How to Report Email Fraud and Spam to Authorities

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How to Report Email Fraud and Spam to Authorities

Spam email is an inherent annoyance of modern life. While your email provider is likely to do a decent job of filtering out spam, you may be wondering how to report email fraud if you get a particularly suspicious letter.

Let’s look at how to report email fraud to the appropriate authorities.

Reporting Fraud to Government Authorities

First, we’ll look at which government entities, depending on where you reside, you should report fraud to.

Where to Report Email Fraud in the US

If you get a fake email and reside in the United States, you may report it to both the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission.

Visit the IC3 for the FBI (Internet Crime Complaint Center).You may submit a complaint there. To learn more about what a complaint comprises, see the FAQ page. The website is meant for victims of internet crime, but you may fill out the information even if you haven’t been a victim of anything.

Following that, you should consider filing a complaint with the FTC. Choose a category from the left side and follow the instructions to place your report in the appropriate category.

Finally, you may report email fraud to the consumer protection authority in your state. To locate information about your state, go to’s State Consumer Protection Offices website.

How to Report Email Fraud in Canada

Canadian residents should go to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre’s Report Fraud website. This will guide you through the process of reporting what occurred.

Please keep in mind that you must either sign in using an authorized partner account (such as a bank) or establish a new GCKey account.

How to Report Email Fraud in the UK

If you reside in the United Kingdom, please forward phishing emails to the Suspicious Email Reporting Service at

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You may also report it to Action Fraud by filling out an online form.

Reporting Email Fraud in Australia

Those in Australia should use the Scamwatch form provided by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Reporting Email Fraud to the Impersonated Company

While notifying the right authorities about email fraud is a good idea, it is not the only measure you may do. The FBI, for example, is unlikely to reply to anything you submit using their forms, and they can’t assist you recover money if you sent it to fraudsters.

If you get a bogus email purporting to be from a certain firm, you should report it to the legitimate company. Most companies provide contact information on their website, and some have a specific email address for forwarding bogus communications.

Amazon’s suspicious communication website, for example, has guidelines for reporting scam mails. It requests that you send fraudulent emails to PayPal asks that you send bogus emails to

Hopefully, the firm in issue can send a team to investigate the exact fraud in order to shut it down. If a large number of individuals report it, they are more likely to begin an investigation.

Report Email Fraud to the Email Provider

The last step in reporting fraudulent emails is to notify the email provider. Companies like Google and Microsoft do not want unscrupulous individuals to utilize their services to defraud others.

Most email systems allow you to report phishing communications, as well as accounts that violate the rules. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular ones.

How to Report Fraud in Gmail

In Gmail, choose Report phishing from the three-dot menu to the right of any message. This will delete the email from your inbox and notify Google of the threat.

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You may also utilize the Gmail abuse reporting form if the fake email originated from a Gmail account. This assists Google in investigating those who use the service for illegal purposes.

How to Report Email Fraud to Yahoo

Unlike Gmail, Yahoo Mail does not provide straightforward reporting options. In your Yahoo Mail account, you may flag an email as spam, but there is no mechanism to report fraud or phishing.

Yahoo’s help sites refer you to Yahoo Support to report security concerns, although this wasn’t operating correctly at the time of writing. It’s possible that your findings will differ.

How to Report Email Scams in Outlook

If you use Outlook on the web, open an email and go to Junk > Phishing > Report to notify Microsoft of the issue.

For reporting phishing, Microsoft maintains a dedicated email address. To include the scam message as an attachment, create a new email message and drag it into it. Then forward the mail to so that the firm can investigate.

Microsoft also has a website dedicated to reporting technical support frauds.

The Reality of Email Fraud

If you get a particularly bad phishing email, you should report it using the methods listed above. This increases the likelihood that authorities will take action against it.

Unfortunately, there is little reason to be enthusiastic about this. Because of the nature of email fraud, it is very difficult to prosecute fraudsters who employ this tactic. The email provider may be able to disable someone’s access, but this will not prevent them from starting another account and carrying on.

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Government officials are unlikely to be able to shut down a fraud enterprise with just an email address to rely on. Email addresses are transient, and fraudsters may use VPNs and other means to conceal their location, making it impossible to track the email.

This is why gift cards are such a popular form of payment for scammers. Gift card codes are almost tough to track when compared to wire transfers. As a consequence, one of the obvious symptoms of a phone scam is the request for payment through gift cards.

If you or a loved one is ever a victim of email fraud, you may utilize these strategies to explain what occurred and, perhaps, get assistance. However, in most situations, the money has vanished. That is why it is critical to remain up to speed on current scams and understand how to identify email phishing.

The easiest way to avoid email fraud is to be cautious of everything you receive.

Report Email Fraud When You Can

We’ve looked at how to report email fraud to government authorities, businesses, and email service providers. Making more people aware of fraud is critical, but it is also very difficult to shut down scam organizations before they resurface.

If you get similar texts on your phone, you should next learn how to report spam text messages.

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