How to Queue Downloads in Chrome

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How to Queue Downloads in Chrome

Queuing downloads may save you time and effort, particularly when downloading many files. However, Google Chrome downloads the files concurrently by default, which might create issues if your internet connection is sluggish.

So, in this article, we’ll go through how to use the DownThemAll! Chrome extension to queue downloads in Google Chrome.

How to Queue Multiple Downloads in Chrome

You will need to acquire a download manager extension or program since there is no built-in functionality to queue downloads. We’ll be using the DownThemAll! addon for this post.

After installing the extension, navigate to Preferences by clicking the extension icon. Change the amount of concurrent downloads to 1 in the Network tab.

Instead of downloading numerous files at the same time, DownThemAll! will add the next item to the download queue, which will speed up the downloads.

Download: DownThemAll! for Google Chrome (Free)

How to Add a File to the DownloadThemAll! Queue in Chrome

You may now add files to the download queue and block concurrent downloading after changing the parameters. DownThemAll! allows you to download the files in a variety of methods.

Right-click any download button, picture, or video, hover your mouse over DownThemAll!, and choose Save Link With DownThemAll!

Fill in the blanks, tweak the download options, and click Download.

The fact that you can download all the files on any site with a few clicks is maybe the finest feature of this extension. Right-click anywhere on the screen, hover the cursor above DownThemAll!, and choose DownThemAll! to add all files to the download queue.

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Then, pick the file formats and click Download. Similarly, you may download files from all tabs at once.

2. Through DownThemAll! Manager

You may also access DownThemAllmanager !’s by clicking the extension icon and choosing Manager. Click the + symbol in the upper-right corner to continue. Copy the file URL, fill out the form, and click Download.

How to Manage the DownloadThemAll! Queue in Chrome

After adding one or more files for download, you may utilize the DownThemAll! management to stop or terminate downloads. It also allows you to continue interrupted downloads. Even better, you can use the arrow buttons at the top to move the files up and down the queue.

Similarly, DownThemAll! allows you to modify the queue parameters through Preferences. You may activate the option to add new stalled downloads and get alerts while downloading.

If you wish to download numerous files at the same time, go to the Network tab and modify the number of concurrent downloads to two or more.

Download Files Seamlessly Through Chrome

Downloading huge files might be difficult, particularly if your internet connection is poor. You may, however, make your job considerably simpler by queueing up the downloads. Adding downloads to a queue is a breeze thanks to DownThemAll!

If you’re sick of Chrome’s built-in download manager, consider installing the download manager extension.

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