How to Play Oculus-Exclusive VR Games on Any SteamVR Headset With Revive

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How to Play Oculus-Exclusive VR Games on Any SteamVR Headset With Revive

Do you own a SteamVR headset and wish you could play Oculus-exclusive games? Perhaps you already possess an Oculus headset and would like to play all of your games via SteamVR to take advantage of the additional accessibility features.

In any case, Revive is here to rescue the day. Here’s how to do it.

What Is Revive?

Revive, also known as the Revive Compatibility Layer, is a SteamVR add-on that lets you to use any headset to play Oculus-exclusive titles. The Oculus exclusive Landfall is being played using an Open Source Virtual Reality headset in the video above.

Installing Revive adds a new tab to SteamVR that allows you to run titles purchased from the Oculus Store.

Revive may be downloaded from the Revive GitHub website. Before making any purchases, check out the list of supported titles on the same website, since Revive does not support every game.

How to Install & Setup Revive

Before you begin, you need ensure that two things are already in place.

The first option is SteamVR, which you’re probably already using if you’re not using Oculus. If you don’t already have SteamVR set up, you can get started with our article on how to set up SteamVR.

The Oculus software package must be installed and ready to use as the second prerequisite. This is where you can explore and buy games from the Oculus Store.

The software package may be downloaded from the Oculus Setup website. Although installation should be simple, certain files must be downloaded throughout the process.

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If you already have these two items, you may install Revive. You may put off buying any Oculus games for the time being since the Oculus software comes with its own demo programs that we can test out.

Run ReviveInstaller.exe and let the installer do its thing. After the installation is complete, Revive will launch the Revive Dashboard. Any Oculus game installed on your machine should instantly populate this screen.

Using Revive

Revive will only install three games on a new installation: Oculus Home, Oculus Dream Deck, and Oculus Touch Basics. These three demo apps are excellent choices for testing.

If everything is functioning well, you may now connect up your headset, run SteamVR, and play one of these games by double-clicking on it in the Oculus Dashboard.

You may also access this dashboard from inside your headset, thanks to the addition of a new tab to SteamVR.

It’s truly that easy, albeit there is an extra step if your game isn’t instantly identified on the dashboard.

A new Revive taskbar icon will appear on the bottom-right corner of your screen. To open a new context menu, right-click on this symbol.

To open a file browser, press Inject. Navigate to any game.exe to add it to Revive immediately. You can now manually add any Oculus-exclusive game to the dashboard.

Link Oculus Account is another useful option in the context menu. This is critical if you want to play multiplayer games using Revive. This way of login is safe and is done via Windows Security, so no personal information is provided to the Revive creators.

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Full Game Compatibility for Any Headset

It’s never fun to lose out on games because of your hardware, but Revive should be a pleasant feature for any SteamVR user.

Missing out on play sessions with your Oculus mates will be a thing of the past. Just be sure to keep Revive updated, and always check the compatibility list before making any large purchase!

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