How to Rotate an Image in Photoshop

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How to Rotate an Image in Photoshop

Have you ever taken a photograph in the wrong orientation? The problem can be solved by rotating your image in Photoshop.

There are several more times when you’ll need to rotate or tilt your photographs, and Photoshop contains all of the tools you’ll need to do so.

In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to rotate images in Photoshop. Feel free to choose the approach that best suits your requirements.

How to Rotate an Image in Photoshop

Depending on whether you want to rotate a full picture or a layer inside an image, you may use one of the techniques listed below in Photoshop.

1. How to Rotate an Entire Picture in Photoshop

Photoshop provides a feature that rotates your canvas if you want to entirely rotate your image by a given degree. This, in turn, causes everything on the canvas to spin (your picture and any other elements that you may have added with Photoshop).

Here’s how to rotatethe canvas in Photoshop:

    Before quitting Photoshop, save your rotated picture.

    If the rotation doesn’t seem right or isn’t the way you meant it, use Ctrl + Z (Windows) or Command + Z (Mac) to reverse it.

    2. How to Rotate a Picture on a Picture With Layers

    If you just want to rotate select areas of your picture and they have their own layers, you may simply rotate the layer to rotate your chosen pieces.

    This approach employs a tool that is distinct from the one used in the preceding method. One of the Photoshop tools for rotating particular objects in your images is the Transform tool.

    This tool may be used to rotate a photo on your main image or other items as long as they have their own independent layers:

    1. Launch Photoshop and choose the layer you wish to rotate from the layers list.
    2. At the top, choose Edit, then Transform, and then pick one of the rotation choices.
    3. Select Edit > Free Transform to rotate your picture by a specific angle. You may now rotate your picture by rotating the edges.
    4. To save your rotation, click the checkmark button at the top.
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    While the crop tool is intended to assist you in cropping your photographs in Photoshop, you can also use it to rotate your images. When you wish to crop and rotate your photographs, this is the tool you utilize.

    Here’s how to use this tool for rotation:

    1. While your picture is still open in Photoshop, choose the crop tool from the left-hand toolbar. Alternatively, you may activate the tool by pressing C on your keyboard.
    2. Once you’ve clicked on your picture, move your mouse to one of the four corners.
    3. You’re ready to rotate the picture when your cursor changes to a dual-arrow icon. Start spinning the picture while holding down the mouse button.
    4. To save your changes, click the checkmark symbol at the top.

    4. How to Rotate a Picture Just to See How It Looks

    You may wish to rotate a picture only to check how it appears when turned. Photoshop offers a tool for this as well, however it will not make any lasting modifications to your image.

    Rotate View is a tool that allows you to preview rotated pictures. You may put it to use as follows:

    1. In the toolbar on the left, choose the Rotate View Tool. If you don’t see it, click and hold on the hand symbol to see it. Alternatively, you may activate the tool by pressing R on your keyboard.
    2. You may rotate your picture in any way you choose by clicking on it.
    3. If you want to rotate your picture by a certain amount, put it in the box at the top and hit Enter.
    4. To return to the original picture, click the Reset View button at the top. This will remove any rotation modifications.
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    How to Automate Image Rotation in Photoshop

    If you have multiple photos to rotate, the aforementioned techniques will take an eternity. A more efficient solution would be to employ Photoshop’s built-in automation tool.

    Photoshop has an Actions tool that allows you to record your picture editing operations. You may record an action that rotates your photographs and then utilize it for all of your images that need rotation. When you perform the action, it will batch rotate all of your photos at once.

    Here are the two stages to set this feature up in Photoshop.

    1. How to Create an Action to Rotate Images in Photoshop:

    1. Make a Rotated folder on your desktop. Your rotated pictures will be saved in this folder.
    2. Open Photoshop and choose one of the photographs to rotate.
    3. Select Actions from the Window menu at the top.
    4. Select the Create new action option, give your action a name, and then click Record.
    5. Now, rotate your picture as you would your other photographs. This generally entails going to Image> Image Rotation and selecting a rotation option.
    6. After you’ve rotated your picture, go to File > Save As.
    7. Select the Rotated folder on your desktop, leave the picture name as is, pick a format from the Format dropdown menu, and then push Save at the bottom.
    8. Click the stop button in the Actions pane to stop your action recording.

    2. How to Use an Action to Rotate Images in Photoshop

    1. Make a folder called To Rotate on your desktop; copy all of the images you want to rotate to this folder.
    2. Open Photoshop and click File > Automate > Batch.
    3. Select the action you created in the previous phase from the Action dropdown menu.
    4. Choose Folder from the Source dropdown menu.
    5. Click the Choose button and choose the To Rotate folder containing all your images on the desktop.
    6. Click OK and Photoshop will start rotating all of the images in that folder.
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    The photographs that result will be stored on your desktop in the Rotated folder.

    Rotate Your Images, Not Your Computer Screen

    Photoshop contains all of the rotation capabilities you’ll ever need, no matter how or why you wish to rotate photos. It also has automatic rotation, which saves you from having to rotate each of your photographs individually.

    The incorrect orientation of photos isn’t the only problem individuals have with their photographs. Your photographs may sometimes be hazy and need correction. Photoshop, thankfully, can assist with this as well.

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