How to Launch Your Chrome Bookmarks With Keyboard Shortcuts

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How to Launch Your Chrome Bookmarks With Keyboard Shortcuts

For rapid navigating, most users use browser bookmarks. However, like with other kinds of mouse input, working with them is somewhat sluggish. It just takes a second to click on the most-used icons in your bookmarks bar, but browsing folders is a chore.

Fortunately, there are easier ways to open Chrome bookmarks. Let’s look at how you may connect with your favorite websites using Chrome keyboard shortcuts.

Add Custom Search Engines

Did you know that you can search for websites directly from Chrome’s Omnibox? In addition to your usual search engine, you may configure a custom search phrase for practically any website. It’s similar to DuckDuckGo’s bang function, but you don’t need to adjust your default settings to utilize it.

To begin, in Chrome, right-click the Omnibox and choose Edit search engines. You’ll be sent to a page that includes Default search engines such as Google, Bing, and AOL, as well as Other search engines from sites you’ve visited.

To begin, delete any Default search engines that you seldom use, such as Ask and AOL, which is really a Bing wrapper. Toss it, click the three-dot button next to it and choose Remove from list.

Then you may begin adding sites that you really visit. You’ll notice sites you’ve already looked for as you go down the Other list. Take note of the keyword box here; this is what you must enter into Chrome to search for that website. To add a new service, choose Add above the Other list and provide the following details:

  • Search engine: A memorable name that will help you remember the site.
  • Keyword: The text you enter into the Omnibox to begin a new search.
  • URL: The URL of the search, with %s in place of the search. To locate it, go to the website and do a standard search. Copy the URL that shows when you search, remove any unnecessary information, then paste it and replace the search word with%s.
    • For instance,
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You may search for a site you’ve added at any moment. To concentrate on the address bar, use Ctrl + L, then input your shortcut (such as wiki) and hit Tab. You’ll see Search [site] on the left side of the Omnibox; input your query and press Enter to search. If everything is done successfully, you should find what you were looking for.

Navigate Your Bookmarks With Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Want to go through your bookmarks using just your keyboard? This is a simple method to hop around your different shortcuts if you have a small list that doesn’t fit on your bookmarks bar.

To do so, launch your bookmarks manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + O. You’ll see a list of bookmarks that have been saved to your bar. To choose this list, press Tab once, then use the arrow keys to navigate around. Enter opens the specified webpage in a new tab.

If you hit Tab seven times, your cursor will shift to the left bookmark tree. Pick a folder using the arrow keys, then Tab to navigate to the list and select one.

Launch Any Website With a Chrome Keyboard Shortcut

Do you need fast access to any online page? You may program a custom keyboard shortcut to launch it in Chrome at any moment.

To begin, go to the relevant page. Then, using your mouse, drag the icon on the far left of the Omnibox to your desktop. This might be green writing that states Secure next to a padlock or an I within a circle, depending on the website. In any case, doing so will result in the creation of a shortcut on your desktop.

Select Properties from the shortcut’s context menu. Click within the Shortcut key box in the Web Document tab, then enter the key combination you want to use to start this website. It must begin with Ctrl + Alt, Shift + Alt, or Shift + Alt + Shift. After you’ve created the shortcut, click OK.

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You may now use that key combination to open the webpage in your default browser at any time. Follow our approach to clearing your Windows desktop to prevent cluttering it with these shortcuts.

Bookmark Extensions

If you want more bookmark functionality than Chrome offers, have a look at these extensions.

Bookmarks Bar Keyboard Shortcuts

Although this extension was last updated in 2011, it performs better than a comparable extension from 2016. It just enables you to use the Alt key to activate the first ten bookmarks on your bar. The first bookmark is opened by pressing Alt + 1, the second by pressing Alt + 2, and so on.

The only drawback is that the shortcut will not function when you start a new tab since Chrome concentrates on the Omnibox. As a result, you must first hit Tab or click anywhere on the page. It also does not open bookmark directories. However, if you maintain 10 of your most-visited bookmarks at the top of your browser, this is a useful shortcut to have.

Custom Chrome Shortcut Manager

This plugin is useful if you don’t want to build Windows shortcuts for every website you wish to visit. It allows you to build custom shortcut phrases that may be used to start any website.

After installing it, go to Chrome’s upper-right corner and click the symbol. Fill in the left box with a term and the right with a website URL. This was rather finicky in our tests; it failed when we input but worked with As a result, we suggest instead going to the page and selecting the Add This Page option. Simply add a short term since the default is likely too lengthy.

When you’ve finished adding shortcuts, enter go into the Omnibox and hit Tab. Then, type your keyword and press Enter. The extension will take you to the appropriate website. This is the one for you if you like using custom search engines in Chrome but wish it could also open webpages.

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Download: Custom Chrome Shortcut Manager


Have too many bookmarks and no idea what to do with them? Holmes is here to assist you. This easy plugin enables an immediate search for all of your bookmarks, eliminating the need to go through folders. There are two methods to get at it.

The extension’s search box may be accessed through the keyboard shortcut Alt + Shift + H. Begin typing, and the extension will generate a list of the best matches. To browse, use the arrow keys, and to access a webpage, hit Enter.

Alternatively, you may enter an asterisk (*) in the Omnibox and hit Tab. Enter a phrase to search your bookmarks, and Holmes will return results that you can browse through using the arrow keys and Enter.

Download: Holmes

Google Chrome Bookmark Shortcuts

Though there aren’t many Google Chrome shortcuts related to bookmarks, the following are worth remembering:

  • The bookmarks bar may be shown or hidden by pressing Ctrl + Shift + B.
  • The bookmarks manager is accessed by pressing Ctrl + Shift + O.
  • To bookmark the current webpage, use Ctrl + D.
  • Ctrl + Shift + D creates a new folder for all open tabs.
  • F6 toggles between the Omnibox, the bookmarks bar, and the webpage.

Ready to Supercharge Chrome’s Bookmarks?

You now have a plethora of new methods for quickly launching Chrome bookmarks. This allows you to get to your favorite sites quicker and saves time trawling through a sea of links. Whether you have 10 or a thousand bookmarks, these strategies will keep you going swiftly.

Do you have an excessive number of bookmarks? Here’s how to get rid of years of bookmarks:

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