How to Put On an Apple Watch Band

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How to Put On an Apple Watch Band

Apple Watch bands are available in a variety of designs and colors, ranging from athletic bands to more traditional watch bands. In seconds, you may change the band to match your dress or the event.

We’ll teach you how to remove your existing Apple Watch band and replace it with a new one in this article.

How to Remove an Apple Watch Band

Place your Apple Watch face down on a clean surface.

Look for the band release buttons. The band release buttons on the rear of the Apple Watch are little elongated oval buttons. The top and bottom watchband parts are controlled by two release buttons placed at the top and bottom of the watch.

Keep the band release button pressed, and then slide the corresponding band piece across to remove it. Slide the band out by following the groove of the Apple Watch. Then, while holding down the other release button, take out the second component of the band.

If the band does not slip out, push the band release button again, this time firmly.

How to Put On an Apple Watch Band

Place the Apple Watch on a clean surface, face down. Make sure the writing on the band is facing you before inserting the replacement band until you feel and hear a click. Make no attempt to shove the band into the slot.

If you don’t feel or hear a click, move the band to the left and right until you do.

Your band should now be firmly fastened, and you’re ready to wear it with your watch.

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Finding the Right Band

Choose a band that is suitable with the size of your Apple Watch.

Bands for 38mm and 40mm watches are interchangeable, while bands for 42mm and 44mm watches are interchangeable.

If you’re not sure what size you have, it’s inscribed on the back of your watch at the wrist sensor, right close to the Apple Watch model information.

Be warned that off-brand Apple Watch bands may be more difficult to attach or may not fit as well as Apple-branded bands. Off-brand bands, on the other hand, are much less expensive.

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Taking Care of Your Apple Watch

Changing your band on a regular basis will help keep your Apple Watch looking new. While you’re changing out the bands, try cleaning your Apple Watch both the band and the watch itself may accumulate a lot of dirt and germs if you wear them all the time.

This is especially crucial if you’re wearing a Sport Band and tracking your activities with it, since perspiration will gather on the band. To prevent hurting your Apple Watch, clean it carefully.

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