How to Locate a Lost Android Phone That Is Turned Off

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How to Locate a Lost Android Phone That Is Turned Off

One of the most upsetting experiences is losing a phone, particularly given how much of our life we keep digitally on them, including our contacts, wallet, and even vehicle keys. If your phone was password locked, you may briefly exhale a sigh of relief.

There are clear services available to assist you in locating your misplaced Android phone by pinging its GPS position. But what if your phone is turned off? Can you still find it?

Can You Track a Phone That Is Turned Off?

The short answer is yes; the lengthy answer is that it depends on how long it has been turned off. When you turn off your phone, it ceases connecting with cell towers, as does any GPS activities. To enhance your chances of finding your phone, you must act promptly.

If your phone is stolen, submitting a police complaint may improve your chances of locating it using your phone’s IMEI number.

Use Find My Device to Locate Your Android Phone

Google’s Find My Device feature can monitor any Android device that is connected to a Google account. It functions similarly to Apple’s Find My iPhone software, allowing you to ping your missing Android phone while also locking or erasing its data.

  1. On a computer or another phone, go to Google’s Find My Device page.
  2. Log into the same Google account that is associated with your stolen or lost phone.
  3. To the left, you may see compatible devices, including your misplaced Android phone, with its last known location to the right.
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If your phone is turned off, you will only be able to see the last location where it pinged Google. That may be sufficient if your phone was misplaced rather than stolen. If your phone is found and turned on, you can simply ping, lock, or factory wipe it using Find My Device.

Trace Your Steps Using the Google Maps Timeline

Another brilliant technique to discover your missing phone is to use Google Maps Timeline to check where you’ve gone. Because we rely so heavily on our phones for commuting and directions, there’s a good likelihood that Google Maps has a thorough history of where your phone has been—as long as Location History is enabled on the device.

Google Maps Timeline shows every path you’ve travelled and every store you’ve visited. Although this is not its intended use case, it is an excellent technique to find a forgotten or lost Android smartphone.

  1. Open Google Maps on your computer or phone and sign in to your Google account.
  2. Select Your Timeline from the menu selections by clicking on the menu icon. This will display a chronology of your most recent excursions.
  3. To restrict your search, use the drop-down options to pick the date you misplaced your phone.
  4. You may be able to find your phone if you retrace your steps.

Track Your Phone Using Third-Party Apps

If you don’t use Google Maps on your phone often and have background data turned off, you won’t be able to find it using Google’s services.

Fortunately, a few applications and services continue to ping your last known position on a regular basis. Snapchat is an excellent example. Because Snapchat allows you to observe someone’s location, if you had the option enabled, you could ask your pals to look for your most recent locations.

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If you take a lot of photos and use Google Photos to store them up, you can access your most recent photographs from another device and see the image details for the place where they were shot. Again, you must have the location option on in the camera app.

Consider any other applications on your phone that may have your last known location saved. In times like this, every piece of knowledge counts.

Find Your Lost Android Phone

Finding a lost or stolen phone may be a stressful experience, but with these useful location services, you have a decent chance of finding it. Seeking police assistance is always an option that will considerably improve your chances of finding your missing mobile phone.

Losing a significant piece of technology is obviously just one side of the coin. Your personal information, financial information, contacts, and business papers are all at risk if your phone is lost. The sooner you locate it, the better.

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