How to Make Google Slides Loop (Even Without Publishing)

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How to Make Google Slides Loop (Even Without Publishing)

Google Slides is an excellent lightweight replacement for products like as PowerPoint. However, since it is free, it lacks some of the functionality included in the desktop version of PowerPoint.

As a consequence, you may be wondering how to loop or play a Google Slides presentation automatically. Fortunately, this is doable and not difficult. We’ll teach you how to make Google Slides loop even if the presentation isn’t published.

How to Loop Google Slides Presentations Without Publishing

To loop a Google Slides presentation, create a new slideshow as usual in Google Slides. When you’re ready, click the Slideshow button in the top-right corner to begin playing your slides.

Move your mouse to the bottom-left corner of the presentation screen when the presentation view is active to reveal the toolbar. Expand the Auto-play option by clicking the three-dot menu on the toolbar. Then, at the bottom of this menu, choose the Loop option to allow presentation looping.

You’ll also need to choose the time for your slides so that they play automatically from this option. These selections vary from every second or every 2 seconds to every 30 seconds or every minute at the most. Choose the best time for your presentation style.

After you’ve chosen these choices for looping and automatically advancing your Google Slides presentation, click the Play button to start the slideshow. This will automatically play your slides at the pace you want, looping them until you click the Pause button on the same Auto-play menu.

Continuously looping presentations like this is useful if you want to maintain material spinning without your interaction. Use it to display images at parties or kiosks. Also, remember to utilize the Enter/Exit full screen option as needed.

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How to Publish a Looping Google Slides Presentation

It’s also possible to email a Google Slides presentation to someone and have it loop automatically. Before the firm implemented the above mechanism, this was the only way to repeat Google Slides slideshows. It’s still useful if you want someone else’s comments before giving a presentation online, for example.

To share a Google Slides presentation that automatically cycles, you must first publish it. To do so, go to the top-left corner of the Slides interface and click File > Publish to the web.

When you do, you’ll see a few configuration choices. Set the Auto-advance slides dropdown box to your option (unless you wish to Embed it someplace). The timing options are the same as in the previous technique; the default is three seconds, but you may pick between as little as one second and as long as a minute between slides.

Check Restarting the slideshow after the final slide will cause it to run indefinitely until the receiver shuts it. Enable Start slideshow as soon as the player loads for the greatest results, so they don’t have to start it manually.

When you click Publish, you’ll be given a URL that you may share with anybody you choose. If you change your mind, expand the Published content & settings area and click Stop publishing, and others will no longer be able to access it via the link.

Looping Google Slides, Made Simple

You now know how to quickly loop Google Slides presentations at your leisure. Repeating a slideshow is as simple as a few clicks, whether you wish to share it or not.

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This isn’t the only trick Google Slides has in its sleeve. Check out a bunch more Google Docs techniques to help you produce eye-catching documents.

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