How to Know When Someone Opens Your Sent Emails Using Gmail Read Receipts

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How to Know When Someone Opens Your Sent Emails Using Gmail Read Receipts

When you see two blue ticks beneath a WhatsApp message, it means that someone read it. Why can’t email do the same? Wouldn’t it be good to know when someone has opened and read your emails? Email stress may be exacerbated by not knowing.

Fortunately, there is a solution:MailTrack for Gmail.

MailTrack for Gmail has a slew of fans on the Chrome Web Store. It is now also accessible in Opera. Let’s have a look at this extension again and see how it may assist us find out when our emails are read in real time.

Your Email Has Been Read

MailTrack is a complete email tracking system. There is a free version that provides limitless tracking but includes a signature in your emails. That’s a dead giveaway, but if you don’t care to be subtle about it, it’ll suffice.

To be fair, I believe it is preferable to notify the recipient that there is a tracker in the email that functions similarly to a read receipt. Try the free version before purchasing the premium version. The subscription edition, which provides daily monitoring results, is an effective tool for digital marketers and customer service representatives.

MailTrack in Opera works withGmail and Google Apps for Work.

MailTrack adds nothing more than a visual signal with the double-check marks. Toggle the tracking button in the write box if you wish to monitor a particular email. Simply send an email, then check your sent mail folder to see whether the check marks next to the message have turned green, indicating that it has been opened.

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Real-time email alerts will allow you to send rapid follow-up communications. This little detail might be the difference between productivity and relying only on an email communication.

You must grant it access to read, send, delete, and manage your email, as with other extensions. Yes, you may not want to provide a third-party app access to your Gmail account. MailTrack, on the other hand, may be used for a specific job, such as a dedicated Gmail account used to send resumes. The “read status” may tell you whether the HR person on the other end has reviewed your sent resumes.

One Little Caveat: It Won’t Always Work

Because MailTrack employs link tracking through HTML emails, the read check will not function with text emails. However, it’s reasonable to say that most of us now view HTML emails on desktop and mobile devices.

Have you used MailTrack in Opera before? Is email tracking beneficial as a sender but annoying as a recipient?

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