How to Manage Multiple Email Accounts with Checker Plus

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How to Manage Multiple Email Accounts with Checker Plus

Every second saved while replying to time-sensitive emails may be the difference between feeling productive and failed. Logging into your account and opening a new tab wastes critical time that you cannot afford to squander.

Checker Plus is a Chrome plugin that provides you with real-time alerts for your most critical emails.

What is Checker Plus

Jason Savard created the plugin extension Checker Plus. He has designed a one-of-a-kind email notifier that few rivals can equal in terms of functionality.

Checker Plus is a Chrome extension that allows you to manage all of your Gmail accounts in a single click.

The nicest aspect is that the extension blends in so nicely with your Gmail inbox interface that you can’t detect the difference. You get audible alerts whenever a new email with a number display arrives.

Checker Plus’s unique features distinguish it from your real inbox and make it worthy of consideration as one of the top Gmail additions available.

Features of Checker Plus

Checker Plus is more than simply a notification system; it was created for those who want new technologies to assist them manage their inboxes while working on other tasks.

Hear Your Emails

When you open an email in Checker Plus, you are presented with a number of additional choices that are not normally available in your Gmail settings.

One of its more unusual capabilities is the ability to hear a portion of your email without having to look at or read it.

When you choose the Hear Email option, a computer voice will automatically read part of your email to give you a sense of the content so you can decide whether to answer immediately or check later.

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Managing All Gmail Accounts

Checker Plus instantly gathers all of your Gmail accounts and stores them in an one location inside the addon.

When you click the extension, you’ll see all of your various accounts on the left-hand side, and you can simply check your emails for each account by clicking on the icons.

You may also scroll down your feed to view your fresh emails from multiple accounts in front of you, one after the other.

You never have to switch accounts when using this technique of signing in to Gmail since your inbox only shows one account at a time. This method makes it simple to handle many Gmail accounts.

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Voice Reply To Emails

You may access the dashboard with extra settings by right-clicking the Checker Plus logo and selecting options.

You may activate voice reply for any of your emails by checking the option accessible in the Voice Input menu.

Return to the extension and click to create a new email, and you’ll see a microphone option at the bottom.

You may save time and effort by speaking the contents of your emails rather than typing them.

Anything Gmail Can Do

Checker Plus supports the majority of your Gmail inbox capabilities, including the ability to send emails, add labels, archive, delete, mark as unread, shift to various folders, and delete.

For critical communications, you may even add them to your calendar or access them in your normal Gmail inbox.

Because the tool is only an email notifier, you can’t go back in time and discover previous communications. However, you may add these directories in the extra options area of the program.

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The number of unread emails is superimposed on the symbol in your browser. Hovering your cursor over the symbol displays a preview of the text for each new email.

This makes it simple to determine whether you want to take action or save the email for later.

More Customization Options

The Checker Plus panel has a number of customisation options that may improve the user experience.

You may customize all of your alerts, including the sound and colors. You may also enable a do not disturb option, which will not inform you when activated.

Its do not disturb function may also link to your Google Calendar, allowing you to stay private during important occasions.

Checker Plus lets you choose which Gmail account to show, as well as which categories and folders are stored in those accounts.

There is also a set of keyboard shortcuts to help you use the program more efficiently, and you can build your own list of custom shortcuts.

Pros and Cons of Checker Plus

Checker Plus is the most efficient method to check your Gmail inbox, and it allows you to view all of your Gmail accounts in one spot.

You may preview the information within the email without having to open it by rolling over the symbol or having the material read to you by a computer voice.

Checker Plus makes it simple to manage your emails by using the majority of the capabilities available in your Gmail inbox. As a result, there is no need to open a different tab to check emails.

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One problem of the extension is that it is largely managed and updated by one individual. As a result, there may be mistakes while using it, and some features may not always function properly.

Furthermore, the extension lacks documentation, so if you get lost or have a question, you must ask in the Chrome Web Store comment area, and the designer does not respond to new comments.

Consider how much time a notifier might disrupt your day or existing duties. This is one option if you need your mailbox monitored for crucial emails. Otherwise, you may have to devote too much time to it.

Do You Need Checker Plus?

Checker Plus is an addon that is great for managing your regular Gmail accounts and time-sensitive emails. However, if your emails can wait and you dislike being distracted, Checker Plus may be more of a bother than a help.

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