How to Identify Which Chrome Tabs Are Wasting RAM and CPU Resources

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How to Identify Which Chrome Tabs Are Wasting RAM and CPU Resources

Google Chrome is a notorious resource eater, but did you know it has its own task manager? This makes it simple to identify which extensions or web sites are using your resources, allowing you to disable them and recover your computer.

Let’s look at how to access the Chrome Task Manager, as well as several useful tools for tracking your use.

How to Open the Chrome Task Manager

It is really easy to launch the Chrome task manager. Hover over More tools, then click Task Manager from the three dots at the upper right of the browser.

On Windows, you may speed up this procedure by hitting SHIFT+ESC.

You should see a few processes running, your open tabs, and any extensions you’ve installed. You may check Chrome’s tag performance from here and remove those that are using your resources.

Memory footprint indicates how much RAM each process consumes. This is an excellent method for seeing Chrome’s memory consumption by tab. If your PC is having trouble switching between apps, see which Chrome tabs are taking up RAM and close them.

CPU displays the proportion of CPU power that each process consumes. For example, a process with a CPU value of 20 consumes 20% of your processor. This is a good method for determining which Chrome tab is using CPU resources. If your computer is having trouble loading apps, freeing up the CPU will provide it with additional resources to work with.

The network depicts how much data the process need to function. There’s a significant likelihood that each of the Network variables is currently set to 0. If you load a new page or have a tab that is streaming media, this number will display the tab’s download rate.

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Process ID isn’t anything to be concerned about. This is the unique identifier assigned to the process by your computer. Consider it the computer’s moniker for that particular process.

General Tips for Keeping Chrome’s Usage Down

If Chrome continues to use your computer’s resources, there are a few things you can do to free up space. Let’s look at several methods for cleaning up Chrome to improve your browsing experience.

Close Tabs You’re No Longer Using

Every tab you have open consumes a little amount of RAM. As a result, having 20 or more tabs open places a strain on your computer’s resources. When you clean up your dirty tab habits, your computer will appreciate the gesture and function more smoothly.

If you’re deep in study and want to preserve every tab, closing tabs is a challenge. It’s a good idea in this case to bookmark each page and return to them when you need to read them again. There are also Chrome extensions that allow you to store all of your tabs for later use, which we’ll go over later.

Remove Chrome Extensions You No Longer Use

Chrome extensions are simple to install and then forget about. If you have extensions installed that you no longer use, they might consume your resources while providing nothing in return. As a result, if you see any extensions wasting resources in the task manager, remove them.

Similarly, if a popular extension consumes a lot of RAM, it’s worth exploring for alternatives that are easier on the PC. Look in the Chrome extension market for applications that accomplish the same thing but use less resources than what you’re doing.

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Keep System-Intensive Tabs to a Minimum

On the internet, it’s simple to get sidetracked. You’re viewing a Netflix movie when you need to stop and do something else. While you’re doing that, a buddy sends you a link to a YouTube video. You get halfway through before your updates feed alerts you to some interesting news. You stop the YouTube video to read the headlines, which prompts you to Google something…

When you leave a system-intensive tab open, it may use a significant amount of system resources. Video streaming services, games, and websites with a lot of media may eat up space, so shut any that you’re not using.

When you return to certain video streaming sites, they remember where you were, causing them to save to close while you do other things.

Managing CPU and RAM With Chrome Extensions

The Chrome task manager is great, but you can also install extensions to help you control your Chrome experience. If you find yourself with too many tabs in Chrome, use these addons to assist you out.


If you have too many tabs open but can’t afford to shut any, TooManyTabs is the app for you. This extension allows you to clean up all of your tabs and minimize Chrome’s memory use while saving the tabs for later use.

The plugin allows you to move between your tabs or suspend them for later use. When a tab is suspended, it is closed in the browser but saved by TooManyTabs for future usage.

Download: TooManyTabs


Try OneTab if you don’t want to mess around with individual tabs and want the nuclear option for tab management. When you click on the extension icon, it automatically sucks in all current window tabs and places them in a single tab.

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Download: OneTab


If you can’t manage your tab addiction, why not make the well-being of a digital pet contingent on your browsing discipline? A Tabagotchi is similar to the little Tamagotchi pets that swept the globe in the 1990s. A Tabagotchi, on the other hand, lives or dies depends on your tab cleanliness. Tabagotchi is now a fun method to decrease Chrome tab memory use while keeping your pet healthy.

Download: Tabagotchi

There are several task management extensions, so many that it warranted its own article. If you want even more alternatives, check out the top Chrome tab management addons.

Improving Your Chrome Experience

Chrome is a huge resource eater, so keeping track of how much CPU and RAM the browser needs is a smart idea. Fortunately, Chrome offers its own built-in task manager, as well as several excellent plugins for controlling your bad tab habits.

Now that you’ve mastered tab management, try these Chrome power hacks to immediately enhance your surfing experience.

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