How to Send an Email

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How to Send an Email

Do you need to send an email but don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you know how to send emails but want to learn how to curate better ones. We’re here to assist you.

Sending an email may seem to be an easy process, but sending outstanding emails is not. The next time you wish to connect by email, you’ll find you need more than just the recipient’s email address and a message to send. Here’s how to write an effective email.

What Do You Require for Sending an Email?

You must first complete certain prerequisites before we can teach you how to send an email. You’ll need an email account with one of the various email providers (we’ll use Gmail), an internet connection, a computer or a mobile device, and the recipient’s email address to send an email.

How to Send an Email With Gmail

Assume you don’t already have an email account; create one using Gmail or one of the popular alternatives to Gmail. After that, we may go on to the next stage, which is to create an email message.

1. Login Into Your Email Account

To sign in to your Gmail account, go to and input your credentials.

2. Create a Blank Email

Start writing an email that will be sent later. To start a new email, tap the compose button. The compose button is located on the left side of the Gmail website and on the bottom right side of the mobile app.

3. Enter the Recipient’s Email Address

The recipient email address is the email address of the person to whom you wish to send your message. If there are several recipients, use CC or BCC.

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All receivers will see the list of additional recipients when using CC. Unless they are listed under CC, a receiver cannot view additional recipients of the same email in a BCC list.

To add recipients in Gmail on the web, touch the Recipients section, input a recipient email address, and choose CC or BCC to include multiple recipients. Enter your first recipient under To and press the downward-facing arrow to access the CC and BCC boxes if you’re using the Gmail app on mobile (Android or iOS).

Please pay close attention to the address to prevent sending the message to the incorrect recipient.

4. Write the Subject of the Email

The topic of the email should summarize its content. To get the best results, make sure the topic accurately represents the email’s contents. Be as detailed and concise as possible.

Furthermore, the topic should be intriguing in order to entice the receiver to read your email. Email acronyms for subject lines may be useful, but only when used correctly.

5. Curate Your Email Message

This is where you must describe everything you want the recipient or recipients to know. However, before you begin, begin with an acceptable greeting.

When sending business emails, for example, you should avoid using the words “Dear” or “Hi.” Also, keep your message brief, use good etiquette, and structure your email properly (continue reading to find out more on formatting).

It is important to master the many methods of writing professional emails, and you may use several online tools to assist you create better emails if you run into any challenges.

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6. End With a Sign-Off

Sign-offs are used in email communications to indicate the conclusion of a message. As a result, you should always include a signature. Certain factors should be considered while drafting a sign-off depending on the kind of email.

Consider these tips when signing off an email:

  • Use your full name.
  • Use a suitable closure. Consider one of the top professional email sign-offs for job-related correspondence.
  • Include your professional titles as well as any contact information. These aren’t required, but it never hurts to have them.
  • A signature may also be useful.

7. Attach Files—if Needed

Do you need to send some files to someone by email? This is the ideal moment to do so. Adding files may be required for job application procedures that need CVs and resumes.

However, before adding a file, it is typically advisable to notify the recipient in the email body that a file has been added at the bottom of the message.

How to Attach Files in Gmail

Tap the paperclip symbol at the top of the Gmail app for mobile, then pick Attach file or Insert from Drive, and then select the file to be added.

When asked, click the paperclip symbol to upload a file from your computer or Google Drive to upload a file from your Google Drive account.

The maximum file size of attachments may differ across email providers. The maximum size for Gmail is 25MB, however you can get around this by first uploading your files to Google Drive.

Repeat the process if you wish to transmit more than one file.

8. Format and Proofread Your Email

Before you press the send button, make sure your email is correctly formatted by using the same font size and type. Make sure the alignment and indentation are proper. Finally, make certain that the message is presented in a manner that increases readability.

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Gmail has a Formatting Options button that enables you to format your emails. To examine the many ways you may style your email message in Gmail, just pick the formatting option (the underlined A). You may modify the font type, size, bold your message, underline it, alter the text color, and so on.

Finally, look through your email from beginning to end to confirm the recipient’s address is right and there are no grammatical or semantic issues. The importance of proofreading emails before sending them cannot be emphasized.

9. Send Your Email

If everything seems to be in order, it’s time to send your email. To send the email, press the Send button. However, if you want the email to be delivered later, learn how to schedule an email in Gmail.

Understand How to Communicate via Email

Knowing how to send emails is a valuable ability since it is a vital mode of communication. While there has been a shift toward instant messaging services, email is still held in high regard, particularly in the office.

Keep these guidelines in mind the next time you write an email.

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