How to Make a Chart in Google Docs

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How to Make a Chart in Google Docs

Do you need to make sense of or visualize some data? While making a Google Sheets spreadsheet is a good starting step, making a graph in Google Docs should follow next.

Google Docs has a rudimentary chart generation feature in the online version of the program. Here, we’ll briefly go through the fundamentals of making and altering these charts.

Uses for Charts in Google Docs

The possibilities for using the charts in Google Docs are nearly limitless. You may construct charts to visualize: whether for business or for fun.

  • Comparisons of various data sets.
  • Data set increases and lowers.
  • Percentages of data sets.
  • Changes in data over time.

And much more. Charts are excellent for communicating project updates, collecting and evaluating feedback, and even serving as effective infographics to share with others. A chart is the finest choice for displaying data in a visually pleasing manner.

Types of Charts Available in Google Docs

Google Docs has four distinct kinds of charts by default, including:

Does a table fit your requirements better? You may accomplish this by going to the toolbar and choosing Insert > Table.

How to Make a Quick Chart in Google Docs

You can currently only make charts in Google Docs using a browser, not a mobile device. These instructions are for the Google Docs browser version.

It is easy to create a chart with Google Docs. To begin, create a new document and then proceed as follows:

  1. Select Insert > Chart from the toolbar.
  2. Choose the kind of chart you want to enter, or choose From Sheets to identify a chart you’ve previously made in Google Sheets.
  3. Once you’ve made your choice, the chart will appear in your Google document.
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How to Edit a Chart Inside Google Docs

The chart cannot be edited from inside Google Docs. Instead, you’ll need to use Google Sheets to change the data inside the chart. To do this:

  1. Choose the chart. Then, in the upper right corner, pick the dropdown menu.
  2. Select Open source.
  3. Google Sheets will be launched. Fill in the blanks with the information you want to appear in your chart.
  4. When you’re through modifying your data, go back to Google Docs and pick Update from the dropdown menu.

By choosing Image Parameters from the toolbar, you may also modify the color of your chart and other options.

What Else Can You Create With Google Docs?

That’s all! Using Google Docs to visualize your data is simply that easy. Google Docs is much more than a simple document creating program. What will you design?

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