How to Send an Encrypted Email and Increase Your Privacy

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How to Send an Encrypted Email and Increase Your Privacy

Encryption is a means of safeguarding and securing your internet communications. This also applies to emails, since these accounts include a lot of personal information about you.

So, how do you safeguard your emails? How can your email messages and attachments be encrypted?

How to Increase Email Privacy

You may encrypt your email provider’s connection, an email, and saved email messages.

We’re concentrating on how to encrypt the email itself, which may be accomplished using software tools and a digital signature. This certifies that you sent the email and decreases the likelihood of hackers gaining access to your message or account.

What Is an Encrypted Email?

Email encryption is the process of hiding material so that only the intended receiver may view it. It needs authentication to be accessed, which helps to keep sensitive data safe. By encrypting your emails in this manner, you safeguard your data from hackers.

An encrypted email is transmitted using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and it is decrypted using a unique private key.

There are two kinds of encryption techniques available: symmetric and asymmetric data protection.

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Asymmetric encryption, often known as public-key cryptography, is the most popular kind of encryption. It entails two distinct keys, one private and one public.

Your public key may be distributed to others so that they can encrypt communications for you. When a message arrives in your inbox, the private key is utilized to decode it. The private key must be kept secure since it allows your communications to be unlocked and read.

Symmetric encryption, often known as secret-key cryptography, is a safe and simple encryption technology that uses a single cryptographic key. To unlock the communication using this sort of encryption, you must provide the receiver a key.

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What Does an Encrypted Email Look Like?

The kind of encryption employed will determine how an encrypted email appears.

To give you an idea, we’ll show you how to deliver them together with screenshots.

How to Send an Encrypted Email

Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo employ Transport Layer Security (TLS) to make emails safe while in transit between mail servers. While it is the industry standard and keeps communications secure, it does not provide end-to-end encryption.

End-to-end encryption encrypts the communication when it is transmitted and decrypts it once it reaches the recipient’s device. TLS encrypts the communication at the sender and decrypts it at the server. As a result, several email service providers demand third-party programs to strengthen email encryption.

All emails sent and received should be encrypted as a preventive measure. This is how you encrypt emails.

How to Send a Secure Email

The techniques for encrypting an email using Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, and Yahoo are as follows.

How to Send Secure Emails with Gmail

You may protect an email attachment by demanding a password or setting an expiration date.

Gmail’s confidential mode necessitates authorized access in order to secure information by putting expiration dates on emails or having the ability to revoke access at any time. These communications will not be copied, downloaded, forwarded, or printed by the receivers.

The settings will effect the whole contents of the email, including the text message and any attachments.

  1. To construct your email, click Compose.
  2. Select Turn on confidential mode or Edit if this option is already enabled in the bottom right.
  3. Set a date for the email and passcode to expire. The passcode may be delivered to the recipient’s phone through text message. You may also disable this if you want direct access to your email.
  4. When you’re finished, click Save and then Send.
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To remove reading access, click on the confidential email in your Sent folder and then select Remove access.

How to Send Secure Emails with Outlook

Outlook offers a few encryption options.

A single email may be encrypted. Click File, then Properties, then Security Settings, then finally Encrypt message contents and attachments before sending.

Alternatively, you may encrypt all outgoing communications by default. This implies that all of your receivers will need your digital ID in order to see the emails you send. Select File> Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings to do so.

S/MIME encryption necessitates the use of a mail program that implements the S/MIME standard, as well as the addition of a signing certificate to your computer’s keychain and configuration in Outlook. Microsoft 365, in particular, features Message Encryption.

  1. Compose an email.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Click on Encrypt.
  4. Select S/MIME encryption. Microsoft 365 members may configure encryption limits such as Encrypt Only or Do Not Forward.
  5. Send the email.

Users of Outlook will be able to access the message, while users of third-party email services will get instructions on how to read the encrypted message.

How to Send Secure Emails with iCloud

Once S/MIME certificates are loaded or the device is linked to a Microsoft Exchange server, iOS Mail app users may encrypt email messages (not files).

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu on your smartphone.
  2. Go to your iCloud account and click Settings.
  3. Click on Email Options.
  4. Select Mail.
  5. Encryption settings may be found under Advanced Settings.
  6. Enable S/MIME Encryption and double-check your S/MIME settings.
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If the receiver has the requisite certificate to open the message, you’ll see a blue lock when sending an email from your iCloud account; otherwise, the lock will be red.

How to Send Secure Emails with Yahoo

Yahoo uses TLS encryption to safeguard communications, however an email encryption browser plugin is necessary for end-to-end encryption.

Mailvelope is one of the greatest free plugin alternatives for email service providers that adds encryption capabilities. This is how you can use Mailvelope to safeguard your Yahoo email.

  1. Download Mailvelope.
  2. Configure Mailvelope.
  3. In your Yahoo email account, compose a message.
  4. In the top-right area, click the Mailvelope symbol.
  5. Click Encrypt.
  6. Send the message.

Download: Mailvelope for Chrome | Edge | Firefox.

Keep Online Communication Safe with Email Encryption

To send secure emails online, you shouldencrypt them.

By doing so, you can assure that the data and attachments sent through email are secure. It will protect your privacy by maintaining the security of your email account.

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