How to Resize and Crop an Image Using Microsoft Paint

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How to Resize and Crop an Image Using Microsoft Paint

If you have a Windows PC, you’ve probably forgotten about Microsoft Paint. With so many more complex editing software options available, we don’t see the need in using a product that isn’t extremely thorough. That doesn’t imply it’s pointless.

MS Paint can be used to do two fundamental picture altering tasks: scaling and cropping. If they are the only changes you need to make to a picture, MS Paint is great since it eliminates the need to start a larger software.

We’ll teach you how to resize and crop a picture in Microsoft Paint in this tutorial.

Getting Started

There are a few things to go over before we teach you how to resize and crop a picture. It’s usually a good idea to create a duplicate of the picture you’re going to change.

MS Paint enables you to save an altered picture as a new file, however if you save the new settings onto the old file, the existing settings will be overwritten. In this scenario, a duplicate of the original may be useful.

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If you wish to use MS Paint to resize or crop a picture, you need first learn about image dimensions. When you hover the mouse over a picture in Windows, an information window appears with information such as “Dimensions: 1920 x 1080.”

Those numbers represent the number of pixels in the picture. The first quantity is always the number of horizontal pixels, known as Width (W), while the second is the number of vertical pixels, known as Height (H) (H).The “x” represents a multiplier, since multiplying the integers yields the total amount of pixels.

MS Paint has a pixels indicator in the lower left corner that allows you to keep track of the pixels while you resize or crop a picture. This is helpful since it allows you to crop or resize the picture to the precise pixel.

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How to Resize an Image on MS Paint

There are several reasons why a picture should be resized. For profile photographs, some applications set a minimum or maximum dimension size. Perhaps you want to downscale a picture to prevent it from taking too long to load when you post it to a website. Whatever the cause, MS Paint can assist you in obtaining the desired size.

Open your picture in MS Paint and pick Resize from the image tools menu in the top left. The Resize and Skew window will be shown. You’ll find two scaling choices here: percentage and pixels. Change the values in the Horizontal and Vertical boxes if you choose either one.

Choosing the Percentage option will change the picture size by a percentage. Because you can’t manage the precise amount of pixels, this is only effective if you need a rapid scaling approach. The Pixels option allows you to completely customize the amount of pixels in the picture. Remember that if you upscale a picture too much, it will seem pixelated.

Because MS Paint can’t figure out how to fill in the additional pixels, it just multiplies the current pixels. When you modify the value in one of the boxes, the value in the other box changes as well.

This occurs when the Main Aspect Ratio option is enabled, and its aim is to preserve the image’s proportions. You may alter the box values individually if you deselect it. This, however, results in a stretched-out picture, as illustrated below.

This problem has a solution. Continue reading to learn how to modify the width and height separately using the resizing function and one of the cropping techniques.

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How to Crop an Image on MS Paint

MS Paint has two cropping options. Let’s get started straight now.

Rectangular Selection

To crop a picture in MS Paint using the rectangle selection tool, open the image in MS Paint and go to the top left and pick Select. Select Rectangular Selection from the dropdown menu.

Drag the pointer over the section you wish to crop. Hold down the mouse button until you’re pleased with the crop location; otherwise, you’ll have to undo and repeat it.

Crop the rectangle box you just made by right-clicking it. This will crop your pick by removing the section of the picture that was not included in the rectangle box.

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Drag the Edges

Open your picture in MS Paint and find one of the white spots around the image’s edges and crop it by dragging the edges. Drag it inward by clicking and holding.

Remember that you can’t expand it back to where it was before, otherwise it will appear as an empty white space (shown below).Instead, you’ll have to reverse it.

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that not all of the image’s edges are croppable. There’s an easy fix: click Rotate in the top left and either Flip vertical or Flip horizontal. You may now crop those sides as well. Remember to turn it back before saving the changes.

Using a Cropping Method to Resize

As previously stated, the Main Aspect Ratio in the Resize tool stops you from individually changing the width and height. Furthermore, if the Main Aspect Ratio is not used, the picture will stretch to match the numbers, making it disproportionate.

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To achieve the precise proportions you desire without extending it, utilize the click and drag crop approach. To begin, use the Resize tool. Make sure Main Aspect Ratio is chosen, and then enter the desired amount of pixels in just one of the boxes, leaving the other blank.

If you’ve already adjusted the width (horizontal value), you may now crop it to change the height (vertical value), or vice versa. Follow the dragging crop procedure described above, including turning the picture if required, until you get the desired amount of pixels for the height.

Keep an eye on the pixel indication in the lower left corner, which we stated before. This is how you will confirm that the amount of pixels is correct since it will change in real-time as you crop.

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You may skip the resize step and go straight to cropping the picture, but utilizing both the resize and crop tools saves time.

Resize and Crop Your Images With Microsoft Paint

When all you need to do is resize and crop a picture, there’s no need to start complicated editing tools.

To quickly and simply resize or crop a picture, open it in MS Paint and follow this tutorial. Don’t forget to use the pixels indication if your change requires accurate measurements.

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