How to Install and Use Grammarly in Google Docs

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How to Install and Use Grammarly in Google Docs

We all make errors in our writing. The good news is that there are programs available to assist us enhance our writing talents, such as Grammarly. Grammarly now effortlessly integrates with Google Docs for stress-free (and error-free) writing.

Grammarly: A Brief Introduction

Grammarly is a simple proofreading and text editing application that can be used to proofread anything from business emails to blog entries. The application can detect grammatical problems in your content and even provide feedback on clarity and tone.

Grammarly is available online via a browser for simple copy and paste capability. You can also use Grammarly on the move by downloading the Grammarly app.

Grammarly for iOS | Grammarly for Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

How to Install Grammarly in Google Docs

Inside Google Docs is one of the finest places to utilize Grammarly. It’s particularly beneficial if you use Google Docs for writing on a regular basis since it eliminates the need to copy and paste your content to and from the editor. You just need to install Grammarly inside Google Docs.

Grammarly requires the installation of a browser plugin. Grammarly is now available in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. We do, however, advocate using Google Chrome for the best experience.

How to Install the Grammarly Chrome Extension

You should first launch Google Chrome. Then, to install the extension, follow these steps:

  1. Look for the Grammarly plugin in the Chrome Web Store (or follow this link).
  2. To begin the installation, click Add to Chrome.
  3. Select Add Extension if asked.

The Grammarly plugin has now been installed and is ready to use. The green Grammarly symbol should be visible in the top right-hand corner of your browser. If you don’t, click the puzzle piece symbol, search for Grammarly, and then click Pin (the pushpin icon) to add it to your taskbar.

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How to Use Grammarly in Google Docs

You can now use Grammarly everywhere you write, including Google Docs. When you log into Google Docs and open a document, the Grammarly symbol should appear in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Depending on your task, this symbol will accomplish a few things. Let’s become acquainted:

  • Icon for loading: This indicates that Grammarly is actively reviewing your work. Grammarly will provide you with a report in a matter of seconds.
  • Icon in green: This signifies that no errors were discovered in your work. Excellent work!
  • A yellow number icon: This indicates that your content has minor errors. The number indicates the amount of errors in your content.
  • A red indicator with a number indicates that your content contains major errors that must be corrected first. The number, like the yellow indicator, indicates the number of serious errors in your content.

All you have to do to use Grammarly is start typing. Grammarly will flag mistakes and provide suggestions while you work. For example, you may see a misspelled word highlighted in red, which is a serious error.

To read Grammarly’s recommendation, just click the underlined word. You may then update a recommendation or dismiss it by selecting Dismiss.

You may also choose View more in Grammarly if you want to see more detailed information about your work. If you have a Premium account, you’ll receive premium recommendations like word choice and degree of difficulty.

Grammarly Icon Not Visible in Google Docs: What Should I Do?

Grammarly for Google Docs may be deactivated if it isn’t making recommendations or if you can’t see the Grammarly symbol within your page. Locate and click the Grammarly symbol on your browser’s toolbar. Then, on Google Docs, make sure Check for writing recommendations is enabled.

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If it isn’t, toggle the switch and return to your document. Grammarly should then start checking your work.

Useful Grammarly Tips & Tricks

Now that you’ve installed Grammarly in Google Chrome and Google Docs, it’s time to put it to use. There are several tips and methods you may use to improve your experience while also improving your writing.

  • Change your writing style quickly: Do you need Grammarly to make recommendations in British English? What about British English? If this is the case, changing your writing style is as simple as clicking on the Grammarly icon and selecting your style from the menu next to I write in. There are now four options to choose from: American English, British English, Canadian English, and Australian English.
  • Turn off recommendations you never use: There are certain Grammarly suggestions that you should always ignore, like as the Oxford comma. You may disable these recommendations if you have a Grammarly Premium, Business, or Education account. Simply click the Grammarly symbol and then All Options to see your settings.
  • Use the Grammarly symbol to quickly check a new document: Would you want to examine a document via the Grammarly browser tool? By picking the Grammarly symbol and then clicking Add New Document, you may create a new document straight within Grammarly. Inside Grammarly, a new document will appear in a new window.
  • Add words to your own dictionary: Grammarly does not yet identify certain words, such as terminology specific to your organization, brand names, or industry jargon. Add words to your lexicon if you often use them and Grammarly regularly classifies them as unknown. To do so, go to the Grammarly menu and choose All Settings. Choose Customize, then Personal Dictionary. Enter your word and click Add to add it to your dictionary.
  • Choose a new language: Do you speak another language than English? If so, you can update it inside Grammarly. Choose All Settings > Customize > Language. Using the dropdown menus, you may pick your major language and the language in which you write.
  • Include a style guide for the company: If you use Grammarly for business and have a Business account, you may establish rules for your whole firm inside Grammarly. This is an excellent approach to keep emails, blog posts, website pages, and other content consistent no matter who writes them.
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Where Else Can You Use Grammarly?

Grammarly is one of the greatest text editing programs available. And it can be used for much more than just Google Docs.

You may even use it as an extension inside Safari, for example.

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