How to Resume Interrupted Downloads in Google Chrome

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How to Resume Interrupted Downloads in Google Chrome

At times, your internet connection may be unreliable. Any interruption in connection when downloading a big file through Chrome might be inconvenient. You may have to download the file again if it cannot detect the file fragment you just downloaded.

If you have a restricted bandwidth plan or your ISP throttles data once you surpass the fair use limit, an interrupted download might be costly. In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to restart unsuccessful downloads in Google Chrome.

Cause for Partial Downloads

Chrome is not totally at fault for interrupted downloads. A partial or incomplete download may occur for a variety of reasons.

  • The web server does not enable you to continue a download and requires you to begin over.
  • A timeout might result in incomplete downloads if your internet connection is poor or the server becomes overburdened with requests.
  • The source file has been corrupted. In this circumstance, no matter which browser you use, you will only get a partial download.

Use Chrome’s Download Manager to Resume Downloads

Google Chrome has a download manager that displays all of your downloads, whether they are ongoing, unsuccessful, canceled, or finished. To launch the download manager, press Ctrl + J or pick Downloads from the Options dropdown menu.

Locate the unsuccessful download in the list of downloads and click Resume. If all goes according to plan, your download will restart where it was halted.

When you attempt to download a file, you may see the message “Download Failed-NetworkError.” The download continues failing no matter how many times you attempt. Read on to learn how to solve the download failed network problem in Chrome.

Resume Interrupted Download With Wget

If the download in Chrome does not continue, you might use Wget. It is a free command-line utility for downloading things from the internet. Wget performs well across sluggish or unpredictable network connections. If a download fails, it will attempt until the whole file is downloaded to your computer.

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Wget is available in a variety of versions for Windows 10. Download the newest 1.21.1 64-bit build from Eternally Bored. The executable file is stored by default in

C:\Users\[User Name]\Downloads

Wget may be executed in two ways: by changing to the directory containing the executable using the cd command, or by adding it as an environment variable that can be accessed from any directory. If you want to use Wget regularly, we suggest that you choose the latter.

Let’s set it up as an environment variable.

Setting Up Wget

Open the Settings app. Click System > About, then click Advanced System Settings once again. Click Environment Variables in the window that appears.

Under System variables, choose Path and then click Edit. Then, in the upper-right corner of the window, click the New button. Type:

C:\Users\[User Name]\Downloads\wget.exe

Select OK. To see whether everything is working, open Command Prompt and execute “wget -h.” To access the Wget help menu, use “wget.exe -h” in PowerShell.

Rename the Partially Downloaded File

Before you use Wget to download a file, we need two pieces of information: the website URL and the location of the partly downloaded file.

To launch the download manager, press Ctrl + J. Locate the file, right-click on the webpage of the original file, and then choose Copy link address. Copy and paste your URL into Notepad.

Now, click More and choose Open downloads folder.

Chrome assigns a default name to your file while it is halfway downloaded “[Random Number] is unconfirmed. crdownload.”

Chrome’s.crdownload extension is a byproduct. It cannot be opened or converted to another format. When your download is finished, it is deleted.

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The original filename may be simply obtained from the webpage URL. Your file is called linuxmint-20.2-cinnamon-64-bit. If the connection is as follows:

Rename the partly downloaded file by right-clicking it. Press Enter after removing the.crdownload extension from the end of the file.

If you alter the extension, a notification will appear warning you that the file may become useless. Select Yes.

If you encounter the strange warning “File in Use,” figure out what’s stopping you from renaming the file. A specific process in Chrome is causing all of the issues.

If you close Chrome, the file will be deleted from your machine.

Resume Your Download with Wget

To restart your download using Wget, you will need the file path of the target download file as well as the website URL.

Hold down the Shift key when right-clicking your file and selecting Copy as path. Also, insert the webpage URL that you copied previously. Copy and paste these two pieces of information into Notepad.

Now we’ll use the Wget command:

wget -c -O "[file-path-of-the-target-download-file]""[website-URL]"

Replace the values in square brackets with the real values. To continue the download, press Enter.

The “-c” option instructs the command line to accept a partly downloaded file. The “-O” denotes output document file.

Do not forget to enclose the path in inverted commas.

wget -c -O

Third-Party Apps With Superior Download Manager

While Google Chrome’s reliability has improved, the native download manager lacks critical functionality such as scheduling, categorizing downloaded files, download acceleration, and more. Let’s take a look at several third-party programs that have an improved download manager.

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Internet Download Manager

It is the most widely used download manager on Windows. When you install the software, the built-in extension interfaces tightly with Chrome, allowing IDM to intercept URLs. The download segmentation function significantly increases download speed.

IDM’s error recovery and resumption capabilities will allow you to continue broken or interrupted downloads caused by lost network connections, sudden shutdowns, or power outages. Download categories, a scheduler, a queue processor, progressive download with quotas, and other functions are also available.

Internet Download Manager (30-day trial, Lifetime License: $25) may be downloaded.

Xtreme Download Manager

It is a free, cross-platform replacement for IDM. The software features a clean and easy UI and employs multi-threading technology to accelerate downloading. It can continue stopped downloads caused by lost connections, network issues, and power outages.

Download:Xtreme Download Manager (Free)

Continue Incomplete Downloads With Ease

Partial or incomplete downloads aren’t a major deal with a high-speed internet connection and almost limitless bandwidth. If this happens, Wget allows you to simply continue the unsuccessful download, even if your internet connection is patchy.

Wget is a powerful command-line program that can do a variety of tasks with a single command.

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