How to Make Money Playing Games: 7 Ways

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How to Make Money Playing Games: 7 Ways

It is undoubtedly feasible to make money by playing video games in today’s environment. But the fact is that doing so is difficult.

Many people who choose this path will quit up within a few years (or months) since the labor part takes away the joy of playing video games. People end up loathing what they previously enjoyed instead of turning it into a profession. It’s also perilous because of the crowded market. There are hundreds of others who tried and failed for every success tale.

Earning your main income via gaming is not something we would advocate unless you are young, unmarried, and prepared to dedicate many years knowing that it might all be for nothing. But it’s not impossible!

Here are a few ways you may start making money by playing video games.

1. Get Paid to Live Stream

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Anyone may broadcast their games in real time for everybody to watch. Aim for a wide audience (which you can monetize with adverts) or a dedicated audience (to monetize with donations and subscriptions).Twitch is the most popular streaming site, although YouTube is also an alternative.

Why It’s Difficult to Earn Money by Streaming Games

Building a live broadcast audience takes time. You may not receive more than 10 concurrent viewers for many months, and you might not have more than 100 viewers at once for years. The fact is that most streamers never get to that position, and earning a job by broadcasting video games requires thousands of regular viewers.

The streaming market is overcrowded. Why should someone watch you when there are so many other popular streams to choose from? That is the difficult part. Set yourself distinct by having your own sense of humor or personality, being a world-class gamer, or playing games that no one else is.

Getting Started

Fortunately, the entrance barrier to streaming is quite low. All you need is a good computer, some games that people like to watch, a kind demeanor, and streaming software. As well as having a strong enough PC for whichever games you’re playing, make sure your internet upload speed is quick enough to accommodate the broadcast.

We’ve shown you how to get started using Streamlabs OBS, which is an excellent starter choice for PC gaming. If you want to play on a console, you’ll need a capture card, which is an extra cost.

2. Try Your Hand at Games Journalism

Do you consider yourself a writer? Join an existing site or establish your own and begin producing news, reviews, and interviews about a certain game, genre, or sector. As a freelancer, you may get paid per piece if you write for an established site. If you’re launching your own website, you may monetize it with adverts, Patreon subscriptions, or anything similar.

Why It’s Hard to Make Money Writing About Video Games

Games journalism, like other forms of journalism, is competitive. Many individuals desire to make a livelihood by writing about games! If you’re writing for an established site, you’ll most likely have to labor for close to nothing while you build a portfolio and demonstrate your abilities. Starting your own website will take years to establish an audience large enough to support you.

Journalism may be demanding. To gain scoops before others, you’ll need to tap into a variety of sources around the clock for news writing. Reviews and interviews require a significant amount of time to do effectively. Writing every day may also be a significant drain on mental stamina.

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Getting Started

Look for available vacancies in medium-sized gaming establishments. For the time being, disregard prominent gaming sites like IGN, as well as startups with little audience. Make sure you have some writing examples available. Send in your application (with writing examples) and hope for the best. If you don’t have any previous experience, try volunteering to write for smaller websites initially.

We don’t advocate starting your own games journalism site unless you’ve spent many years writing for an established site. Writing every day is difficult enough. On top of that, you’re running a website. That requires a whole new level of work, which may quickly lead to burnout.

3. Create Video Game Guides and Tutorials

Many newbies to certain games, particularly multiplayer player-versus-player (PvP) titles, like reading manuals. As a result, there is a market for making money by delivering helpful information that these individuals desire to learn.

For gaming instructions, you have numerous options, including developing a website for written tutorials, posting video guides to YouTube, and publishing guides as ebooks. The first two are often monetized by advertisements and/or contributions, while the ebook method generates cash through sales.

Why It’s Challenging to Earn Money Through Gaming Guides

A guide may be written by anybody. To earn any money, you must produce instructions for popular games—but the more popular the game, the more competition you will face. To set your guides distinct, you’ll need to give more information than others, which involves putting in a lot of work and positioning yourself as an expert.

You’ll also need excellent writing abilities. Guides must be thick and thorough yet being engaging and understandable. Formatting abilities are essential whether you’re writing for the web or selling ebooks.

For example, the GameFAQs “Bounty Program” pays you money if you are the first person to produce a full guide for a game. The majority of these guides are paid at least $200, which sounds fantastic. However, when you consider the amount of time you’ll need to spend learning the game and explaining every detail, you’ll make much less than the minimum wage per hour.

Getting Started

Find a popular game, discover out what problems players are experiencing, understand the ins and outs of that difficulty, and then teach others how to solve it.

Aim for gold guidelines, leveling guides, and raid guides in massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). Go for build guidelines and mechanics guides for PvP games like Overwatch or Valorant. And, for single-player games, you’ll generally have the best success with topic-specific tips, such as winning a certain Achievement/Trophy. Guides for getting started are popular, but they face stiff competition.

4. Host a Gaming Podcast or YouTube Channel

Do you have a lot to say? Create a gaming-related daily, weekly, or monthly show. It may be an opinion-based roundtable debate, a series of interviews with high-profile players, gaming tips and techniques, or anything else that piques your interest.

Ads, sponsorships, and other kinds of YouTube monetization may be used to monetise podcasts and YouTube videos. This format, in particular, may be supported via Patreon contributions.

Why Earning Money With Gaming Shows Is Tough

You’ll need to create a sizable following before you start making money. Your program must be interesting enough for people to watch it. The program will fail if it is uninteresting, superficial, has poor production quality, or is inconsistent.

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In some ways, this is a cross between guidelines (#3) and live streaming (#1). You must have the expertise and insight of a guide developer, as well as the tenacity and charm of a streamer.

On the positive side, podcast material does not have to be as in-depth as a guide, nor does your personality have to be as unique as that of a streamer. You may, for example, devote a channel to gaming news about a certain genre. You won’t have to entertain people for hours on end, but you will still need to stick to a regular routine.

Getting Started

We’ve written about how to create your own podcast and how to establish your own YouTube channel. These are excellent starting points.

Tournaments are prevalent in PvP titles such as fighting games. Of course, the higher the prize pool, the more popular the game. If you’re good enough to join an esports group, you could be able to make a living off of victories and sponsorships. Most competitive gamers also use live streaming (#1) to supplement their revenue.

Why It’s Not Easy to Make Money Through Video Game Tournaments

Not everyone is cut out to win. You may be a world-class player and yet be eliminated early in a tournament, leaving with no wins. Even if you win money, it may not be enough to pay the cost of accommodation and airfare. If you aren’t regularly at the top, don’t expect to live off your gains.

Furthermore, the esports sector is still in its infancy. Even if you win a place on a prestigious team, your “compensation” may be less than the minimum pay. Con artists and crooks prey on gullible players in the sector. There have been reports of players not being paid what they were promised on occasion.

Getting Started

Find a popular PvP game with a lot of tournaments and a lot of esports attention. Practice, practice, and more practice. As you improve, connect with other professional players to get your name out there. Consider beginning small with local competitions for popular titles like Super Smash Bros. or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

To be perfectly honest, you’ll probably have more success (and make more money) as a non-competitive streamer. That way, even if you’re not the greatest, people will still like watching you.

6. Get Paid to Test Games

Before a game is launched, it goes through many stages of development. Near the end of the development process, developers need outsiders to playtest their games with fresh eyes. Your duty as a playtester is to go through everything the developer wants you to look at, including detecting and recording bugs and other problems.

Why It’s Difficult to Earn a Living by Testing Games

It’s not difficult to become a tester these days, yet it may be mind-numbing job. Playing in such a manner that you purposely destroy games gets tedious quickly, particularly if you have to continually reviewing the same locations after each game modification.

The remuneration is not very good (on par with, or slightly better than, minimum wage).Unless you can snag an inside position at a huge game production business, the majority of game testing jobs are for mobile games, which aren’t as thrilling as full-fledged console and PC releases.

Getting Started

Look at services like PlaytestCloud, BetaFamily, and BetaTesting for on-demand playtesting. It is more difficult to become an internal tester at a corporation. You’ll have to go via employment sites, study firms for vacant openings, apply, and hope for the best. Looking for independent studios in your region will help you get your foot in the door.

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7. Sell Accounts or Digital Items

You may be able to “flip” your account or in-game things to other players if you’ve invested enough time in certain games. You may, for example, resell certain Steam Trading Cards obtained by playing games to people who wish to collect them. While you are unlikely to make a fortune from this, you may be able to earn enough to pay your next game buy.

Accounts may also be available for sale. In Overwatch, for example, it’s customary to use a “smurf” account (a secondary account rated far lower than the player’s true skill level). Because you must achieve a particular level to play Competitive matches, people that wish to smurf may consider purchasing an account to save time. Similarly, if you’re better at the game than them, a player may pay you to boost their account’s skill rating.

There are other options; you could utilize sites like Fiverr to offer “game services” to those who are interested. Perhaps someone is lonely, wants a companion to hang out with for an hour, and is willing to pay for the pleasure.

Why It’s Tough to Make Money Gaming This Way

While this kind of gaming revenue demands less devotion than the majority of ones discussed above, it is far from ideal. Unless you already have multiple accounts or uncommon things lying around, the effort required to gain them makes it scarcely worthwhile to pursue.

Grinding a game to win new cards or achieve a specific level, like playtesting, is tedious. There’s also no assurance that anybody will want to purchase what you’re offering.

Depending on the terms of service for a certain game, selling your account or other assets may be prohibited. Before you do anything, be sure you’re not doing anything incorrectly.

Getting Started

Look into the games you like playing and discover what products sell for a decent price. A site like PlayerAuctions facilitates the exchange of gaming products between buyers and sellers.

Earning Money by Playing Video Games Is Still Work

Games are enjoyable because they allow us to escape reality. When gaming becomes your profession, that part of escapism vanishes—and with it, the joy. Do you like playing games? Consider it carefully before turning it into a possible profession. You may come to regret following these methods of earning money from video games.

If you still want to go for it, the options outlined here are the finest ways to earn a career in the gaming industry right now. Other occupations in the video game industry exist, although they do not need as much real game playing as the ones listed above.

Of course, you may always create your own game and generate money via sales, in-app purchases, or advertisements. However, games take a long time to produce and need a whole new set of talents.

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