How to Launch a PS5 Game Using the PlayStation App

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How to Launch a PS5 Game Using the PlayStation App

As fellow gamers, we understand; everyone wants to play their favorite game now that the second job is done. Well, due to a clever method using the PlayStation app and your PS5, you can have your game ready to play the moment you walk in the door.

Here’s how to use the PlayStation app to start games on your PlayStation 5.

Why Use the PlayStation App to Launch PS5 Games?

It is usual in this day and age for us to demand everything right soon. This also applies to your gaming fix; who wants to sit and wait for their PlayStation 5 to boot up, then browse various menus, and then wait for the game to load?

Nobody, which is why the PS App enables you to launch games on your home console. You are not even need to be present.

Similarly, if you’ve erased some games from your new M.2 SSD using the PlayStation app, purchased, downloaded, and installed a new game to play, and want to start playing as soon as you get home, you can. Here are the steps to start a PS5 game using the PlayStation app.

Launch PS5 Games From the PlayStation App

Obviously, you must first download the PlayStation app on your smartphone or tablet. Then you’re all set.

  1. Start the PlayStation app on your phone or tablet (it may appear as PS App in your app library).
  2. At the bottom of the screen, look for the Game Library option (the icon has six white squares with a controller, and is located second from the right in the menu ribbon).Select the icon.
  3. Your Game Library will be shown. Tap the thumbnail of the title you wish to launch. In this scenario, I wanted to play No Man’s Sky as soon as I shut down my laptop.
  4. The game’s About screen appears, with the option Play on Console. Tap on that.
  5. Congratulations, your game is now complete!
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Try it now, even if you’re at home, and marvel at how lazy Sony has made PS5 users.

Now You Can Launch PS5 Games Remotely!

As you can see, starting a game using the PlayStation app is a simple procedure that requires minimal work on your behalf. After you’ve divided your game collection across your PS5 Console Storage and M.2 SSD, you’ll have a plethora of titles to choose from in the app!

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