How to Put Your PS5 DualSense Controller Into Pairing Mode

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How to Put Your PS5 DualSense Controller Into Pairing Mode

The PS5 DualSense controller is a powerful tool. Not only can it handle all of your PlayStation games, but you can also link it with other devices to control games on them as well.

But how can you activate Bluetooth connection mode on your DualSense? Let us investigate.

Putting the PS5 DualSense Into Pairing Mode

Putting the PS5 controller into Bluetooth connection mode is a simple process. However, you may not see it right away. For example, Xbox Series X controllers include a dedicated pairing button. The DualSense, however, does not.

You must use a button combination here. At the same moment, press and hold the PlayStation button (in the center of the controller) and the Create button. The create button is located to the left of the DualSense touchpad, above the directional buttons.

When the PS5 controller enters pairing mode, you’ll know. When it is ready to link with another device, the light bar that surrounds the touchpad will begin to pulse on and off. You may now release go of the buttons.

Why Put Your DualSense Into Pairing Mode?

As previously stated, the DualSense may be used to control games on a variety of different devices. It isn’t simply for controlling PlayStation games.

If you have Steam, for example, the DualSense controller is now compatible with the popular gaming platform. It may be used to regulate games in the area.

Similarly, if you wish to play games on your PC or laptop, connect your DualSense over Bluetooth and utilize it there as well.

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It should be noted that the PS5 DualSense controller is incompatible with the PC version of PlayStation Now. As a result, you may still only use a DualShock controller to access and utilize PS Now on your PC. This will not need pairing mode until Sony introduces DualSense controller support to the game streaming service.

Also, after you’ve done using it with another device, you’ll need to put it back into pairing mode to connect it with your PS5.

Now You Can Put Your DualSense Into Pairing Mode

So there you have it; a simple procedure, but you now know how to get your DualSense ready to link with another device.

The DualSense is Sony’s newest (and perhaps finest) controller, so it’s odd that it lacks a dedicated connecting button. That would undoubtedly make its users’ lives simpler.

Having said that, none of the prior Bluetooth PS controllers have such a button, so why attempt to repair something that isn’t broken?

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