How to Recover Unplayable Songs on Spotify

How to Recover Unplayable Songs on Spotify
How to Recover Unplayable Songs on Spotify

We’ve all had the experience of listening to a Spotify song on repeat hundreds of times. Until one day, they just cease to appear on our playlists. But what causes Spotify music to vanish and become unplayable? Don’t be alarmed; just because they’re not there right now doesn’t mean they’ll be gone forever.

In this article, we’ll go over the various reasons why songs aren’t playing on Spotify and how you can try to recover them.

Why Are Some Songs Unplayable on Spotify?

If you’re wondering why your favorite music has vanished from your Spotify playlist, here are a few possibilities.

Artist Contract Expiry

Spotify does not own any of the music on the platform since it is a streaming service. Spotify licenses music and compensates musicians depending on the number of streams each song receives. Spotify, on the other hand, is well-known for its lack of compensation transparency. This is because Spotify’s membership prices and ad income differ by country, which affects streaming rates.

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As a result, many well-known musicians with millions of fans throughout the globe prefer to renegotiate better terms with Spotify whenever feasible. During the negotiation or disagreement process, their tracks may be temporarily hidden from Spotify.

Copyright Issues

People may now easily remix or compose cover songs from the comfort of their own homes. Sharing your own rendition of a song has never been easier than using Spotify. Many individuals, however, do this without understanding how to recognize or credit the original composer.

In certain circumstances, musicians’ legal teams collaborate with Spotify to clamp down on users who profit from artists’ intellectual property without paying them. If the music you’re listening to isn’t an original or a licensed cover, it may have been deleted due to copyright difficulties.

Regional Blocks

If you’re relocating to a foreign country, you may notice that some of your favorite songs are no longer available on Spotify. Some of your favorite musicians may opt to collaborate with a different streaming platform that is more popular in that location.

Due to restrictions that forbid profanity or blatantly sexual lyrics, musicians may also have region-specific contracts for their singles in certain situations. As a result, musicians must either make a version of the same song with slightly modified lyrics or refrain from releasing it in that location. In this instance, the search option may still allow you to discover a clean version of the music.

Internet Connection

Some tracks may also not play due to network settings on your device. Some phone power saving options, for example, may block data services. Spotify will be unable to connect to the internet when in power-saving mode as a result of this.

How to Recover Songs and Playlists on Spotify

Here are several methods you may attempt to regain access to your now-hidden Spotify music if you wish to get an unplayable song back on your playlist.

Reset Your Internet Connection

Before you leap to conclusions, try resetting your internet connection. Desktop users may need to restart their Wi-Fi and check for any potential firewalls. Users of iOS and Android may choose between data and airplane mode.

Use a VPN

If the music you want aren’t accessible in your location, a VPN may assist mislead your device into believing you’re somewhere else. If a rap music strikes you differently with a little profanity, change your VPN location to a place where it’s not a huge problem.

If you’re looking for a music that isn’t widely accessible, it’s likely to be supported in America and Europe, which have the biggest collections.

Clear Cache

In rare circumstances, huge caches prohibit mobile phones from correctly loading Spotify. Open the Spotify app on iOS to clear the cache.

Then, go to Settings > Storage and choose Delete Cache. You can clear your Spotify cache on Android by navigating to Settings and selecting Delete cache under Storage.

Turn Off High-Quality Streaming

If you alter your Spotify membership level, you may have playback troubles. High-quality playback, for example, is a Spotify Premium-only feature that may cause issues when switching to the ad-supported Spotify Free tier. If you just switched Spotify subscriptions, you may wish to disable high-quality streaming.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration aids in controlling music streaming performance for Spotify desktop users running Windows. Hardware acceleration is a useful tool on its own for optimizing your listening experience with your hardware in mind.

However, missing tracks and other associated issues may occur on older PCs. Go to Settings, scroll down, and choose Show Advanced Settings to disable Spotify hardware acceleration. Toggle off Enable hardware acceleration under Compatibility.

Download Songs for Offline Listening

Downloading tracks may assist avoid unplayable songs caused by a Wi-Fi or data connection problem. Spotify Premium users on iOS and Android may now download tracks for offline listening.

To download music from Spotify, go to the desired playlist and click the Download icon. You may also press the three dots button and choose Download.

Restart Your Device

Spotify, like any other app, may encounter stalling or odd malfunctions. When everything else fails, the tried-and-true method of turning your smartphone off and on seems to work. You may either restart your computer or forcibly quit Spotify desktop. You may also try logging out and then logging back in.

Hear Your Favorite Songs Again on Spotify

Unfortunately, when it comes to Spotify hidden music, certain things are just beyond your control. There have been several instances when Spotify and artists have failed to reach an agreement. Fortunately, there are various alternative ways to listen to your music.

These days, other streaming platforms can hold a bigger portfolio from your favorite artists. You can also listen to them through their websites or play their music videos from Vimeo or YouTube. Just because your artists might not be on Spotify anymore, it doesn’t mean you have to stop listening to their music.

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