How to Measure Area and Distance in Google Maps and Google Earth

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How to Measure Area and Distance in Google Maps and Google Earth

Have you ever wanted to know how to measure area on Google Maps? Good news: Google Maps and Google Earth contain capabilities for automatically measuring distance and area.

You don’t have to estimate distances depending on map size. Rather, you may calculate actual journey distances, property plot sizes, and even the land area of whole states or provinces.

The good news is that doing so isn’t difficult or time-consuming. All you need to know is the procedure. Here’s how you use Google Maps or Google Earth to compute distance and area.

How to Measure Distance in Google Maps

Distance may be readily measured on Google Maps using the built-in features. Selecting two spots on the map will result in the shortest distance (“as the crow flies”) between them. You may also add additional points to more precisely trace a certain journey.

To begin, right-click on the starting point and choose Measure distance from the menu that appears.

On the map, choose your second destination. When you choose this spot, Maps will automatically display the distance between the two places.

Simply click extra spots on the map to add more points to your measurement.

If you wish to trace a trail rather than a straight line, you may add many locations along the route to achieve an exact distance measurement. This is extremely handy for measuring the length of a hiking path, for example. You may also change the placement of existing points on the map by dragging them with your mouse.

As you trace the route, the distance in the popup at the bottom of the map will update. You’ll have an exact measurement of the overall distance after you’ve finished following the path or road as best you can.

When you’re done, right-click on the map and pick Clear measurement from the menu to remove your traced points and measurements. You may also clear your points by pressing the X in the measuring box.

A helpful hint: To get the distance between two cities connected by roadways, just Google “Distance from City 1 to City 2,” including the names of the cities. Maps will compute a route and distance for you depending on the method of transportation you choose.

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Try this and other tricks to use Google Maps like a pro.

How to Calculate Area on Google Maps

Can Google Maps be used to calculate area? Yes, Maps has an area calculator that calculates this amount automatically for 2D objects.

On order to compute area in Google Maps, you must first zoom into the property or place of interest. If you go near enough, Google will display the property borders. You may also toggle between map and satellite views to help you delineate property lines.

To calculate area on Google Maps, use the same steps you used to determine distance.

Right-click the map at your starting position and choose Measure distance.

Add points around the location’s perimeter. When you close the shape by clicking on the beginning point, the Google Maps area calculator will calculate the area of your form automatically.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll notice the total area in square footage and square meters, as well as the total distance in feet and meters.

How Google Earth Differs From Maps

Why bother using Google Earth in your browser to calculate distance or area when Google Maps is sufficient? When it comes to measuring, Google Earth is really a little more powerful than Google Maps.

Area measurement on Google Earth is comparable to area measurement on Google Maps. However, it also has several intriguing capabilities that allow you to:

  • See altitude.
  • Keep track of all of your measurements.
  • Measure the height and area of 3D objects, such as the height or breadth of a structure (Google Earth Pro).

Let’s look at how you can do all of this using Google Earth.

How to Measure Distance in Google Earth

Google Earth is more comprehensive than Google Maps, but it measures distance in the same way.

To begin, open Google Earth on your browser and pick the place you wish to visit. Navigate to the webpage and click on Launch Earth. Select the ruler symbol at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar to begin measuring.

When you click this button, Google Earth will change to a top-down perspective and prompt you to choose a starting location. A little popup will appear on the top-right corner of the window, displaying the distance.

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This box will update with the overall distance recorded when you pick more than one place.

When you click Done, you have the option to begin a fresh measurement. By clicking on the dropdown menu next to the measurement, you may easily modify the measurement units, converting them to kilometers, yards, nautical miles, or any other accessible unit.

After choosing the ruler icon, you may go to the Google Earth 3D view to estimate the distance for things like a mountain trek. This allows you to measure huge things such as mountains or incline routes.

Simply choose the 3D symbol to change your perspective, then the Ruler icon to start measuring as normal.

measured incline in google earth

While this enables you to measure inclines, you will need to utilize Google Earth Pro to measure the height of buildings or objects.

How to Measure Area in Google Earth

Google Earth also allows you to calculate the size of huge plots or places.

Outline the perimeter of the site that you wish to measure for a big enough region. You’ll start with the Ruler symbol, just as when measuring distance.

Google Earth will automatically compute the area encompassed when you choose numerous locations and close the outline by choosing your beginning point again.

Again, you may adjust the contour or the units of measurement by dragging points. You may also move back and forth between 2D and 3D views.

How to Measure 3D Objects and Buildings With Google Earth

You must first download Google Earth Pro in order to measure the area or height of a 3D object in Google Earth. The program is free, but it is more powerful and has more features than the browser version. Once installed, start it up and use the search box to identify the building you wish to measure. Google will then focus on this place.

You may change your perspective by tilting the globe while holding the central scroll wheel, or by using any of the on-screen controls.

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If you don’t see the ruler icon, go to Tools > Ruler to find it.

A tiny window will appear with several measurement modes. To measure a 3D structure, such as the Arc de Triomphe, choose the 3D route tab. In 3D view, the mode is used to measure the height and breadth of structures.

Next, click at the bottom and top of the building to draw a vertical line that measures its height. The height will then be calculated automatically by the ruler window.

When you want to start a new measurement, click Clear.

How to Measure the Area of 3D Objects

To calculate the area of a 3D object, go to the 3D polygon tab. If you keep using the 3D path tool, it will merely keep measuring the length of the line.

Switch to 3D polygon mode and draw the points for the area or perimeter you wish to measure. Google automatically forms a triangle when you add three points. Continue to add dots to sketch the contour of your item.

After you’ve added all of the necessary points, Google Earth Pro will calculate the perimeter and area of your design.

Add as many points as are required to sketch the shape of the item being measured. You may alter the size of your form by dragging these points for a more precise assessment. As you move the points around, the area calculation changes automatically.

Do More With Google Maps

Google has greatly upgraded its suite of tools over the years to give even more capability and ease. However, Google Earth and Google Maps continue to amaze us with their beneficial features.

You now understand what is required to measure distance and area in both applications, including the size and height of 3D structures.

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