How to Leave a Facebook Group

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How to Leave a Facebook Group

Facebook groups are an excellent resource. They allow you to be a member of a like-minded group without having to meet anybody in person. For example, you may get advise on your freelancing career from other freelancers all across the globe.

Sometimes, however, Facebook groups can be quite spammy. You join it for some support and your feed ends up with multiple advertising posts a day.

You may even be added to a group without your awareness since friends can do so. Fortunately, leaving a Facebook group is simple.

Here’s all you need to know…

How to Leave a Facebook Group on Desktop

First and foremost, if you’re new to Facebook groups, you may want to read this introduction to Facebook groups to better understand how to utilize them.

However, if you’re already acquainted with groups and just want to quit one, here’s how to do so from your computer.

First, locate the organization you want to quit. If you know what it’s called, put it into the search field. If not, go to the home page’s left menu and choose Groups.

Then, on the left menu, scroll down until you locate the group you wish to quit and touch it.

Click the… button next to the magnifying glass on the right side of the group. Then choose the last option, Leave Group.

A window will appear asking whether you’re sure. In that window, you can also choose the option to block future members from adding you to the group.

That’s it; you’re no longer a member of that group and will no longer get alerts from it.

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How Do I Leave a Facebook Group on My Mobile?

Here are the steps to quit a group using your Facebook app instead:

  1. Again, you must locate the group, which may be accomplished using a search. Alternatively, you may choose Groups by tapping the three lines in the upper right corner of the home screen.
  2. There, choose Your Groups and scroll down to the group you wish to quit.
  3. Tap the… in the top right of the screen in the group to bring up a popup menu at the bottom.
  4. Press Leave Group, then Leave Group again.
  5. The last screen will request feedback, which you may ignore if you don’t have any.

If you believe the group is breaking any Facebook regulations, you may give comments on that last page.

More here: Facebook Cracks Down on Groups That Break the Rules

Stay in a Facebook Group, but Receive Less Spam

You don’t have to quit a group if you’re merely bothered by the volume of alerts and posts you get from it. To begin, you may customize your notifications so that you only get alerts regarding highlights, postings from friends, or none at all.

You may also unfollow the group, which would remove all of its information from your feed but enable you to access and post in it without interruption.

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