How to Print From a Chromebook

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How to Print From a Chromebook

Chromebooks are ideal for folks who do a lot of online work since they are inexpensive and simple to use. However, just like any other computer, there are instances when you will need to print things on paper.

Fortunately, connecting a printer to your Chromebook is simple, whether over network or USB.

Setting Up a Network Printer

Many home and corporate Wi-Fi networks are configured to utilize a single printer for all printing requirements. It is simple to connect to any network printer on a Chromebook.

Click the Devices button in the Chromebook Settings menu. Scroll down to Print and Scan and then choose Printers.

Your Chromebook should discover any network printers you may connect to under the Add printers to your profile area. You may now print using the regular print operations after clicking the Save button next to the printer you wish to use.

If your printer does not appear, make sure it is turned on and connected to the network. You may also try turning off and on your Wi-Fi. You may need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when connecting your printer to your network. You may also manually enter the network address of your printer.

If that doesn’t work, try upgrading your printer firmware and making sure you’re running the most recent version of Chrome OS.

If all else fails, you may need to contact the printer manufacturer’s customer service.

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Connecting a USB Printer

The process of attaching a USB printer is quite similar to that of connecting a network printer. Connect your printer to your Chromebook and go to the printing option. Your Chromebook should recognize it immediately and enable you to add it in the same manner you would a network printer.

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If it doesn’t work, check sure your printer is powered on and the USB cord is plugged in.

“Printing” to Google Drive

Google Cloud Print was once utilized by Chromebooks for printing, however Google discontinued Cloud Print in 2020 in favor of direct connections to wired and network printers.

The ability to “print” a PDF copy of a web page to Google Drive using the usual printing function was an intriguing feature of Cloud Print. This capability has been replaced with a Chrome extension that does the same job. It’s fittingly titled Save to Google Drive.

Simply download it from the Chrome Web Store and be sure to activate it. By pressing the button, you may download a PNG of the page or opt to save a PDF locally as well as to Google Drive.

When you print a page, choose Save to Google Drive from the drop-down printer option to save a PDF. Then, on your Google Drive, choose where you wish to store this PDF.

Download: Save to Google Drive

Printing From Your Chromebook

How do you print now that you’ve linked your printer, either directly or over a network? It’s as straightforward as anything else on the Chromebook.

Simply click the three-dot menu and choose Print from the drop-down menu to print a web page. You may also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P. You may also print from Google Docs by going to File > Print. You’ll be able to pick your printer and its properties from there.

If it doesn’t work, turn on your printer and go through the menu choices for direct or network printing that were discussed previously. Check to see whether your printer is paper loaded, then check the ink or toner levels, adding extra if required.

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Otherwise, Chrome OS may be incompatible with your printer. While Chrome OS seems to contain a large number of printer drivers, some may surely fall between the cracks, particularly if you have an older model that your manufacturer may no longer support. If you’re looking for a new printer, check sure it works with Chrome OS. Google has a list of printer manufacturers that support Chromebooks.

Now You Can Print From Your Chromebook

Your Chromebook can print whatever you need, making it as versatile as any other computer platform. If you’ve used an Android smartphone before, Chrome OS will feel quite similar.

Are you thinking about purchasing a Chromebook but aren’t sure whether Chrome OS is good for you? The best approach to make a decision is to test out the operating system firsthand, since you’ll acquire valuable information into how it works.

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