How to Play Your Steam, Epic Games, and Ubisoft Titles on the Free Version of NVIDIA GeForce NOW

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How to Play Your Steam, Epic Games, and Ubisoft Titles on the Free Version of NVIDIA GeForce NOW

You’ve probably heard about how GeForce NOW lets you play many recent games that your current PC can’t run. But, how?

Let’s look at how to install GeForce NOW on your PC and link your Steam, Epic Games, or Ubisoft accounts. The end result? Smooth performance and high-quality graphics even on a mid-tier PC, all owing to The Cloud’s powerful strength!

Install NVIDIA GeForce NOW

NVIDIA’s drivers may have some baggage, but GeForce NOW isn’t one of them. Even if you have one of NVIDIA’s GPUs, you must download the GeForce NOW client separately in order to enjoy the service.

To do that:

  • Go to the GeForce NOW download page on NVIDIA’s website.
  • Select the version for the platform where you want to utilize it (in our case, Windows).
  • Install it on your device after downloading it.

We won’t go into GeForce NOW’s installation since it is similar to other programs.

Connect Your Gaming Services

To utilize GeForce NOW, you must first deal with the vexing annoyances of contemporary gaming known as “accounts.”

Start with NVIDIA’s account:

  • After launching the GeForce NOW client, go to the top right and click the Log In button.
  • To log in to the service, choose your existing account. If you don’t already have one, click Join Today on the right and follow the instructions to create one.

Continue with your gaming accounts:

  • When you’ve checked in and returned to GeForce NOW’s main window, look for the first item among the thumbs. Connect your shop accounts by clicking on it.
  • The GeForce NOW Settings page will appear. In the upper right corner, you’ll see a list of game retailers that you may “link” to your GeForce account. Connect all of them to which you have games in order to add (some of) them to your GeForce Library. You’ll find instructions on how to do so from either NVIDIA or each retailer. It is worth noting that the technique changes across them.
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Following that, your (suitable) titles will be available in GeForce NOW’s library. However, it is preferable to postpone gaming and examine the remainder of GeForce NOW’s options.

Despite certain limits in the free tier of GeForce NOW, you may change several variables to reach the sweet spot between quality and performance. So, before leaving its Settings page, have a look at the following.

Server Location

If you think GeForce NOW did not choose the best server for you, you may change it manually.

It’s better to leave it alone and simply click Test Network on occasion to verify you’re connected to the optimal server for your region.

Streaming Quality

The Streaming Quality choices enable you to choose how much bandwidth you want to commit to GeForce NOW. There are three plans to pick from:

  • Balanced represents a good compromise between bandwidth usage and acceptable quality.
  • Data Saver compresses video while decreasing graphics quality and frame rate to provide a satisfactory gaming experience on restricted connection.
  • Competitive raises bandwidth limitations to provide more quality and smoother movements.

To construct your perfect game-streaming situation, select Custom and adjust the essential elements “behind” each plan. In theory, you may alter the resolution, frame rate, V-Sync, and so forth. In practice, this customisation is restricted in the free tier as well, so feel free to omit it.

In-Game Graphics Settings

Most games now provide in-game options for changing the aesthetics. As previously said, if you’re utilizing GeForce NOW’s free tier, avoid these.

After methodically adjusting each and every feature, they will return to their original defaults. Unless, of course, you have a paid membership. Those are even more appealing now that GeForce NOW offers clear 4K RTX 3080 images.

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Discord Rich Presence

GeForce NOW supports Discord’s Rich Presence, allowing you to notify all of your contacts about the game you’re playing while you should be working.

Check out our article on how to obtain the best streaming quality with GeForce NOW for a more in-depth look at the settings in GeForce NOW.

Access GeForce NOW’s Libraries & Filtering

With GeForce NOW installed, you’re ready to stream some top-tier gaming.

  • To see your (supported) games collection, choose Games from the menu on the left (which, we should remind you, presents titles from all stores you connected to GeForce NOW).
  • The Games page in GeForce NOW also displays titles that you do not already possess. Click the See All button on the top right of My Library to see just the titles you own and can play.
  • If you can’t decide what to play, maybe narrowing your options would help. Use the filtering options in GeForce NOW. When you click the filtering button in the top-right corner of its window, a sidebar will emerge on the right. Change the criteria there to view titles from a certain Digital Store, Genre, and so on.

Do you find a certain book appealing and want to try it? There’s nothing more to be concerned about – you’re all set! You may now just…

Play Your Steam, Epic Games, and Ubisoft Titles

Playing any of the listed titles is as easy as double-clicking on it and having fun!

However, you may have to wait a bit in a line for your turn.

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You may avoid this delay by upgrading to a premium subscription. Still, the wait is generally brief, so it isn’t too inconvenient.

Don’t worry if you encounter an unusual difficulty while attempting to open GeForce NOW. For possible answers to one of NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service’s most prevalent troubles, see our post on how to solve the GeForce NOW error number 0x0000F004 on Windows.

GeForce NOW Brings Effortless High-Quality Gaming

As previously stated, by importing all of your compatible games from your current game libraries into GeForce NOW, you will have quick access to the top titles from the majority of your different gaming libraries. What’s more, regardless of your hardware requirements, you’ll be able to play the majority of them on the equivalent of High settings.

Yes, there will be a gaming session time restriction and a queue till you play. Furthermore, the finest RTX-level visuals and all associated settings are restricted to the premium tiers.

Nothing compares the experience of playing a beloved triple-A current title on High settings and a consistent 60FPS on a more-than-a-decade-old underpowered potato for the first time owing to the miracle of game streaming.

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