send location, and any possible geographical assumptions based on time zones.

4. Cyber Atlantis

cyber atlantis anonymous email service

Another free anonymous email provider that removes your IP address is Cyber Atlantis. PGP encryption is also available via the Cyber Atlantis service. This implies that, in addition to sending your email without an IP address, you may encrypt the email’s content before sending it.

The email’s content is then entirely secure. Only the owner of the public key may use a private key to unlock the message content. However, using public-key encryption may have unforeseen consequences. For example, if the encryption key isn’t frequently used and has only been handed to a few individuals, the anonymous email receiver may try to find out who sent the message.

5. ProtonMail

proton mail send anonymous email

ProtonMail is the solution if you need a truly secure, anonymous, and two-way email service. ProtonMail has a long history of providing secure email services, and millions of customers depend on them to ensure that their correspondence is always private and anonymous.

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Some core ProtonMail features include:

  • End-to-End Encryption: Messages are encrypted not only while they are transmitted from ProtonMail servers, but also when they are stored. No one can see your messages unless they have access to the authorized ProtonMail account.
  • ProtonMail’s encryption technique employs an encryption key on your machine, which means that even ProtonMail’s system administrators cannot view your communications. On the flipside, this means they won’t be able to help you regain your account. On the plus side, that implies they won’t be able to deliver your communications to any governmental body.
  • Because ProtonMail employs open-source cryptography libraries, you can be certain that there are no “back doors” for anybody to view your emails. System administrators and hackers are both included.

If you send two-way encrypted emails on a frequent basis, you might consider signing up for a ProtonMail account and using it as your main address.

The Best Anonymous Email Provider

What is the most reliable anonymous email service? The solution is determined by your needs. Check out ProtonMail if you often send anonymous emails and need the added security of encryption. Your email account is inaccessible even to ProtonMail!

If you’re in a hurry, one of the browser-based anonymous email services may help.

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