How to Keep Your Hands Warm While Typing

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How to Keep Your Hands Warm While Typing

Cold hands make typing difficult. The cold is also distracting, making it difficult to concentrate.

Here are seven ways to conquer the cold at work!

1. Address the Root of the Problem

thermostat 63 degrees
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To begin, check if you can avoid having your hands chilly in the first place. For example, if you can afford it, turning up the thermostat is the easiest approach. Alternatively, you may be able to keep the cold out of your office.

If your chilly hands are the consequence of an overly aggressive air conditioner, try turning it down. If there is a draft coming in via the windows or doors, request that you work farther away from them. Alternatively, use drapes or screens to form a divider.

You have much more control over the surroundings if you work from home. Seal windows with transparent plastic throughout the winter. Move your workstation closer to the warmth if possible.

If you feel chilly fingertips while being in a warm area, your circulation may be the culprit. In this scenario, you should see a doctor to discuss treatment options. Continue reading if your office is chilly but you can’t utilize any of the remedies listed above.

2. Use Pomodoro to Move Around

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Blood circulation is important in keeping your body warm. The blood, among other things, transfers heat throughout your body. When you feel chilly, your body begins to focus circulation away from your hands and feet. It directs more blood to your torso, which houses your important organs.

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Essentially, your body is acting as though you are in risk of freezing to death in an avalanche. You may quickly ease the problem by restoring circulation to your hands.

The Pomodoro technique is an excellent strategy to increase circulation at regular intervals. When the timer runs off, get up and move about. Get up from your desk and perform some hand exercises, hand exercises, or general cardio. Increased circulation aids in warming you up!

3. Wear Typing Gloves

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Thin gloves that offer insulation without impeding mobility are available. There are even gloves that function with touchscreen gadgets! It may temporarily delay your typing pace, but you’ll quickly recover as you become accustomed to it.

You may also acquire fingerless gloves that will keep your palms and wrists toasty while increasing flexibility. This does not warm the fingers as much, but it is still preferable than nothing. If you can’t tolerate typing with regular gloves, give them a go.

4. Make a Tent

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Make your fashion statement work as insulation. Envelop your keyboard with a poncho or blanket scarf. Your body heat will warm the area within a few minutes. This also helps you practice your touch-typing abilities!

However, do not do this with laptop computers. The computer’s essential components are located just underneath the keyboard in a laptop. Because laptops overheat when their fans are obstructed, storing them in a compact, enclosed location is a terrible idea.

If you don’t want to cover the keyboard, a large scarf or knit wrap is a nice alternative. When you’re not typing, it provides a toasty area to rest your hands. It also helps to keep your core temperature more stable than a sweater.

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5. Add Candles

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Purchase a candle or two for your workstation. Even though the flame is little, it may raise the temperature in a limited region surrounding it. It may also offer a lovely scent to your desk.

Place fire away from the display since the heat will harm the screen. To minimize wax spillage, keep your candle a few inches away from the mouse pad unless it is in a jar or other container.

6. Drink a Warm Beverage

Holding coffee in take-out cup near laptop
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Rather of a standard water bottle, consider include a useful winter accessory, such as an electric cup warmer. Warm water is as hydrating as cold water and might help boost your body temperature.

In moderation, hot tea, coffee, or even hot chocolate might also be beneficial. Use a cup without a handle so that when you take it up, your hand feels heated. The drink will also help keep your body warm!

7. Use Dictation and Voice Control

A headset with attached mic for dictation
Petr Macháček/Unsplash

When you’re not typing, you may keep your hands significantly warmer. With the help of a browser plugin, you may utilize voice control online. This enables you to keep your hands in pockets or beneath a blanket.

If you’ve never used voice control before, it takes some getting used to. However, once adjusted, it is just as efficient as standard typing!

Don’t Let the Cold Stop You

Cold hands might make you slower. However, with a few easy actions, you can warm them up again and restore your productivity to normal levels!

Because chilly hands are caused by decreased circulation, the most important thing is to warm your whole body. Making your house more energy-efficient opens up even more possibilities!

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