How to Keep Important Emails Out of Gmail’s Promotions Tab

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How to Keep Important Emails Out of Gmail’s Promotions Tab
How to Keep Important Emails Out of Gmail’s Promotions Tab

Whether you’re applying for a new job or signing up for a newsletter, keeping emails out of your promotions tab in Gmail might be critical to receiving the information you need.

Let’s look at how to shift emails from the Promotions page to the Primary tab so you don’t lose critical emails in the shuffle.

Drag and Drop Emails Into the Primary Tab

To prevent critical emails from appearing on your Promotions tab, just drag and drop the email into your Primary tab.

  1. Open Gmail and look in the Promotions tab for the email.
  2. Move the email from Promotions to Primary by dragging and dropping it. When you’ve completed this successfully, the Primary tab will become red.
  3. You’ll see a short popup in the corner after switching your email from Promotions to Primary. It asks whether you want Google to deliver future communications from this email address to your Primary tab rather than the Promotions page.

    Select Yes to make the change permanent.

    popup in gmail that asks the user whether they want to move future messages from promotions to primary

    Otherwise, when emails from this sender come on your Primary tab, be sure to open them. This tells Google that you value these emails and believe they belong on the Primary tab.

    If you do not, Google may conclude that since you are not reading these emails, they are promotional and should be automatically classified under your Promotions tab in the future.

    Creating a Filter

    Another option is to provide a filter for the email address of the sender. This guarantees that any emails you don’t want to miss are transferred from your Promotions page to your Primary tab.

    1. Locate the email on your Promotions tab and open it.
    2. filter message options in gmail
      Filtering message options in Gmail
    3. Select the Never send it to Spam and Categorize as selections from the drop-down menus.
    4. Choose Primary from the dropdown list next to Categorize as.
    5. Selecting filtering options for messages in Gmail

    Once you’ve set up this filter, all email sent from this specific address will be sent to your Primary tab. If you need to change your preferences later, you may alter your filters.

    If a firm or someone you know sends emails to your inbox but they keep showing up in the Promotions tab, add them to your contact list so that any future emails go to your Primary tab.

    1. Navigate to the Promotions tab and open the email.
    2. sender details in gmail
    3. Click on the icon with a person and a plus sign next to it.
    4. adding sender to contacts in gmail

      When you click the button, it will add the sender address to your personal contacts, and you will receive a confirmation popup at the bottom of your screen.

      You may always manage these contacts in Gmail later if you decide to delete the sender from your contacts in the future.

      In your email inbox, you’ll find basic and personalized areas for all of your emails on the left side of your screen. Learning the many phrases and regions of your Gmail inbox can make it simpler to browse and discover what you’re searching for in the future.

      1. To expand the list, click More. Expand the Categories section once again by clicking on it.
      2. Accessing promotions tab through Categories
      3. Locate the email and click on it to open it.
      4. clicking not promotions option in gmail

      This prevents emails from this sender from appearing in your Promotions tab. The button will not be visible in your usual Promotions tab, so you will need to visit to this portion of your email to view it.

      This area covers all of the current emails in your Promotions tab, as well as all of the emails sent to your Promotions tab throughout time. It’s an excellent opportunity to remove older communications that you no longer need and free up some space in your inbox.

      If none of the previous methods work, you may deactivate your Promotions tab entirely. This is a last option since removing the specialized tab would redirect all promotional emails to your Primary tab.

      However, this option allows you to filter your own communications rather than depending on Google to do it all for you.

      1. Select the gear icon next to your thumbnail image.
      2. Quick settings menu in Gmail
      3. Go to your settings and find the Inbox area.
      4. Inbox settings in Gmail
        Saving changes in Gmail settings

      Return to your inbox and double-check that the Promotions tab has been deactivated. From now on, all of your emails should be moved immediately from Promotions to your Primary tab, and it will be up to you to arrange your Gmail inbox.

      If you feel it’s too much to filter out all messages on your own, you can always return to this section of your preferences to modify your tabs.

      If you’re getting emails you don’t want, disabling your Promotions tab may help you manage your inbox more efficiently by unsubscribing and limiting the amount of emails you receive.

      Depending on who the sender is and your relationship with them, you have numerous choices for keeping critical emails off of your Promotions page. You may move the email around, make a filter, add the sender to your contact list, and more.

      It’s simple to shift emails from Promotions to Primary for good. Knowing all of your choices will allow you to fine-tune your email filters so that Google does not have complete control over your mailbox.

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