How to Make More Money With Google Opinion Rewards

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How to Make More Money With Google Opinion Rewards

Want to obtain free Google Play applications, games, movies, TV episodes, and books? Then utilize the Google Opinion Awards app, a mobile survey tool that rewards you with cash in your Google account for completing a quick poll.

This is a popular software with over 10 million installations, but are you taking full use of it? Could Google Opinion Rewards help you earn more money?

How Does Google Opinion Rewards Work?

Before we look at how to acquire more Google Opinion Rewards and persuade Google to give you more money, we must first understand how Google Opinion Rewards function. Perhaps you’ve never used it, or perhaps you did and promptly forgot about it.

Google Opinion Rewards is not just available to Android users. If you have an iPhone, you may install it and take advantage of the same paid surveys. It’s worth noting that if you’re using an iPhone, the incentives will be sent to your PayPal account, whilst Android users will have the credits applied to their Google account.

Download: Google Opinion Rewards for Android | iPhone

When Google Opinion Rewards is introduced, you must sign in using your Google account. You should then get a preliminary “test” survey, which is intended to ensure that you understand your role in this mutually beneficial relationship while also establishing your demographic.

Google Opinion Rewards polls you based on your most recent buying experiences. You should be able to supply an answer if you have gone shopping.

Surveys normally take around 10 seconds to complete and result in a few cents being added to your account. You can accumulate enough Google survey rewards credit to spend in the Play Store over the course of a few weeks.

When you’re ready, click Buy, making sure your Google Play balance is chosen as the payment source.

Now that we understand how it works, let’s look at how to obtain more surveys and earn more money using Google Opinion Rewards.

How to Enable Location Services for More Google Opinion Rewards

While you may be asked about online purchases, many Google Opinion Rewards surveys are about your recent travels. When you activate location services on Android, you have a larger chance of getting surveys that ask you where you traveled.

But why the interest?

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In most circumstances, the data is acquired to assist Google Maps improve. Open Settings > Lock screen & security, go to Privacy, and select Location to ensure the right Location option is chosen.

Make sure Use Location is turned on, then drop down to Advanced and make sure Google Location Accuracy is turned on as well.

This method employs GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile networks to determine your position and is the ideal choice if you want to earn money with Google Opinion Rewards. It’s also important to note that it’s a privacy quagmire.

What Is the Best Location for Google Opinion Rewards?

This is a difficult question to answer since it is very dependent on other parts of your activity.

However, if you live in a city and are active, you will get more Google rewards surveys than if you live in the country. There is more to do in and around a city, and your phone can check in at more sites. As a result, having a busy job, social, and shopping life in a metropolitan area can help you earn more surveys in Google Opinion Rewards.

As you know, more surveys means more income potential.

Keep the Google Opinion Rewards App Updated

In addition to having location services enabled, you must verify that the app is up to date.

Because changes to the survey collecting system may not be compatible with previous versions of Google Opinion Rewards, having the most current version installed is a significant benefit.

To check whether the app is up to date, launch the Play Store app on your phone, go to the menu, and choose Settings. Tap General, then Auto-update applications, and make sure the option is turned on. For the greatest results, exclusively use Over Wi-Fi.

How to Get More Surveys on Google Opinion Rewards

It would be wonderful to get surveys every day, but this is not likely to happen. However, there are several steps you may do to guarantee that you answer as many surveys as possible.

  • Check the app on a regular basis and make sure Google Opinion Rewards alerts are enabled.
  • Responding to surveys as soon as possible can earn you additional Google rewards surveys.
  • Be a woman: it seems that high-spending, frequent-shopping women have greater opportunity to earn rewards via Google Reward Opinions.
  • Regular shopping visits to well-known stores: staying at home is not a good approach to create Google surveys.
  • To be honest, the app sometimes presents a “fake” survey to filter out undesirable responses. Trick questions may inquire whether you visited a place you did not visit or participated in an activity you did not participate in. False questions are simple to notice, but lying will get you less money in the long term.
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Getting out and about is beneficial to your Google Play balance, so remember to check the app and respond honestly and immediately!

Get Google Opinion Rewards for Christmas

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it’s worth noting: you’ll earn more from Google Opinion Rewards in the fourth quarter of the year (September-December), since this is when you’re most likely to be buying for the holidays.

Companies who use Google to poll its customers want to know about your purchasing patterns, so it seems to reason that they’ll attempt to get this information during the peak shopping season, thanks to Google’s “instant gratification” surveys.

So, if you want to earn Play Store credits with Google Opinion Rewards, make sure you have it installed, updated, and checked on a frequent basis in the run-up to Christmas.

Get More Google Opinion Rewards by Watching Videos

Google also gathers opinions by delivering you movies to view and rate. This means you must be prepared to view the movies as soon as they are given.

These are often YouTube videos that Google uses to measure your interest. They usually often involve seeking suggestions for you rather than advertisements (although this sometimes happens).

All you have to do is view the video, validate that it played successfully, and then rate it.

After that, your prize will be credited to your balance.

Complete a Google Rewards Survey to Improve Video Recommendations

Furthermore, Google may check to see whether you’ve previously seen a certain video and utilize the information you supply to better personalize YouTube videos to your preferences.

A poll of this kind will begin with the question “Have you ever seen this video recommended to you on YouTube?” and then ask you to reply appropriately. Follow-up questions gauge your level of confidence in your first response and if you would want to see such a suggestion in the future.

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A question like this might earn you roughly 30c in your Google Rewards account, so it’s worth answering.

Don’t Let Your Rewards Run Out!

It’s satisfying to watch your Play Store account balance increase. Your updated balance will be shown each time you submit a survey.

Because Google Opinion Rewards credit expires after 12 months, you must continue to use the program and use the credits. You will have wasted your time and effort if you do not.

A excellent method to avoid this is to maintain a list of applications and games that you wish to purchase. You may do so by adding them to your wishlist by clicking the Add to wishlist button. Wishlist products may be browsed in Google Play by selecting My wishlist.

5 Ways to Spend Your Google Opinion Rewards

You may put money saved in the Google Opinion Rewards app to good use. Do you need some inspiration?

Using money gained via Google Opinion Rewards during the last year, I have:

  1. I paid for a membership to an educational app.
  2. Bought a movie
  3. pumped for a half-dozen games
  4. Ad-supported app was upgraded to premium.
  5. I purchased a number of tracks and albums.

In a nutshell, Google Opinion Rewards has covered all of my Google Play Store purchases. It’s not a lot of money, and I don’t earn enough to rent (or purchase) a movie every week. However, it was plenty to pass the time and give amusement for the evening.

It’s a good deal.

Make Google Opinion Rewards Work for You

Google Opinion Rewards is an app that everyone should use since it is easy to set up, free to use, and has some simple methods to obtain more surveys and make more money.

Media purchases are practically free since you gain points by just visiting someplace. While it may not be as important for iPhone users, money is credited to PayPal and is available for you to spend as you see fit.

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