How to Play Built-In Browser Games in Chrome, Opera GX, Edge, Firefox, and Vivaldi

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How to Play Built-In Browser Games in Chrome, Opera GX, Edge, Firefox, and Vivaldi

There are a plethora of places where you may play free online games. Did you realize, though, that some online browsers offer their own built-in games?

Google Chrome, Opera GX, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Vivaldi all have one built-in game, but it’s concealed well. Here’s how to use each browser’s built-in game.

What Is a Built-In Browser Game?

A built-in browser game is one that is integrated into web browser software. Because they are built-in games, no browser addons are required to play them.

These games may also be played without access to the internet. Other types of offline games will also be available in some browsers, such as Google Chrome.

Most of these built-in games may be accessed simply opening tabs using their browser’s URL bars. The method for launching Firefox’s Unicorn Pong game, on the other hand, is a bit different. Although the built-in games in browsers are often simple things, they can be a lot of fun.

How to Play Chrome’s Built-In Dinosaur Game

The Dinosaur Game for Google Chrome is a 2D endless runner-style game in which you may rack up points by leaping a T-Rex over desert obstacles to keep running longer. In terms of visuals and music, it ranks among the worst built-in web games, even by ZX Spectrum standards. Nonetheless, Dinosaur Game has some replay potential.

To play Dinosaur Game, go to Google Chrome’s address bar and input chrome:/dino/. To begin the game, press Space. To gain a better score, keep hitting Space to leap the T-Rex over the cactus plant obstacles.

On the T-Rex Chrome Dinosaur website, you may now play a color edition of the game. That website explains you about the Dinosaur Game’s history and even offers some desktop wallpapers for it. To choose a color for Dinosaur Game, click the Play Now banner link.

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You may also play different variants of the Chrome Dinosaur game there. From the same website, you may play Mario, Batman, and the Joker versions of the same game. Additionally, web designers may copy code snippets for the game types from there and paste them into their websites.

Download: Google Chrome (Free)

How to Play Firefox’s Built-In Unicorn Pong Game

You can play Unicorn Pong with Firefox. Unlike other built-in browser games, you cannot access this one using the URL bar. Instead, follow the steps below to enable it from the Customize Firefox tab:

  1. On the far right side of Firefox’s URL toolbar, click the Open application menu button.
  2. To access that submenu, choose More tools.
  3. To open the tab seen in the image below, click Customize toolbar.
  4. Drag all but one of the toolbar items in the screenshot below into the Overflow Menu box. The only toolbar item you should not drag into the Overflow Menu box is Flexible Space.
  5. Then, at the bottom of the Customize Firefox tab, click the little unicorn icon. The Unicorn Pong game will now begin.

To maneuver your Flexible Space box and strike the unicorn ball, use the left and right arrow keys. You will get a total of five unicorn balls. To win, you must hit more than five unicorns beyond the adjacent Flexible Space box.

Download: Mozilla Firefox (Free)

How to Play Edge’s Built-In Surfing Game

Surf is a Microsoft Edge game in which you must surf your way past various obstacles in the water. It provides you three lives to keep your surfer moving farther and further. Although Surf lacks music, it has a more colorful built-in game than Firefox and Chrome.

To begin playing Surf, go to the URL bar in Microsoft Edge, type edge:/surf, then hit the Return key. The title screen of the Surf game will then display, from which you may pick various surfers by using the left and right arrow keys. After selecting a surfer, double-click or hit Space to begin playing.

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You may control the surfer by moving the mouse pointer or using the left/right arrow buttons. Surf also works with Xbox One controllers. Move the surfer across the ramps to jump over obstacles and get some extra speed.

The Surf game remembers your best distance score. Click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the game to show your current score. This button brings up a menu where you may also choose between Time trial and Zig zag modes.

Users using Windows 11 and 10 will not need to download Edge since it is included with those systems. Users who do not have Edge, such as Apple macOS users, may get it from the Microsoft website mentioned below.

Download: Microsoft Edge (Free)

How to Play Opera GX’s Built-In Operius Game

Opera GX is a version of the Opera browser that is specialized for gaming. One of the reasons to use Opera GX is to play the built-in Operius game. Operius is a 3D space shooter in which players blast away blocks to get more points. Operius stands out from other built-in browser games because to its (basic) 3D visuals and funky music.

You may play Operius by typing opera:/operius into the internet address box of Opera GX and pressing Return. Then, using the Space bar, pick Arcade Mode and start blasting! You may control your spacecraft by tapping the left/right arrow keys or the A and D keyboard buttons.

Download: Opera GX (Free)

How to Play Vivaldi’s Vivaldia Game

Vivaldi is an amazing browser with several unique features not seen in Chrome. Vivaldia, a built-in game, is available in that browser. Vivaldia is an infinite runner in the cyberpunk style in which you operate a futuristic bike equipped with weaponry. Its game style is identical to Dinosaur Game, however Vivaldia’s images and acoustics are superior than Chrome’s offering.

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If you don’t already have Vivaldi, you may get it from the website URL below. Vivaldia may be launched by entering vivaldi:/game in Vivaldi’s ULR bar and clicking Return. When you get the “Click to Play” prompt, press the left mouse button. Then, to begin playing Vivaldia, hit the Space button.

The title screen of Vivaldia shows all of the game’s controls. To recap, move using the arrow keys or the W, A, S, and D keys, and fire with the N and M keys. To leap over several obstacles and collect cash, you’ll often need to use the up arrow key. Fullscreen mode is also available by pressing the button in the top-left corner of the Vivaldia game.

Download: Vivaldi (Free)

Have Fun in Your Browser!

Even when you’re not connected to the internet, you may have fun with the built-in browser games above in Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera GX, Firefox, and Edge. They may be simple games, but they are nevertheless useful additions to their respective browsers. Check these out if you ever get bored while browsing and waiting for software and files to download.

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