How to Play Channel Games on Discord (Including Chess and Poker)

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How to Play Channel Games on Discord (Including Chess and Poker)

Discord is a popular messaging program that was originally created for gamers. However, as more users realized the app’s value, it has subsequently spread to other genres such as fan clubs and productivity pages.

Discord has now introduced channel games to its voice chat to broaden its potential. This allows you to converse and play without ever having to leave the app. Continue reading to discover how to utilize this functionality on your own server.

New Discord Activities to Explore

The new Start an Activity feature enables you to play games and watch YouTube with your pals on a voice channel. Although the game is currently in beta, you may already participate in Poker Night, Chess In The Park, Doodle Crew, Word Snacks, Letter Tile, Spellcast, and Watch Together.

Because this feature is still under development, it is only available on the official Discord server—the Discord Games Lab. The Start an Activity function will not display if you join a voice channel on any other server.

Though this may seem to be a setback, don’t quit up just yet. Fortunately, you can enable this functionality on your server by using a Discord bot. But first, let’s look at how you may utilize this on the official Discord server.

How to Start an Activity on Discord Games Lab

Currently, the only way to use Discord activities is to join the Discord Games Lab server. All of the speech channels on this server include activities that you can launch with a few mouse clicks. Let’s play some chess on Discord.

  1. Join the Discord server Games Lab.
  2. Examine the server’s rules and FAQs. You must check the “I have read and agree to the rules” box before clicking Submit.
  3. After that, go down the left side and join one of the server voice channels.
  4. Click the rocketship symbol that says Start an Activity under Voice Connected.
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You’ll now see a menu of all the activities you may begin playing with your pals. Hover over any of them to get a preview. For instance, we want to introduce Chess In The Park.

  1. Select Chess In The Park.
  2. A popup will appear asking for your permission to access your account. To allow it, click Authorize.
  3. If you’re using Discord for the first time, a popup may appear asking for permission to use your microphone or camera. Allow your friends to see and hear you by clicking Allow.
  4. When the game loads, you’ll be sent to Park See, where you may view the current games. Click Create Game under the boards.
  5. Choose the styles for the board and the pieces. You may also choose whether or not the game should be locked. When a game is locked, it is removed from Park View, and players cannot join without a table code.
  6. Click Create Game.
  7. Once the game has begun and the board has been configured, click the game name in the top-left corner of the board. The table code for your game will be shown.
  8. You can play against your pals if you share the table code.

That’s all there is to it for hosting a Discord activity. Friends may now join your activity to play chess or other games like Watch Together.

How to Join an Existing Activity on a Discord Channel

You are not always the host of a Discord activity. If someone else has begun an activity, you may easily join them with a few mouse clicks.

  1. Join a Discord channel where someone is organizing an activity. Under the channel title, you can observe whether there is any continuing activity.
  2. Under Voice Connected, choose the rocket ship symbol. Then choose Start [Activity Title] to begin.
  3. An authorisation popup will occur if you have not previously approved the activity app. To begin, click Authorize.
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How to Host a Channel Game on Your Own Discord Server

Other Discord servers, including your own, cannot currently run Discord Activities natively. However, with the assistance of a Discord bot, this is readily circumvented. The Activities bot enables you to temporarily activate Discord activities on your own server.

  1. Allow the Activities bot to join your server.
  2. Enter the following command in your server’s text chat: /activity Discord will provide options for the remaining commands. You must first choose a voice channel and then an activity. If your channels need permissions, don’t forget to provide the Activities bot access.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. A URL will be sent by the bot in response. Click it to return to the activity you were just doing.
  5. Under Voice Connected, you should now see the rocket ship button.
  6. Have a good time speaking and playing!

The rocket ship symbol will vanish after you exit the activity. You must use the activity command to restart the activity.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about the Activities bot on GitHub.

Talk and Play on Discord

Discord was first presented and advertised as “Chat for Gamers,” but it has since grown in popularity for both gaming and productivity.

And, as Discord gets more popular, the team behind it is working to add new features and extend the software beyond merely a voice chat platform.

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