How to Send a Group Text on Android

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How to Send a Group Text on Android

Group texts are a quick, inexpensive, and dependable method to deliver the same message to several individuals at the same time. For example, if you are hosting a party and want to tell all of the invitees, sending them a single group SMS might save you time and perhaps money on phone expenses.

Here’s how to send group SMS on Google Messages and on a Samsung phone.

How to Group Message on Android Using Google’s Messages App

Android Messages is the default text messaging software on many phones, and it is very quick and highly customisable. Here’s how to use the app to send a group SMS.

  1. If you don’t already have it, download Messages. It’s completely free.
  2. To access the New discussion screen, launch the app and hit Start chat.
  3. To open the New group discussion screen, tap Create group.
  4. Tap the first few letters of each person you wish to add to your group, then choose their name from the list that appears.
  5. When you’re finished, tap Next and type a group name into the Add group name field.
  6. Then, press Next and fill up the text box with your message. If you are prompted to validate your phone number, enter it and press OK. Your message has been sent to the group.

Sending a group SMS message won’t always function until you activate the group MMS option in the Messages app. To do so, launch the Messages app and click Settings from the three vertical dots in the top-right corner. Then, under Group messaging, click to Advanced and activate MMS.

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To avoid seeing that unpleasant warning every time a member of the group answers, you may need to enable Auto-retrieve (or Auto-download MMS on certain devices).

Check out the top free messaging apps for Android alternatives for a more feature-rich chat experience.

Create Groups and Send Group Messages on Samsung Phones

On Samsung phones, groups may be created independently from the Contacts app.

To send a text message to a group, we must first form a group to contact. Here’s how to put together a contact list:

  1. Open the Contacts app.
  2. Tap on Groups > Create.
  3. Enter a name for the group under Group name.
  4. To access your contacts list, tap + Add member. Select the contact you wish to add to the group by tapping the empty check box next to their name. If you add the incorrect contact by mistake, hit the red minus symbol next to the name to delete the contact from the group.
  5. To save the name of your group and its members, tap Done and then Save.

How to Send a Text to a Group on Samsung Phones

Now that you’ve created your group, learn how to send a group message on a Samsung phone.

  1. Launch the Messages app.
  2. Then, in the bottom-right corner, hit the Compose icon.
  3. Touch the contact icon in the Enter recipients box, then pick the group you just established.
  4. To include all contacts in the group, tap All next to the group’s name. Then, hit Done to begin crafting your message.
  5. Enter your text message in the Enter message area, then press the Send button.
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Because group texting employs the SMS protocol, only the group founders may receive responses from recipients. If you want answers to a group chat to be sent to all receivers, you need enable MMS.

Furthermore, the regular messaging app limits the number of recipients you may add to a single message (for my device, it’s just 20). Check out our list of the top Android applications for sending SMS messages in bulk if you want to send messages to hundreds of recipients.

Is Group Texting Still Relevant Today?

Absolutely! When it comes to group messaging, several applications are available, but they may need an internet connection to function. In contrast, Google Messages and other SMS applications do not need a data connection to send group messages.

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