How to Print an Email From Anywhere

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How to Print an Email From Anywhere

Being paperless is less of a bother. However, there are situations when a physical printout of an essential email is required. It might be accompanied with a contract or an invoice. The hardcopy is still useful as a backup. So, how do you print an email and where do you do it while you’re not tethered to your desk?

Let’s address any concerns that arise between your inbox and the printer.

How to Print an Email?

There are various reasons why you would wish to print emails. The “how” is as simple with today’s feature-rich products, which provide you with not just a physical printer but also cloud printing and virtual printer options such as Print to PDF and Send to OneNote.

With its browser-dependent print controls, Gmail is simple. A desktop email client, such as Microsoft Outlook 365 or 2019, provides both manual and automated processes through Outlook Rules.

But before we run a desktop software like Outlook, let’s take a look at Gmail on the web.

How to Print Email From Gmail

Printing a single Gmail message is simple. Open Gmail and go to the message you wish to print.

Step 1: Open the individual email or enlarge it if it is part of a lengthy discussion thread.

Step 2: In the upper-right corner, click the Printer button. You may also right-click on the message and choose Print from the context menu. Use the Ctrl + P shortcut instead.

Step 3: The Print dialog box appears. Select the printer to which you wish to print. Remember that you may print to your own printer, a cloud printer, a PDF, or just “print” it to OneNote.

Step 4: Select the additional printer options, such as the Layout and the number of pages to print if the message spans more than one page.

Step 5: Select More Settings to extend the printing choices in Gmail.

  • Choose Scale to compress numerous pages to one sheet to conserve paper.
  • Uncheck Headers and Footers and Background graphics to conserve ink.
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How to Print an Entire Email Thread in Gmail

Gmail’s Conversation feature may display a chain of 100 emails in one single thread. To print them all, return to the top-right corner and choose the Printer icon, which now reads Print All.

However, you may print only one email by going through the chronological sequence and accessing that particular discussion. Then, as described before, print the mail.

What about using the Confidential Mode to print emails? The quick answer is no, you cannot. If the sender has enabled this privacy option, you will be unable to forward, copy, print, or download the message.

If you wish to save some information before the message expires, you may snap a screenshot of it and print it.

How to Print an Email From Microsoft Outlook

Outlook may be a workhorse for printing a single email or numerous emails with attachments in bulk. With the corporate aspect of Microsoft Office software at the forefront, there are various methods to print emails from Outlook and save time when mass printing.

Print a Single Email From Microsoft Outlook

Step 1: Open Outlook and choose the email you wish to print.

Step 2: Navigate to the Ribbon > File > Print menu and choose the printer you want to use. Ctrl + P is an alternative shortcut.

Step 3: In the Settings, choose Memo Style.

As you can see, Outlook has two print styles: Table Style and Memo Style. When you print in Table Style, you will get a list of all messages in your inbox. In addition, selecting Memo Style prints the actual email.

Step 4: You may preview both styles before finalizing the other Print selections and clicking Print in the window. The Page range option in the Print Options allows you to pick a particular page of a message.

Print Attachments in Microsoft Outlook

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In the Print Options dialog box, repeat the preceding steps and click the Print associated files option.

Use Quick Print in Microsoft Outlook

Outlook’s Quick Print function lets you to print a single email or a group of emails without viewing any of them.

Step 1: Select one email or use the mouse’s Ctrl key to select several emails. Then, from the context menu, right-click and choose Quick Print.

Step 2: If the option to Print associated files is selected, any attachments in the messages will be printed as well.

Please keep in mind that Quick Print will utilize the default printer selected in the Print dialog. If you wish to use a different printer, open the Print dialog and choose the appropriate printer for your system.

Print a Selection From an Email in Microsoft Outlook

Want to print just a portion of an email rather than the complete message? This is simple to perform with Outlook, but you must utilize the browser as a conduit between Outlook and your printer.

First, open the email. Navigate to the Message tab > Move Group > Actions > View in Browser.

Step 2: In the security message box that appears, click OK. The email is shown on the Outlook’s default browser.

Step 3: In the browser window, choose the message’s text or a piece of it.

Step 4: Pick Print from the browser’s menu or right-click on the selection and select Print.

Step 5: Select Print from the Page Range drop-down menu.

When you just want to save a portion of an email and not the complete message, this might be a handy practice to save paper and printer ink.

How to Print an Email From an iPhone or Android?

Because your computer is linked to the printer, a printout is just a few mouse clicks away. What about printing from your smartphone?

Until you have access to a printer, you may utilize Print to PDF to store the document as a PDF file on your phone.

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Any mobile browser can assist Android and iPhone users in printing their email messages. Apple’s AirPrint service is a wireless solution that eliminates the requirement for driver installation. For Android users, it’s comparable to Google Cloud Print. And both allow you to print emails, documents, and images from any location.

Where Else Can I Print Documents From My Email?

It is handy to have your own computer, mobile device, and printer. But what if you’re not at home and don’t have access to a printer?

It’s not an issue in today’s hyper-connected society. Sources include office supply shops, public libraries, business service centers, hotels, and restaurants. FedEx and UPS are also known to provide print and copy services to individuals, small companies, and major corporations.

If you search Google Maps for “places to print near me,” you’ll get a lot more results. When you’re not at home, there are plenty of locations to locate a printer. If all else fails, count on strangers’ goodwill.

When Should You Print Something From Email?

Think Before Printing was launched some years ago. Our environmental awareness has, hopefully, improved. Sustainable printing practices (such as double-sided printing) and goods (such as recycled paper and power-saving options) have improved.

Additionally, email applications have ample cloud storage and inbox management options. Apply the finest email organization techniques, and every tidbit of data will be available on any device.

So only print an email if absolutely required. Otherwise, you may use Print to PDF from anywhere to save it to the cloud or export it to a note-taking app like Evernote or OneNote.

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