How to Reset a Google Home Mini

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How to Reset a Google Home Mini

If your Google Home or Nest Mini has ceased responding to your orders or has stopped listening to them, it may be time for a factory reset. The procedure just takes a few minutes to complete and should restore your gadget to its original state.

Here’s how to do a factory reset on your Google Home or Nest Mini to resolve issues and have it running like new again.

How to Factory Reset Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini was released in 2019 and offers a variety of functionality such as managing smart home devices and weather updates, to mention a few.

None of these capabilities are useful if the gadget fails to function. Rebooting your Mini, as described later down the page, does not always cure the issue. When everything else fails, a factory reset is your best option.

When you do a factory reset on your Google Home Mini, all of your settings and personal data will be erased. Factory resets are often utilized just before selling your Mini or if you are experiencing continuous problems.

Actually executing the reset is quite simple, but you must first establish what generation model you have. Google Home Mini and Google Nest Mini vary in various ways yet seem quite similar. The technique utilized to execute a factory reset is one of the most important distinctions between them.

Resetting Your Google Home Mini

The first-generation device is simpler to factory reset than the second generation, despite the fact that both require just a few minutes.

  1. To get access to the rubber-coated base, flip the device over.
  2. For at least 15 seconds, press and hold the little, round button.
  3. A chime should sound, indicating that the Home Mini has been reset.
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After resetting, you will be able to set up the Google Home Mini as if it were brand new. When you’re done, you may return to utilizing the complete set of instructions.

Resetting Your Google Nest Mini

Because the second-generation model lacks a factory reset button on the bottom of the device, you must use a slightly different procedure.

  1. Switch off the microphone. The LED lights will begin to flash orange.
  2. For 10-15 seconds, press and hold the center of the Google Nest Mini.
  3. Wait till you hear the chime

After resetting, the procedure will be the same as with the first-generation device. To begin making commands, go through the basic setup.

This technique of resetting the Nest Mini does not always work. If you don’t hear the chime after touching and holding the Nest speaker’s center, try this alternate reset technique.

  1. Unplug the Nest speaker’s power cord and wait 10 seconds.
  2. Reconnect the connection and wait until all four top lights illuminate.
  3. Repeat the previous two steps a total of ten times.
  4. Wait a few seconds after connecting in for the tenth time to hear “Welcome to Google Home.”

Rebooting Your Google Home Mini

You should attempt to reboot your Mini before factory resetting it and deleting all of your personal data and settings.

To reboot, do a power cycle by disconnecting the device for roughly one minute and then plugging it back in. You may also restart the Google Home app on iOS or Android.

  1. Select your Mini or Nest speaker in the Google Home app.
  2. Tap the Settings icon (the gear symbol), then the More icon (three dots).
  3. Tap Reboot in the menu and confirm the reboot operation.
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Get Your Home or Nest Mini Speaker Working

Although it means starting again with the speaker, completing a factory reset is often the only choice. The techniques described above are reliable methods for factory resetting your Google Home or Nest Mini. In most circumstances, it will assist in getting it operating like new again.

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