How to Make Your Email Signature Look Good in Dark Mode Too

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How to Make Your Email Signature Look Good in Dark Mode Too

When it comes to personal branding, email signatures are a no-brainer. They demonstrate professionalism, increase company awareness, and are free promotion!

The only issue? With so many people receiving emails in dark mode these days, it’s possible that your beautifully prepared email signature isn’t always displaying properly.

The dark mode is infamous for causing email signatures to fail, but there are measures you can do to ensure that your signature looks great regardless of whatever mode your recipients see it in.

What Is Dark Mode?

Dark mode is a digital display option that reverses the typical presentation of dark text on a bright backdrop.

Instead, users see light text on a dark background.

Its use has skyrocketed in recent years, which implies that many of the emails you write will be viewed in dark mode by your receivers. Unfortunately, you have no influence over whether your recipients read your email in bright or dark mode.

What Dark Mode Does to Email Signatures

When your device is in dark mode, the display of your emails, including your email signature, will alter. In a recent post, we discussed what dark mode is and how it works.

Email software such as Apple Mail, Gmail, and Outlook handle dark mode in a variety of ways.

1. Full Dark Mode

The mail app alters the colour of the emails it shows while in full dark mode. The email app replaces the dark text with white letters. The program may also try to flip the colors of photos included inside the email, but this is uncommon.

However, it will usually reverse HTML colors coded into the email signature.

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This translation process may quickly convert a well-designed email signature into a difficult-to-read muddle, which is why you should design your signature with the dark mode in mind.

Gmail is an example of a mail program that fully supports dark mode. The above example demonstrates how a well-designed email signature in light mode is inadequately translated by the Gmail app into dark mode.

2. Pseudo-Dark Mode

Pseudo-dark mode is a sloppy effort at dark mode, since it does not provide users with the advantages of brighter text on a darker backdrop.

In this case, the mail app is in dark mode, yet the email text is unaltered and presented on a bright backdrop.

In these cases, the only thing to be concerned about is the padding around your email signatures. If you don’t use padding, your signature will be butted up against the backdrop.

How to Design Email Signatures to Look Great in Both Light and Dark Modes

You may take five steps to make your email signatures seem as nice in dark mode as they do in light mode.

1. Use An Email Signature Generator That Builds for Dark Mode Too

There are several specialized email signature generators available. However, not all of them are created with the dark mode in mind. Some may utilize white-background icons or combine the signature into one large, ungainly picture file.

The most popular free email signature generators provide a variety of signature templates. Some will operate well in dark mode, while others will not. View designs on your devices in both bright and dark settings while previewing them.

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If you’re submitting your own logos and photos, be sure to adhere to the rules for transparency and outlining outlined below.

2. Use Transparent Images

Many individuals save their photographs with a white backdrop because they believe they will always be viewed with a white background. (Or failing to see that the backdrop is also stored.)

In dark mode, individual photographs on white backgrounds tend to seem clumsy and amateurish. Unless you’re adding a backdrop color on purpose, make sure any photos you use in your email signature have transparent backgrounds. Transparent files should often be in PNG or GIF format, with PNG being the most prevalent.

If you use background colors in your picture files, ensure sure they perform properly in both modes. Vibrant hues, such as bright greens, yellows, and reds, for example, look well on both light and dark backgrounds.

3. Outline Your Dark Graphical Elements in White

If your email signature picture has dark text or graphical components, consider outlining them in white, or at least a lighter hue.

It may be the difference between a graphical or text element vanishing altogether and looking fantastic. This, however, only works if you also used a transparent picture. Outlining your major image in white, for example, will have little effect if you still have a white backdrop!

4. Add Padding Around Your Signature

This step is intended for signatures that are presented in pseudo-dark mode. If an email software places your full signature on a white backdrop, adding padding around the margin will keep it from being cluttered.

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Adding padding might be difficult from a technical standpoint. It is also, admittedly, a minor element. However, you’ll usually only be concerned with this step if you want your email signature to appear great in all situations. If you’re a graphic designer, for example, this may be a minor detail worth addressing.

5. Test Your Signature!

Send yourself some test emails and see how they look on different devices and displays. Try utilizing typical settings that you know your receivers will use. If the majority of your customers use Outlook, for example, make sure you test it with Outlook.

If you’re an iOS user, see our tutorial on how to activate dark mode in popular Android applications or how to utilize dark mode on your iPhone or iPad.

If you’re going to the trouble of developing a professional email signature, make sure it appears well across all media.

You can’t be sure how it looks until you test it.

Dark Mode Is Here to Stay, So It’s Time to Adapt

Dark mode is becoming more popular among daily device users, UX/UI designers, and device makers.

If you’re going to the trouble of properly branding your email signature, make sure it looks nice in both bright and dark mode.

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