How to Install Apps and Games to Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

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How to Install Apps and Games to Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Fire TV app store is massive. You may stream from famous applications as well as apps for specific hobbies, diverse cultures in many languages, and even games.

Even though the tile appears on your homescreen, you may need to download the app before you can launch it. The prerequisites for Amazon’s cloud-based gaming service, Luna, vary, and the games may be played without downloading.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about installing applications on a Fire TV Stick.

How to Download Apps on Fire TV Stick

During the initial setup of your Amazon Fire TV, you will have the option of selecting popular applications that you use. These applications will appear on the home screen, but they may or may not be downloaded.

When you first click on these applications, you will be prompted to download and install them. We’ll use Netflix as an example to show.

  1. Navigate to the Netflix app and choose it using the remote.
  2. Highlight Download and then choose.
  3. Allow the Netflix app to download completely. Press Select once the button changes to Open.
  4. Select the Sign In button after navigating to it.
  5. Enter your Netflix username and password to access the service.
  6. Netflix is now available on the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The app is accessible through the navigation bar, Home under Recently Used Apps, or an Alexa voice command, “Alexa, start Netflix.”

You may use this process to download and install any program. To make the procedure easier, we suggest making an account for the service before downloading it on the Fire TV Stick.

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Downloading Apps From the Fire TV App Store

The simplest approach to locate an app is to ask Alexa to “Launch [app name].” It will open the app detail page, and you may download it by clicking on the download sign. If you wish to explore and see what other applications are available, go to the Home screen and pick the apps icon.

Many popular applications will be shown, but if you don’t see the one you want, scroll down to the Appstore tile and click it.

You may explore Featured applications, Games, or All Categories from this page. There are also app packages focused on certain hobbies like as sports, cooking, and so on. When you click on a bundle, a list of all connected applications appears, and you may pick any or all of them.

How to Download and Play Games on Fire TV Stick

There are several fantastic games on the Fire TV Stick that work with the Amazon Fire Stick Alexa remote. Amazon Luna cloud gaming is compatible with an Amazon Fire TV game controller or your smartphone. You can locate games by hitting Home, navigating to the app icon, selecting the Appstore, and then going to Games.

Here’s an example of how to get a game app that isn’t a Luna cloud game.

  1. Go to the “Flappy Birds Family” app and choose it.
  2. Select Download by highlighting it.
  3. Wait for the game to download completely. Press Select once the button changes to Run.

To play, follow the game’s on-screen instructions for using the Alexa Remote. For directions, the navigational trackpad buttons are always functional.

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Because “Flappy Birds Family” is a one-button game, it’s as simple as pressing Select.

Playing Luna Games on the Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV’s cloud-based gaming option is Luna. You will not need to download any further games after installing the Luna app. However, an Amazon Fire TV game controller or the Luna controller software for your phone are required.

  1. Install Luna from the Fire TV Appstore or ask Alexa to launch Luna. The download page will appear.
  2. Connect a gaming controller by going to Settings > Controllers & Bluetooth Devices > Game Controllers, or by going to Settings > Bluetooth Devices > Game Controllers.
  3. Use your phone’s Luna app.

If you don’t have the Luna app loaded on your phone, you’ll see the option to Try Phone Controller on the screen where you attach a controller.

When you click on it, a QR code will appear, directing you to the app store on your phone to download the Luna controller.

If you have an Amazon Premium membership, you can play various games for free, or you can buy prime games.

Managing Apps on Your Fire TV Stick

After a period, you might gather applications that use a large portion of the device’s storage space. Going through and managing your installed applications on a regular basis is a wise practice.

Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Apps.

All of the installed applications will be shown alphabetically here.

Uninstall and uninstall an app: To remove it, choose it from the list and hit the play/pause button.

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Clear cache: If you want to free up memory and return the app to its first installation state, highlight it and press the rewind button.

Enjoy Apps and Games on Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

There are tens of thousands of apps available for the Fire TV. Whether you want to install a popular app or many niche apps that appeal to you, it’s easy to install and uninstall apps for you to enjoy.

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