How to Schedule Dark Mode Time Intervals in Google Chrome and Firefox

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How to Schedule Dark Mode Time Intervals in Google Chrome and Firefox

When dark modes are enabled in Firefox and Google Chrome, black themes are applied. However, those browsers’ dark modes aren’t extremely customizable. You must use either Chrome dark or Firefox white. Would you rather have a little of both by arranging a dark mode to activate automatically at a certain time interval?

Neither Google Chrome nor Firefox provide built-in scheduling options for turning on and off dark modes at certain periods. With the Super Dark Mode and automaticDark extensions, you may still create dark modes for certain time periods in those desktop browsers.

How to Schedule Dark Mode for Websites in Google Chrome

Super Dark Mode is a Google Chrome plugin that allows users to change the background color of webpages. It also has an Automatic Schedule side tab where you can choose the time interval between which its dark mode will be activated. This is how you can use that extension to schedule a dark mode in Google Chrome:

  1. In Chrome, go to the Super Dark Mode website mentioned below.
  2. On the Super Dark Mode online shop page, click the Add to Chrome button.
  3. On the confirmation screen, click Add extension.
  4. On Chrome’s toolbar, click the Extensions (jigsaw piece) button.
  5. You may manually switch on/off the dark theme by clicking the Super Dark Mode button. To create an automated schedule, click the More options button on that extension and then pick Options.
  6. Then, as seen just below, pick the Automatic Schedule sidetab.
  7. Check the Enable Super Dark Mode for a Time Interval box.
  8. Select a start time for the dark theme by clicking the clock symbol in the From box.
  9. To establish a timer for the dark mode, repeat the preceding process for the To box.
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Wait for your dark mode to activate. Check that you haven’t previously activated the extension’s dark mode. Then, just during the time span you choose for the dark mode, will website pages have black backgrounds.

The additional parameters under Super Dark Mode may be used to modify the dark mode. To access the options shown in the picture below, go to the Super Dark Mode: Options tab and choose General Dark Themes. By picking the Modern option and modifying its palettes, you may alter the color of the theme’s links, background, headers, and input suggestions.

The contrast/brightness of the dark theme may also be adjusted for all websites. On the Super Dark Mode: Options tab, choose Advanced Settings. Then, tick the Adjust brightness/contrast box and move the slider on the option’s bar.

Download: Super Dark Mode for Google Chrome (Free)

How to Schedule a Dark Mode Theme in Firefox

Check out the automaticDark Firefox add-on to plan a dark mode session. AutomaticDark is a similar add-on to Super Dark Mode in that it allows you to set Fox to use a dark mode dependent on the time of day. One noteworthy distinction is that it incorporates the dark mode within Firefox’s user interface (URL bar, menus, etc.).You may use automaticDark to schedule dark mode as follows:

  1. Open the automaticDark download page and choose Add to Firefox.
  2. In Firefox, pick Settings from the Open application menu.
  3. To open the Add-on Manager panel, choose Extensions and themes.
  4. Select Options from the ellipses menu for the automaticDark extension.
  5. Select the radio option for Manually set/sunrise timings.
  6. Enter a start time for your daylight in the Sunrise time box (white theme).
  7. Then, in the Sunset time box, add a time for the night (dark) theme to begin. It should be noted that it does not have to be the exact sunset hour in your locality.
  8. Dark should be selected from the Nighttime theme drop-down menu.
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The extension will now apply a dark theme to Firefox’s UI at the sunset time you specified, as seen in the screenshot below. All websites will retain their previous background colors. However, since Super Dark Mode is also available for Firefox, you may use both add-ons on Mozilla’s flagship browser.

Download: automaticDark for Firefox (Free)

Add More Flexible Dark Modes to Firefox and Google Chrome

With the Super Dark Mode and automaticDark extensions, you may now enjoy the best of both the dark and light mode worlds in Google Chrome and Firefox. Super Dark is an excellent addon for automatically adding dark backgrounds to webpages at predefined intervals. Check out automaticDark if you want to establish a dark Firefox theme depending on the time of day. Both extensions provide more customizable dark modes.

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