How to Remove a Business From Your Google My Business Listings

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How to Remove a Business From Your Google My Business Listings

Your Google My Business account lets people find your businesses easily. But ifyou have a business location thatno longer exists physically, then you might want to get it off Google listings to avoid misguiding or confusing active and potential clients.

So, how can you close and delete a business from your Google My Business account? We’ll explain that in this post.

How to Remove a Business From Your Google My Business Account

Since you can manage many business accounts with Google My Business, all you need to do is remove the one you want to delete from your business listings.

To do this, log in to your Google My Business account on your desktop computer. Then, use the following steps to close and remove it from Google My Business:

  1. Select Businesses from the sidebar.
  2. Tap the Edit icon to the right of the company you want to remove from the list.
  3. On the next screen, click Mark as permanently closed to tell customers that the company has closed.
  4. Select Close Business from the popup dialog box.
  5. After shutting the business, pick the Remove listing option, then click Remove to erase that listing from your Google My Business account.

How to Quickly Close or Remove Multiple Businesses

This method, in addition to being speedier, allows you to shut or remove multiple businesses from your Google My Business account. You may do this by selecting many business listings at once. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. When you arrive to your business listings, check the boxes to the left of the companies you want to eliminate.
  2. Navigate to the top of the list and choose Actions.
  3. You may then pick whether to permanently shut any chosen companies or remove them from your business listings using the dropdown menu.
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That’s all. You have now deleted the chosen business from your business listings successfully.

What Happens When You Remove a Business From Google?

Removing your company from Google is analogous to shutting a store and removing it from its recognized physical location. But this time, instead of doing it physically, you’re doing it digitally.

When you delete your company from Google, however, the following occurs.

  • People may still find your company via a Google search. However, if you set it to permanently closed before removing it, its visibility is minimized.
  • All past public postings, videos, images, and customer comments and reviews regarding your company are also removed.
  • People to whom you previously granted management powers no longer have access to your company.
  • Google’s autogenerated webpage for your company is also erased.

You should also bear in mind that once a company is removed, it cannot be recovered.

Other Things You Can Do With Your Business Listing Instead of Deleting It

Because removing a company from Google results in the loss of all existing credentials, you may want to examine alternative options before deleting it.

Some of these ideas can be helpful:

  • Instead of eliminating a company listing, you may shut it permanently or temporarily. This preserves your prior info. If you like, you can reopen it later.
  • If you no longer manage an account in a certain region, you may transfer ownership of your company rather than deleting it entirely.
  • If you’re just moving your location, modify your Google Maps location. Make certain that your consumers are also informed of the change.
  • If you’re eliminating a company listing due to a high number of negative reviews, you should work on the business and take efforts to avoid future negative reviews. Once you’ve resolved any current concerns, you may attempt to erase the unfavorable reviews.
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However, if you must remove your company because you have permanently discontinued operations, be sure to tell current clients of your decision.

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Manage Your Businesses Professionallyon Google

There are several reasons why you would wish to deactivate your Google business account listing. Whatever the cause, you should think about the ramifications of removing your company listing. In other words, be sure you actually want to erase it before you do so.

Google, on the other hand, makes it simple to maintain companies via your business account, so you can go there at any moment to modify or amend your company information, just as you would a real one.

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