How to Play GameCube Games on Your Wii U With Nintendont

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How to Play GameCube Games on Your Wii U With Nintendont

The GameCube, like other Nintendo systems, seems to make a lasting effect on its admirers. However, unlike earlier editions of the Nintendo Wii, the Wii U does not support backwards compatibility.

But don’t worry, the Wii U can play GameCube games. When you utilize Nintendont, restoring backwards compatibility is simple. This Homebrew program restores the GameCube to the Wii U while also adding new functionality.

Here’s how to use Nintendont to play GameCube games on your Wii U.

What Is Nintendont?

Nintendont is not an emulator since it does not need to imitate the hardware of the GameCube. When Nintendo discontinued GameCube compatibility on the Wii U, they basically turned off the capability.

Nintendont flips the switch, enabling you to run GameCube natively at full speed. The “final” firmware used on the original Wii and in vWii mode on the Wii U is vulnerable to manipulation, making this hack viable.

Installing the Homebrew Channel allows you to install and run a variety of extra software on your Wii, including these fantastic emulators. Nintendont is a GameCube bootloader that works on the Nintendo Wii and Wii U.

Can You Play Nintendo GameCube Games on Wii U?

The answer to the question of whether you can play Nintendo GameCube games on the Wii U is “yes.” However, the procedure is not simple. Installing Nintendont, for example, does not imply that your Wii U can play your original GameCube discs (but we’ll get to that later).

Installing Nintendont on the Wii U quickly adds 600-plus games to the platform’s fairly small catalog. That’s a significant edge over the current Wii U games and the majority of the Wii collection.

Nintendont also adds a few additional features to the Wii U:

  • Emulation of memory cards, allowing for local save game data
  • Bluetooth controller support, such as the Sony PS3 and PS4 controllers
  • Common USB controllers are supported.
  • A GameCube controller converter for the Wii U will also be available.
  • Force games to utilize a higher video resolution and output in 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Access to a cheat database
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Nintendont is also compatible with the Nintendo Wii, allowing you to utilize original GameCube discs. The Wii U, on the other hand, spits out the little 8cm discs.

GameCube titles must be ripped to a disk image file for Wii U users. Simply ensure that you possess the originals, since piracy IS prohibited.

Installing Nintendont on a Wii brings compatibility for additional controllers as well as graphics improvements. Similarly, original GameCube memory cards may be used by Wii users.

Installing Nintendont essentially allows you to utilize your system in a different manner.

You Need to the Homebrew Channel to Install Gamecube Games on Your Wii or Wii U

Nintendont does not need any new USB loaders, cIOS changes, or other modifications. You just need to get your console to the point where the Homebrew Channel is installed.

To install Nintendont on your Wii U or Wii, you must first install the Homebrew Channel, which “unlocks” your system.

This is explained in our tutorial on installing Homebrew on the Nintendo Wii and Wii U via the LetterBomb hack.

You may skip this step if you already have the Homebrew Channel installed.

Install Nintendont on the Nintendo Wii U

With Homebrew installed on your Nintendo, proceed as follows:

  • Format an SD card with a maximum capacity of 8GB to FAT32.
  • Go to GitHub and download the Nintendont project:
  • Save them to the SD card in the apps/nintendont/ folder.
  • Loader.dol should be renamed boot.dol.
  • Make a new folder named /games in the SD card’s root directory.
  • Transfer the GameCube game files to the /games/ directory.
    • Place both disc images in a subfolder called /games/TITLE (where TITLE is the name of the game), then rename disc 1 to game.iso and disc 2 to disc2.iso.
  • Place the SD card in the Wii U.
  • Start the Homebrew Channel, go to Nintendont, and then load the GameCube title.
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Playing GameCube games on the Wii U is that easy.

Nintendont Features for Managing GameCube Games on Wii U

When Nintendont is operating, you have the option of SD or USB storage, as well as original material (disc drive).

There is, however, a settings menu to investigate. You may wish to activate the following settings:

  • Memcard Emulation: Stores games on your USB or SD device (turn this off to use physical memory cards)
  • Widescreen: Self-explanatory, but may cause problems.
  • Force Progressive: Always use 480p, since this may cause problems.
  • Auto Boot: When you open Nintendont, it will restart the previous game you were playing (hold B on your WiiMote at startup to bypass)
  • Native Control: Allows allows the use of genuine GameCube peripherals on a Wii, such as the Game Boy Advance connection cable. To use other USB controllers with Nintendont, disable this.
  • Patch PAL50: Worth a shot if you can’t get some games to function, such as Super Mario Sunshine.

The Update menu is accessible from the Settings screen. To utilize USB controllers such as the PS4 controller with your console, choose Download

Nintendont should identify any USB controller you connect after it is installed.

How to Play Nintendo GameCube Games on the Wii

As previously stated, Nintendont may also be run in Homebrew on the Nintendo Wii. Without altering the machine, not all Wii models can play GameCube games. However, with a little modification, they can read actual discs, making it preferable to playing GameCube games on your Wii U.

So, as mentioned above, you may install the Homebrew Channel and set up Nintendont on your SD card. Insert your favorite old GameCube disc and begin playing.

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This also implies that if you possess both systems, you can rip your own GameCube discs using the Nintendo Wii. Use CleanRip to achieve this, saving the ZIP file to the /apps/ directory like you did with Nintendont.

With the GameCube game disc inserted, launch CleanRip in Nintendont on the Wii. The DVD is ripped and saved to an SD card.

Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker are some GameCube games you could like. All of them are timeless masterpieces. Don’t forget about the finest Metroidvania games!

Can Your Wii U Play GameCube Games?

The GameCube is praised by both newcomers and veterans for its classic design, legendary titles, and nostalgic appeal. Fortunately, you no longer need a GameCube to play your favorite games. While some tweaking is required, your Wii U game can play GameCube games. Using Nintendont restores the GameCube to the Wii U while improving your overall experience with a slew of new features.

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